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rom a
can you get a disease if someones's urine touches your skin or clothes??
for example sharing toilets or urine being transferred from shoes to clothes or clothes to clothes??

Michael H
STDs and many other can be transmitted via loo seats etc, but not within the urine.

Smiley Sue
No. In fact, urine is very antiseptic and antibacterial, as long as that person doesn't have a bladder infection.

domme me
as others have pointed out, Urine is totally sterile

Dont worry!
Urine is perfectly safe. As long as your mouth does not come in contact with urine, u are fine.

leanne r
no - but its common sense to wash the area and the clothes for piece of mind

Dover Soles
See the answer in STDs then see a doctor

Contrary to what previous answerer's have said, urine is NOT sterile once it leaves the body. The urine becomes contaminated with epithelial cells which harbor a variety of bacteria known as "normal flora". This is especially the case with women because of their anatomy. Even so, this urine will not cause a disease if it comes in contact with your skin or clothing. However, if the individual has a bladder infection with MRSA or yeast and this urine comes in contact with an open wound then it is possible to catch a nasty infection. This could happen to a health-care worker that cares for incontinent patients if they are not wearing PPE (personal protective equipment).

Urine is essentially sterile.

Only if you have an open wound - you can get hep. b

If you have an open cut yes if you wash the clothes as soon as possible no.

The Death Bunny
Urine is sterile, and has been used in emergencies to wash wounds.
Urine is a mix of chemicals washed out of the body...salts, water and urea, which give the urine its smell. Apart from the smell, it would not be a problem if you get on your body or clothes

So long as you don't go licking your urine-soaked hands you should be fine - just wash them at the earliest opportunity. I wouldn't worry about your clothes, the chance of being sprayed by someone elses urine there is minute, you're more likely to have your own urine on your trousers anyway so always wash your hands before you eat and you'll be fine.

Unless you're planning to go swimming in a sewer you should be fine.

Chris G
No as urine is sterile - however I would recommend washing anyway due to the odour.

??? I dont think so??? Think about what could be on doors first?

Buzz s
I wouldn't think that it is too likely, but I wouldn't want to get in the way of someone urinating because of the stigma and the smell.

no, if you have a position working around urine specimens you will want to wear gloves.... universal precautions

No, urine is sterile and not a host for germs.

No, you can't get an infection.

However, contrary to popular belief, urine isn't sterile, but harbours a small amount of bacteria. This is why if you had urine in a sterile container and left it in a 37 degree incubator for a few hours, and then plated some out on a petri dish, you'd get some form of bacterial growth.

You have to understand that on average bacteria that reside in humans multiply every 20 minutes, so in 7 hours, 1 bacterium will give rise to over 2 million bacteria.

beleive it or not human urine is actually sterile u could drink somebody elses urine and it would have more benefits than drawbacks, except taste i imagine. pheaces is another matter

Definately not. However, dont get close enough for someone to urinate on you in the first place

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