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 If people are so worried about getting swine flu, why don't they stop eating swine?
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 i have swine flu... help?
how can i treat this.
i am taking tamiflu..

everyone is like oh my goodness what if you gave it too me.. cause y friend died from it, i know i probably won't but... what can i do<...

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 Have you had swine flu?
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can humans get tape worm?
and if so, does it come out in there poop?

By Mayo Clinic staff
Image of a beef tapeworm Beef tapeworm
Image of a beef tapeworm, showing segments Close-up of beef tapeworm

In humans, tapeworm disease is most commonly caused by one of several tapeworm species: the pork tapeworm (Taenia solium), beef tapeworm (Taenia saginata), dwarf tapeworm (Hymenolepis nana), and fish tapeworm (Diphyllobothrium latum) from raw freshwater fish.

You usually get tapeworm infection by ingesting tapeworm eggs or larvae.


Ingestion of eggs. Tapeworm eggs are generally ingested through food, water or soil contaminated with human or animal (host) feces.

For example, if a pig is infected with a tapeworm, it may pass eggs or segments (proglottids) of the adult tapeworm through its feces into soil. Each segment contains thousands of microscopic tapeworm eggs. You can then ingest these eggs by eating food contaminated with the feces. Once you consume the eggs, they develop into larvae, which can migrate out of your intestines and form cysts in other tissues such as your lungs or liver. This type of infection is not common with beef or fish tapeworms, but can occur with the pork tapeworm — called cysticercosis — and can also occur with dog and sheep tapeworms — called echinococcosis.

Ingestion of larvae cysts in meat or muscle tissue. You can also get tapeworm infection by eating raw or undercooked meat from an animal or a fish that has the larval form of the tapeworm (cysts) in its muscle tissue. Once you ingest them, the larvae then develop into adult tapeworms in your intestines.

Adult tapeworms can measure up to 50 feet long and can survive as long as 20 years. Some tapeworms attach themselves to the walls of the intestine, where they cause irritation or mild inflammation, while others may pass through to your stool and exit your body.

Unlike other tapeworms, the dwarf tapeworm can complete its entire life cycle — egg to larva to adult tapeworm — in one host. This is the most common tapeworm infection in the world and can be transmitted between humans.

While being treated for certain tapeworm infections, you can reinfect yourself by ingesting tapeworm eggs shed by the adult worm into your stool. That's why you should take care to wash your hands after using the toilet.

Yes they can, and what comes out in the poop is just pieces of it, so you have to get meds to get rid of it. Same as in animals...oops, we are animals:-)

I Hate Miley Cyrus!
Yes, absolutely. Any living thing can get it.
Tapeworms eat everything in its host's body until they die. But I think there's a certain medication you can take so it will come out along w/ your poop, lol.
I suggest you don't drink the water in Mexico; it's a proven fact that 25% of male Mexicans have an adult tapeworm in their intestines from the bad water...

Yes they can. I know you can get one by eating pork that's not cooked all the way through.
You will get very sick. You have to go to the doctor and if you have one, he gives you medicine to kill it.
I don't know if it comes out in your poop or not though.

me too
Yes, humans can get tapeworm, plus a plethora of other intestinal worms.

I treat myself and my family with Combantrim every two years, just to make sure they die and come out - not that I've ever had worms, but just to make sure, ya know, lol!

you can pick up worms from animals, food, etc.

Yes they can but they will grow in your digestive tract and will feed there and stay in that area and by the time u see them in your poop u will only see there tail, while there head is still inside of your body.

Yes humans can get tape worms, I'm not sure how but it is very possible. And, sometimes it will come out in the feces if it wasn't strong enough to survive in the host's body. More likely it will have more than enough nutrients to keep growing.

There have been countless amounts of people who have died because of tapeworms. Some people even use them as a weight loss aid, but end up loosing vital organs. The worm will actually eat the host's organs once it is big enough.

It is very serious, and life threatening.

Deseray M
Yes. You usually contract it from under-cooked fish. The only way to remove it is by surgery, which is rarely used now. And also by medication. And when done the cycle of medication depending on what you use, it can cause the worm to break up or come out whole.

ohhhhhh yeah we can!!! i have seen a documentary on it!!! they can be up to like three feet long just living inside ur intestnes off of all the food u eat!!

and yes one day (if u do have them) it all some squirting out the anus!!!

i know its gross but it def happens!



It could lead to malnutrition.

Yes, it probably has a faster reaction on humans then dogs.

yes humans can get tape worm but i dont think u poop it out

umm ya

yep, mostly by eating raw (non-cooked) foods. theres a med to poop it out, cant imagine what that would be like though

LOL, yes, and You have to take a Med to do that.

yes humans can get tape worm from uncooked meat ad contaminated water
And no you have to kill it with medicine or it will multiply and stick to your vital organs and you will die


yes they can. eeek... they can get tape worm from raw chicken that not cooked. I think =/ there two type of worms.

but they can die of if you go toilet, so you be ok.

Im not sure if Im thinking about tape worm. =S

ALso if the dog got tape worm, and they lick the other dogs bum the egg will be on there mouth when the dog lick your mouth and got inside. you'll have the tape worm, the dog tape worm are confused in human body so there for they will go around your body got confused and will blind you because they will go back of your eye. yes it true, but it rare.

James F
yes and idk if it comes out in ur poop

===Your Name Here===
It has happened before.. It normally latches onto something in your digestive system live your stomach or intestine

yessssss they sure can
+ if you think you have tapeworm see a doctor and he will give you something to kill it coz it only comes out of your poop if you kill it

Yep for both, but the worm doesnt always come out on its own

Homicidal Maniac
yes. i believe the longest was 60 feet. it stays in them and eats all their food.

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