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 Where did swine flu originate from?

 i am rally worried about swine flue, that it will kill all of the earth and be as bad as a black pleague?
could you plz give me some information which is supported that could make me stop ...

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 do i have swine flu???????????
i live in Massachusetts and i have heard that there are some people who have swine flu. i just got sick and i dont feel good at all. i have a soar throat, like when i swallow my throat kills, and my ...

 Are we all going to die?

 Can you sue a hospital if the patient caught a bacteria when she was admitted and died?

 what happen if you kill a dog?
dose it come alive ...

 Should i go to the ER?
I haven't traveled to Mexico, but i live on the coast of the gulf of Mexico. I am showing every sign of swine flu and i feel awful! I have a big test tomorrow that i can't miss but i can ...

 My brother just threw up...SWINE FLU?
he has no other symptoms so far... could it be swine???...

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 Why are people worrying? NO ONE DIED FROM THE SWINE FLU TODAY?
That's right. Nobody died from the swine flu today. But guess what? Hundred of people died from violent crimes nationwide. THOUSANDS more died from car accidents (about a hundred thousand per ...

 If people are so worried about getting swine flu, why don't they stop eating swine?
Swine: edible forms being - pork, bacon, etcetera. I suppose you could eat it raw, and then it would be plain pig. EEW!

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How do you get swine flu ...

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 i have swine flu... help?
how can i treat this.
i am taking tamiflu..

everyone is like oh my goodness what if you gave it too me.. cause y friend died from it, i know i probably won't but... what can i do<...

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 how do i prevent swine flu?
does anyone know what to do to prevent it i live in seattle and i heard it just hit in 6 cases and i dont wanna die ...

 Are you scared about Swine flu?
I want your opinion. is it just another hyped up thing or are you really scared?...

 Have you had swine flu?
In my country it still very serious, since it got into the schools and all
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I'm sick so i'm staying home today. Alot of kids at school are sick and some have ...

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Domenyck S
Why is swine flu such a big deal?
i keep hearing about how theres going to be a swine flu pandemic and stuff, but its treatable and apparently most people recover without any sort of special help, so i want to know why everyones making such a big deal out of it...
Additional Details
ok so i know people are dying and stuff, but its been one American baby, which just is a result of babies having weaker immune systems, and a lot of people in mexico, who dont have access to proper health care necessarily. This doesnt make sense...

it fills your lungs with liquid and kills 300 thousand poeple a year.

LoVin Lif3 ‚ô•
Kuz were all gunna die duhh mayyn this world is crazii huh?

Burn Notice
bc ppl r dieing

DANiEL. ;)
u could die from it. its a disease that spreads quickly.

‚ô° Jes
- its a mutated flu virus
- people are dying

It is an airborne illness which is a mutated strain of the flu that we don't have any type of vaccination for. We do have antiviral drugs that are being used to treat it, but since it is new we don;t have an immunity against it. In the elderly and small children it can be fatal.

The worst part is that a virus can adapt and mutate again. So after we've contained this it is possible for a new strain to pop up again and kill even more ppl.

Cindy Lou
Duh...............people are dying, schools are closing, do you have loved ones that you don't want to get sick or to die? I think you ought to watch the news a little more. It's very contagious - that's why!!

cz u can die from it and thats a big deal

Stacey W
because errrrrrrrr people have died in a short space of time, very contagious.

Swine flu is a combination of pig and avian (bird) flu. The problem is that it is a new strain of flu that our bodies do not have natural antibodies for. Some of the reported cases are mild and will clear up on their own. Others, however, are more severe and the body cannot fight off the infection. The World Health Organization has doctors working and they have engineered a vaccine for this new strain so hopefully they can control the outbreak and also cure those who have a more severe reaction to the flu.
Just wash your hands and don't kiss any pigs!

Well i think it's more of a bigger deal because it has mutated since the last time it was seen and people are dying from it. Most likley reasons.

ok, what do you imagine would happen if say 3/4 of the entire population of the US is home sick in bed? The infrastructure will fall apart.... no police, they're all sick, no fire response, they are all sick, no social services, no transportation of goods, grocery stores run out of food and don't get any delivered, that is of course if there is anyone well enough to man the store. Even if people do not die, they are not functioning, they are home sick.... the economy shaky as it is right now will collapse.....trust me, this is a big deal.

April 27, 2009-AP

As the AP video here reports, countries around the world are reacting to the Swine Flu (H1N1 ) outbreak in Mexico with quarantines and travel warnings. The United Nation‚Äôs World Health Organization convened an emergency meeting Saturday to develop a response to the ‚Äúpandemic potential‚ÄĚ emerging from Mexico (although the threat is apparently not considered serious enough to prompt officials in the United States to close the border).

If the outbreak indeed turns into a global pandemic, as WHO seems to think, we can expect not only quarantines, but the imposition of martial law in the United States. In fact, the government has planned for just such a scenario for some time now.

Nathan Nice (Kid Dynamite)
gee idk, maybe its because people are dying from it.

Just a wild guess though

Because it's new so no one has immunity to it, yet. Which means that as it spreads instead of infecting a course of people over a flu season (say 4 months) they'll all be infected over a few weeks. That makes it harder to treat everyone. Which is why the health advice is focused on actions that will slow the spread of the virus.

because the people more risk of dying are children and the elderly they have weaker immune systems, did you not hear about the baby in texas. teens & adults have a stronger chance of fighting it. but i as a parent panic for my kids.

bryant m
its funny how people say its because people are dying but people die from regular flu viruses its just a media hype! and if it was such a huge problem why is it there isnt mass deaths, only probable infections...but thats just my $0.2 about it

Dee <3
People always freak out over stuff like this.

n i n a‚ĄĘ
Because the economy is down. What better way to make people spend money than to threaten their health?

Yes, people are dying from the swine flu. It's always the same story.. babies, elderly and those with weak immune systems. I don't really know too many babies that frequent clubs or bars or other places that have a large amount of people in one spot where it's possible to be contracted.

30,000+ people a year die from the REGULAR flu. Why doesn't everyone have a coronary over that?

Because of the dang media. :/
they make everything explode out of proportion.
making people freak out like wild monkeys.
swine flu is like any other flu,idk why people are getting all crazy about it.

Aurelys S
They like to scare people, that's all. Remember the Avian Flu, and the Killer Bees...yeah same deal here. I'm not worried about it :)

It so stupid. More people get sick with Influeza each year than this, and no one starts a huge thing over that. Stupid American media.

Normal Flu and Swine flu kill the same amout of people, so why is there no pandemic over normal flu? Mindboggling...

EDIT: That person below me that said the baby in Texas died... that kid was sent to a hospital in Texas from Mexico. It wasn't an American.

Skippy The Wondertard
Media hype.
As far as I can see, it only seems to kill a few mexicans.

Look at it this way. The regular flu kills 35,000 americans a year. Swine Flu has killed 0 americans. Why worry?

It's just something for the media to feed on

Chris S
Because the media is reporting on it much more than they need to, probably because they know that people aren't interested in hearing about how bad the economy is.
If you look at the past few years there is always some new super-disease that we should all be afraid of. For example, Anthrax, West Nile, SARS, Mad Cow Disease etc...

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