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I guess I just added another one to the list......

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 i am rally worried about swine flue, that it will kill all of the earth and be as bad as a black pleague?
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how long do i wait to go to the dr.?
how long do i wait to go to the doctor? i was bitten by a dog in front of his house as i walked home. animal control picked it up and said they were going to quarintine it because it didn't have any shots, but didn't tell me what to do. i have two small puncture wounds not that bad.

It's already too late.

Go now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You should go as soon as you possibly can to get a rabies vaccine. If you don't, and the dog is infected, it can result in something very serious.

Go now. Rabies is incurable once the symptoms show.....
You'll most likely get a series of shots for rabies over the next few weeks.

right away!

you need to get a shot

You really should go to the ER or something ( emergency room) !!! Dont wait!

u have to go now~

Josh M

Go now in case he has rabies. And umm. the rabies series shots take about a month to complete and it is about 10 shots. just did it myself.

Jade B
asap go to the doctor

Mark S
Go soon bites can become infected and then problems occur. Also report this to animal control this is a vicious dog and something needs to be done to hold the owner accountable.

go to the doctor NOW NOW !!!!! what's wrong with your mind son ??!!!

marilyn f
u really didn't know to go to the dr when u got bitten by a dog this is a trick question right

You need to go right away. Besides needing a rabies shot, puncture wounds are actually the most dangerous type of wound. The problem is that they seal themselves up, along with all of the bacteria that came with the dog's saliva. You'll need to have the wounds cleaned, and perhaps get some antibiotics as a preventative measure.

what are you waiting for, go today!

GO NOW. If the dog was rabid, you need to get your shots right away, not to mention, puncture wounds in general are very susceptible to infection

Kayla G
you dont know what it has go right now

irish eyes
you need to be seen because puncture wounds can be dangerous even if the dog had all his shots

I was bit a few years ago by the dog next to me...

As far as shots go, the dog was up to date. But mouths are very dirty, so your chances of infection are high since/if the skin is broken. Make sure you irrigate the wound with a disinfectant and go to the doctors. He will probably prescribe an antibiotic to avoid any infection. That's what they did for me....Also the wound/puncture had to heal from the inside out...not scab over and heal.

Go get it checked out by your doctor and call the animal control center and ask to speak to the supervisor and that it is a health emergency...

huskies r
Go to the dr in case! Two small puncture wounds can be infected after a little while, it may not look bad right now but if its infected then your wounds will get worse. Get a check up by the doc just in case dude.

Morgan Alexandra
seriously go now and see if you have rabies. dog's don't bite people for no reason.

laura ♥
seriously wat are u waiting for
get off the computer and go to the doctor!
best wishes

You should probably go to the doctor the same day to have it checked out.

go as soon as possible

go right now

Go to the ER right away...Don't wait!!!!

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