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 109.2 Fever?
I woke up this morning with a 109.2 fever. i have small red dots all over my body some are purplish red. Not chicken Pox. The room feels like its spinning and i passed out a few times. WHat SHOULD I D...

 Why have the media said almost nothing more about the swine flu in the last 2 weeks?
From late April to early May it was about the only thing the media talked about....

 Ok, the swine flu is like every other flu?
The ONLY difference is the lack of a vaccine.

Now, do you people who are freaking out right now EVER get vaccinated for the regular flu? Probably not. This flu is NOTHING different, other ...

 what are the chances of swine flu affecting our holiday?
I heard the swine flu has reached Europe, I am going to turkey next month MAy the 9th
do you think they will cancle flights :(...

 which country is most badly hit by the swine flu?
I wanna know any1 knows?...

 Sick but have school?
Ok so My brother and I have been sick with the flu for a while well me anyways and my brother just caught it 2 or 3 days ago Im getting better my temperature is normal and All i have is a stuffed ...

 if i get swine flu, well how do i tell when i don't have it anymore?

 My Mum thinks that when you get wet you get a cold, my aunt thinks that u get a cold from a virus.whos right?

 Are we all going to die from swine flu ?
I read on the BBC about that the World Health Organisation saying that this swine flu is no longer containable, meaning it's going to spread very quickly. England I feel is doing the ...

 what is strep throat..?
is it like tonsilitis?...

 Had the flu since Friday, now it's Monday...should fever still be above 103degrees?
My boyfriend was diagnosed with the flu on Saturday, but he had symptoms since Thursday night/Friday morning. He went to the ER with a fever of 103.8 on Saturday. He is taking 600 mg of Motrin every 8...

 is swine flu curable?

 Im scared D: do i have swine flu?
I have the symptoms. Fever, headache, sore throat, runny nose, diarrhoea
what should i do D:...

 Are you afraid of contacting Swine Flu?
Are you afraid of contacting swine flu. I heard the reason they call it swine flu is because it is so painful you squeel like a pig in your end of days......

 Swine Flu - Everyone At My School Thinks There Gonna Die And Shizz..?
Why Has Everyone Over Reacting About Swine Flu!?
Personally It Isn't As Bad As The Newspapers Are Saying It Is. Just Cause Swine Flu Is A Bit Stronger Than 'Man Flu', Tbh Anyone C...

 sore throat =[ help!?
I have like the worse sore throat i went to the doctor because I had a fever,sore throat,and vomiting the medicines took away everything but my sore throat It feels like it got worse =[
I am ...

 My son has a temp of 104 in his armpit?
What temp does a person bring thier kid to the hospital so they can regulate thier temp. Tylonol helps bring it down but we are quite worried. When does the brain start losing brain cells or go ...

 If the swine flu breaks out in two more states, will everything shut down?
My friend said that she heard that if the swine flu breaks out in two more states, that the schools and other national stuff will shut down. I was wondering if this was true or not, since I believe ...

 Will Swine Flu Wipe out Human Life????

 Should I be off school with the flu for much longer?
I've had it since Wednesday, The symptoms are Chesty cough, sneezing, dizziness, blocked nose and occasional vomiting.
I was off Thursday and Friday. What about this week?
Additional D...

how can i convince my friend's mom that i'm not infected?
so, the swine flu outbroke about a week ago in Mexico City. from March 29- April 5, i was in Cancun, Mexico. my friend's mom doesn't want my friend to sleepover at my house this weekend, because i was in mexico a month ago, and she doesn't want to take any chances. i want my mom to call my friend's mom and convice her i'm not infected with the swine flu. my mom says i can't get checked for swine flu. any suggestions?
Additional Details
also, i researched that cancun is about 550 miles away from mexico city

talk to her
show your face

Tell that dumb broad that shes to delusional and that she needs to get away from the t.v. and read a damn book. Swine Flu isn't any different than a normal flu, it's less harmless believe it or not. It's gonna go through the U.S. , just like anyother airborn sickness, and than its gonna fade away. The only people to die were mexicans, one in the u.s. who was a mexican toddler here for treatment. THEY DIED BECAUSE THEY WERE NOT TREATED AND MEXICO DOES NOT HAVE TREATMENTS AND MIDICATIONS LIKE THE U.S> does. Some cases in the U.S. have already been treated. Honestly, everyone is flipping ouover this and all it does is grow taller and taller on down the line.

UrKeLL InDaahouseee
If u don't seemm sick,then... yeah


David L
You'd be symptomatic within a few days of exposure. Your friend's mother is just irrationally fearful. Unfortunately, the irrationally fearful are some of the most difficult people to deal with.

hit her over the head, hard.

only time will make this go away, she sounds like one of those over protective parents.

well you could get a blood test or talk to ur doctor

if u live in amarica i know that u have to pay

well....i can help you but i am kinda busy

Say it's allergy season

A lot of people are getting all hyped up and worried. So theres really nothing you can do but sit and wait till the paranoia has died down, then everything will go back to normal.

A.I. Chicken
Call your friends mom a paranoid c**t (dont do that). Seriously, if your not sick already then you most likely don't have it. Regardless I think almost everyone will end up gettin' this flu so may as well have fun while we still can ;]

Go see her or someting. Show her physically that you don't have any flu symptoms. If she's still worried that you could be a carrier of the virus, but not have symptoms, tell her about someone you've been around after you got back from Mexico that didn't get sick. I'm so sick of people freaing out about this. Everyone needs to just chill.
Hope this helps!

amazingly intelligent
Tell her to read the Center for Disease Control website information. Incubation for the Swine flu is 24 to 48 hours.

http://www.cdc.gov/swineflu/ website.

i don't blame the mom ,, just hold on until this swine flue get under control ,, best of luck

jus tell her u wud have died by now.......
haha nah im playin///

This account is Retired.
It takes 2-3 days for symptoms to manifest, tell you to chill out.

you dont have flu like symptoms

Isaac Clayton
tell her that syptoms show up 3-10 days after being infected. and that if you were in Mexico a month ago, it would have shown.

Second off, swine flu wasn't even a threat or a topic a month ago. So it is impossible.

third, she obviously watches the news too much. They play up stories and there is no threat.

Plus if you had swine flu, and had been in close contact with your friend, they would be showing by now too.

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