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Hailey :)
help with a sore throat?
My tonsils are pretty huge so when they are even a little swollen its easy to tell. My throat doesn't hurt too bad, just more a uncomfortableness than anything. However, I do have some white spots but I've had that happen and them go away again. What should I do before I go to bed to help aid the healing process the most? I am aware it might not work and I may have strep but just something before I decide tomorrow whether I should go to the doctor.

Mix a teaspoon of salt in eight ounces of quite warm water. Gargle the whole mixture several times a day. This will increase the blood supply to the area by washing away mucus and dilating capillaries, thereby enabling better circulation of infection-fighting antibodies.You could also gargle with apple cider vinegar. The acidity should kill the bacteria on contact. Mix one teaspoon to 2 tablespoons in a glass of water. You can mix it as strong as you can stand it. Gargle one mouthful every hour, swallowing afterward. Repeat twice each time. This treatment can cure a streptococcic sore throat in 24 hours.After using this remedy be sure to rinse your mouth with water to prevent the acid from eroding the enamel on your teeth.

Honey! It's a natural antibiotic and it will help soothe and heal your throat. You can even put honey on an open wound instead of antibiotic ointment to heal it. I had tonsillitis for years before having mine removed and when they'd get sore I always mixed three table spoons (I know it sounds like a lot but this amount really coats the throat) with hot tea (I don't like tea either but it was the best method for melting the honey and getting it to the back of my throat. You definitely want to stay away from dairy items because they cause more mucus and more of a problem for your tonsils. I would sip the tea right before bed, the healing elements of the honey combined with the hot tea (sip it don't chug) really would help my throat feel better, and my doctor always said to put chap stick or vaseline on my lips before bed as well in case I slept with my mouth open because that dries out your throat and makes it worse, the chap stick keep the air going through your mouth lubricated and makes it not so harsh on your tonsils! Hope this helps. Good Luck!!!

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