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 Is anyoneelse really worried about the swine flu?
Im so sick of hearing and reading about it its just setting me into stress mode.
Why aren't the government bringing about a solution for everyone? Not just the people who have got it, but ...

 i have a fever of 103.9 what should i do.....?
ok ive been taking midecine but it still does not work and i cant afford to go to the docter so i was wondering if there is anything natural i can take but this how i feel ....i have a big *** ...

 What foods can give you Food Poisoning ?
What types of foods can give you food posioning and what are the effetcts ?...

 diagnos me! should i be concerned?
im very irritable, i' feel lonely all the time. I have excessive mood swings. My appetite has gotten bigger. I have problems with communicating. I love my girlfriend because of it. I have ...

 Help Me!, I Got Swine Flu?!?!, Im dying :(?
As im writing this im strugglin to type,

Im living In new york,
On saturday, it was a normal flue..
Yesrerday, I started throwing up, when i moev, my head hurts,
I got n ...

 Swine Flu - Are We Gonna Die Or Are We Gonna Live?
Being Serious!...

 I'm scared about swine flu but want a truthful answer...?
I'm 18 and got swineflu on tuesday i was diagnosed wedneday morning and by 11am was taking tamiflu, less than 24 hours after my symptoms came on
What are the chances of dying from swine flu ...

 When will all these Swine Flu questions stop ?
When do you think everyone is going to stop asking all these question's about swine flu ??

I guess I just added another one to the list......

 Should you have the swine flu vaccine if you are pregnant?
A friend of mine is about 5 and half months pregnant, she is really unsure what to do with regards to the vaccine!! Is it dangeroous, is there a high metal content in there? What exactly should she ...

 Where did swine flu originate from?

 i am rally worried about swine flue, that it will kill all of the earth and be as bad as a black pleague?
could you plz give me some information which is supported that could make me stop ...

 How do you bring down a fever?
I have a fever of 103.4 and we don't have any Advil and I'm home alone. what do I do?
Additional Details
I drank some cold water, took the temperature again, it's at 104.1 ...

 do i have swine flu???????????
i live in Massachusetts and i have heard that there are some people who have swine flu. i just got sick and i dont feel good at all. i have a soar throat, like when i swallow my throat kills, and my ...

 Are we all going to die?

 Can you sue a hospital if the patient caught a bacteria when she was admitted and died?

 what happen if you kill a dog?
dose it come alive ...

 Should i go to the ER?
I haven't traveled to Mexico, but i live on the coast of the gulf of Mexico. I am showing every sign of swine flu and i feel awful! I have a big test tomorrow that i can't miss but i can ...

 My brother just threw up...SWINE FLU?
he has no other symptoms so far... could it be swine???...

 How do you get shingles?
My friend has shingles, I know it's not contagious, just wanna know. Im scared man. I dont have health insurance yet at my new job. And even if I did I dont go to doctors cause they're ...

 Why are people worrying? NO ONE DIED FROM THE SWINE FLU TODAY?
That's right. Nobody died from the swine flu today. But guess what? Hundred of people died from violent crimes nationwide. THOUSANDS more died from car accidents (about a hundred thousand per ...

Why is it that the needles need to be sterilized before giving the lethal injection?

why is it they use needles instead of a .40 ?

Answer Fairy
Why does a camacazzi pilot wear a helmet?

Why do they call them apartments when they are stuck together?

Why do we park on a driveway and drive on a parkway?

Thats an awsome Question, ilamo

empty-nester 2002
My vet doesn't waste a fresh needle for humane euthanasia. I've seen him dig one out of the trash for this purpose.

because blood to blood contact is one of the 3 ways to pass hiv and aids.
every needle needs to be sterilized before any contact to skin.

No! I'm NOT Elton John
They are sent to hell, but cannot go infected.

LOL you know I never thought about it. That's funny they are going to kill you but, I guess if it didn't kill you and you got something from the needle you could file charges so they take extra time and money to clean the needle even though there is a 1 in about 1 million that you will live from the injection.

Grand pa

Leigh M
What if the guy giving the injection slipped and the needle poked his finger? It is always better to be safe than sorry.

So the corpse doesn't develop an infection?

It reminds me of a "Famly Guy" episode where Osama is making a video and he makes fun of one of his buddies who called in sick and had a note from his doctor that he couldn't do a suicide bombing. LOL

out of respeat..

Because though they are giving a lethal injection, it still needs to be considered humain to the best , and injecting with a dirty needls, can cause a painful, wrong type of death, and also could be harmful to the one injecting. Also, maybe the person wanted to be an organ donor. Animal, human, it's still best to be clean and steril no matter what, and the lack of care and respect shouldn't be taken away at anytime!!!!!!!

That's a good question. I never understood that either? Why waste fresh sterile needles. It's kind of contradicting isn't it.

April H
I don't get it either???

The silent pen
Mus'nt kill them twice, Must we?

Needles are mass produced and all are sterilized, it's just the way it's done. They don't make special needles for lethal injection, they simply use what is available, and what is available just happens to be sterile.

Ellie. Love music, hate racism.
I don't know.
I think it's a waste of disinfectant.

According to a number of sites, the needles are sterilized prior to being shipped. However, according to another question on Answers, it's to prevent cruel and unusual punishment. So it may seem ironic, but it's definitely not pointless.

Jaco W
To ensure that the person doesn't die from something else than the stuff he's injected with. Prevents septicemia etc

Dashing Geek
I agree totally with the nurse's answer, but even if that were not the case some lawyer may argue that it is cruel and unusual to not use the same needle you would use in any other patient.

because we are trying to kill the person, and not give him aids before he dies, :-)

Sue :3
so that all the germs and other stuff could come off of it
cuz the heat eliminates the germs and pathogens

Luke B
Probably something along the lines of adding insult to injury by potentially adding someone else's pathogen's to a condemned man if you use a non-steralized needle.

But yeah, pretty pointless... Adds a little dignity though I guess.

Very good question. Sounds pointless to me too.

Perhaps it is to protect the prisoner from contracting anything in the unlikely event he receives a stay of execution during the process.
Lethal injection is a 3 step process, and the 3rd chemical administered is the one that actually stops the heart.
So if the Governor were to halt the execution after the 1st or 2nd chemical is released, the condemned would have a right to be virus free.

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