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a question about swine flu?
we now have swine flu in our hometown and im due to go to a gig on saturday night with my kids, how safe do you think it is to be in a big crowd, i know alot of people say its all hype but i dont partically fancy catching swine flu killer or not

Comedy Queen
Well , I think as long as your not getting overly close. And bring some hand sanitizer. And so you know it's the H1N1 virus.

The tank
your probably fine unless people in your town are self centered and wouldn't isolate themselves if they had it

No, it's not hype. The best thing you can do is not rub up against people, not get screamed (or you scream) in other people's faces, and wash your hands.

well you can go, just take hand sanitizer but be careful of what you touch, but to be on the safe side I suggest you don't go plus make sure the people dont have these symptoms:
* fever, which is usually high
* cough
* runny nose or stuffy nose
* sore throat
* body aches
* headache
* chills
* fatigue or tiredness, which can be extreme
* diarrhea and vomiting (sometimes)

Signs of a more serious swine flu infection might include pneumonia and respiratory failure.

If they had swine flu they wouldn't be there

Ski Girl
there are 5 things that you can do to protect your self:

If you love your kids... Don't go.
It's for the best.

Better safe than sorry.

stevo yo
No one can really say forsure. Take special percautions though. Make sure you all are washing your hands, and staying clean.

its not a good idea but... idk how 2 help u

so?... whats UR question? well its bad to gather with other people...

Swine flu has been around for decades. yes its dangerous like the other flu's. there is no cure like the other flu's.
its almost the same as the rest. the only thing that's worrying the people is the fact that is spreading fast.
you have a better chance of getting it at the store or mall.
so yea they probably decontaminated the place like millions of others,

it's actually less dangerous than the seasonal flu (which kills about 36,000 every flu season). so i wouldn't worry too much about it. anyways, it's not like everyone will catch it.

My opinion the world will die so just give up.

Don`t fall for the media hype. It`s just like any other flu. Excuse me, I got to sneeze.....Ah, ah, ah, AHCHOINK!, oink,oink,oink........

Lost in the crowd.
I wouldn't go at all. Swine flu is the most effective on little kids and older people (seniors) It can spread to them very easily/ and like all diseases can kill, although its not likely I wouldn't be taking that chance. Even though its not as harmful as the reg. flu its very spreadable and still harmful. I wouldn't take a chance...there will be other gigs. (:

well, I do not think it is that dangerous as long as you wash your hands after that. And make sure not to touch your face with your hands because if you get the swine flu bacteria on them, and then touch your face it's pretty much the only way they can go in your body and give you a sickness.... hopefully this will help!

How big is your town? They closely monitor cases, so anyone with the disease will not be allowed in public, and and they track down his/her contacts that he/she has seen during the time he/she had the flu.

So really, unless you have a pretty small town, I'd say it's safe.

Vincent P
How many cases of swine flu have been reported in your area? For instance, in my county, we've had 1 verified and about 20 suspected.

Ask yourself this: If the news told you that there were 20 people out of however many thousands, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands in your area infected with the NORMAL flu, would you stay home? Or would such odds make it seem ridiculous?

If there was one case of meningitis in your town, would you lock yourself indoors for fear of catching it?

I guess what I'm trying to say is, unless there are tons and tons of cases spreading like wildfire, the chances of finding it are really quite slim and not worth sweating.

it's not a good idea. it spreads easily.
if you were to get it, it almost for sure wouldn't kill you but it would be quite unpleasant.

It's not killer its just another thing people are worrying about if you do catch it you would probably be sick for 10-14 days but i don think its killer you should check with a doctor or look online

Kaite H.
Is it anything you could skip? Because I would recomend it. There are now 2 recorded deaths kin america today. The one about the mexican baby, and a new one about a lady in a coma. Many people have recoverd from it, so its not a really big deal for you, but your kids could be at a higher risk. I would say no.

No We Cant
i think u should wear protetective clothing like this http://www.nbcteam.cz/images/ecoprotect-complete.jpg

Red Dragon
If you want the truth, as long as you are cleaning your hands with the alcoholic liquid or cream sold in many pharmacies like boots, you're ok.

However, i would also advise not to be in closed and crowded places as there is more (MUCH MORE) chance to get the infection, especially that carriers would know they have it before two days.

Good practice can be found here:

I hope this helps

FO Death
Don't be afraid

20,000-40,000 people die of the regular flu.
And the swine flu only killed, How many, like 300 right.
So I'm sure its safe.
there's a slight chance of your kids getting sick.

I wouldn't worry about it. In First world nations, the healthcare is fine, so it is going to be like the normal flu. You have about a .01-1% chance of being killed. In Mexico, where there is no healthcare system, they are dying, but in America, there has only been one death, and it was a baby with problems anyway.

Don't worry about it, it is truly all hype.

I really doubt you will catch it.

Str (I star every Q)
IKD what your chances r of catching it are but from what i know it realy is not as bad as the media makes it look. I would go but try to stay away from as much people as possible but its still up 2 u

it is just the flu! a different strain, yes, but it is just the flu. it is not any more dangerous than the regular flu. there's only been like 150 people in the world who have died from the swine flu, compared to the thousands or millions of people who die each year from the regular flu. its nothing to freak out about, just keep your hands clean and stay away from sick people.

you'll die. don't go.

The swine flu is no different from the regular flu. It won't kill, but it is capable of killing like other sicknesses that are left untreated.

i think its ok to go. you cant stop living your life because of some flu. just be careful to not stand next to someone who is sneezing and coughing. wash your hands or use anti bacterial. don't touch your face with dirty hands. bacteria can enter fast if you touch your eyes or anything.

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