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 I have swine flu. What should I do?

Deth N
diagnos me! should i be concerned?
im very irritable, i' feel lonely all the time. I have excessive mood swings. My appetite has gotten bigger. I have problems with communicating. I love my girlfriend because of it. I have difficulty coping with issues. i used to mutilate myself (punching, cutting, etc.). i have frequent suicidal thoughts. i'm a bit anti social. I have an exaggerated startle response. i have anxiety attacks when i'm explaining an emotion or how i feel. etc. i need help. please.
Additional Details
i meant i left my girlfriend...


you don't know me
probably the bird flu or diarrhea

Get a hobby.

[email protected][email protected]$#@
yes when ever someone says diagnostics you should no that trying to make sur you have nothing serious.

ah yes you are showing symptoms of asymptomatic scholeris nervosa. you should increase your cheese wiz intake by 300% and soak your head once a day in scalding hot water. then wax you r eyebrows off

go to your nearest bible believing church and throw yourself to the mercy of Jesus

you are bipolar or pregnant

sounds like depression/anxiety. and you're not infectious.

you need help prob depression


I have the exact same thing. Find someone who understands you for who you are, who goes through the same thing. I did, and it helps. We are now boyfriend/girlfriend. I can tell her anything and that goes both ways. Find someone who understands, and take it from there. Feel free to email me if u want to talk about it at my Yahoo! Mail ([email protected]). No I am not being wierd I just want to help because I know what you're going through and it ruined my whole life for a while.

Try WebMD. It's a wonderful site with a symptom checker. Just choose all of your symptoms and see what it says. It's really helpful! I've used it countless times and usually my illness is in the top 5.

You might have generalized anxiety disorder or depression. They are very closely related. I have generalized anxiety disorder and I lose weight (you can also gain weight) and I don't like to be around some people even if they are like my best friend's family. I have mood swings too and I am sometimes irritated for no apparent reason. You should do some research and google your symptoms.

Brett E
Omg all of your symptoms match mine and I can't figure it out either im with ya man.

Sorry, you aren't going to get the help you need from yahoo answers. Tommorrow (or today, depending on where you live I suppose) call your doctor, and tell him/her how you feel, and they will refer you to someone you can talk to and go from there. Best of luck.

You know you need help.

Why aren't you seeking professional help?

John G
sounds like you are a very stable person in a good frame of mind who is enjoying life to the full and is not ready for a relationship at the moment as things are going so well.

Bianca H
it sounds like you have a very heavy case of depression. i know if you go to a hospital they will evaluate you for about 72 hours then they will be able to properly tell you exactly what is wrong. but i really do really encourage you to be seen before something bad happens so you will unintentionally harm yourself. it might also be bi-polar.

Go to a therapist. I can't diagnose you..but a therapist can. It's the best way to go.

nurse T
Sounds like depression coupled with an anxiety disorder. You need to see a qualified psychologist and possibly start meds to get you through the interim period while you work with a therapist. Don't wait. You would take your car in to be fixed if it were giving you major problems. Love yourself enough to treat you better than your car.
Good luck. Everything will get better over time if you work on it.

You sound very Depressed and severely anxious...
PLEASE go see a doctor and a counsler.

I think that you should see a psychologist.

No sarcasm.

They'll be able to help you much more than any online person who doesn't take you seriously and tells you that you have a disease that doesn't exist.

Alex A
You're really depressed. You should go to a psychiatrist.

Greg C
see the doc

Shane J
Depression... Get yourself to a doctor. I felt much better after getting put on medicine, I'm possitive you will too!

I think you need to be under the guidance of a good psychologist or therapist. You have more than one issue to work out. Until you get
to the bottom of what's really causing this behavior, you'll continue
to act out. What's particularly worrisome is that you're having suicidal
thoughts. What will it solve to kill yourself? And as far as the cutting is concernced, I understand. You cut and of course it hurts. But that pain if bad enough to keep your mind off of your other problems. But eventually it heals and then you have to punch yourself or cut yourself again, then you get relief. But there are many beneficial ways to
cope with your feelings and to channel them in healthy ways. For instance, instead of punching yourself, why not get a boxer's heavy
bag, buy some gloves and hit the thing everytime you're feeling angry.That's a healthy way to cope with it.So I hope you'll see someone soon. Take care!

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