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Thaanks. :DD
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can people with lowered immune systems catch e. cuniculi from animals?
Hi, in many places on the internet it says that e. cuniculi is an opportunistic infection for many AIDS patients.

There have not been many more studies on anything beyond AIDS patients catching e. cuniculi. But some people have caught it who do not have AIDS, albeit it is rare. I found one pdf file which say e. cuniculi could manifest itself in people with lowered immune systems other than AIDS, but it was speculation on the part of one veterinarian.

My question is, I have a pet who was exposed to e. cuniculi. I worry constantly that she is a danger to two of my family members who have lowered immune systems not due to AIDS but other diseases.

I hope someone can answer this for me, because whenever I ask on the internet, people get very defensive. They tell me how dare for me to suppose that and I should love my pet. So I hope someone can objectively answer my question.

Thank you.

Well, I love pets but I love medicine as well, so I will try to help you with this with whatever I know.

It need not be speculated that opportunistic pathogens CAN cause diseases on some healthy people and especially immunocompromised individuals because "opportunistic" diseases do occur. It's not only a speculation with just the organism you listed because there are other organisms that are opportunistic but do cause a disease whenever they can, again especially on immunocompromised patients. One example is Serratia marcescens, which is an opportunist that can cause pneumonia; another is Brucella abortus, which comes from cattle I presume, the etiologic of undulent fever. And a viral organism harbored by some household rats.

Again, these organisms are but normal, and don't normally cause a disease on healthy individuals; but once they enter a human host whose immune system is already compromised to begin with, a full blown disease may ensue. This is not meant to scare you but to inform you, since I understand what you are going through (I have an aunt who had lung cancer, and cancer compromises the immune system so she is as likely to have almost any disease from opportunistic organisms).

If possible, I suggest you try to get your cat quarantined and screened for any microbe that your cat has because your primary concern is the health of your family members, especially since you have mentioned that they are immunocompromised.

I hope this helps you somehow! Don't hesitate to contact me by e-mail ([email protected]) if you have any more questions; I'll try to help as best as I can.


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