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 i dont know what to do i think i have swine flu i have no choice but to go to school what do i do?

 swine flu and asthma?
okay well i have asthma. and the swine flu is going around my school. im scared bc my friend said it can kill people with asthma!
please clear this up to me!?!?!?!...

 Does anyone actually know if you can catch anything from drinking urine?
long story but yes i drunk urine....

 What will the doctor prescribe an adult male with the flu?
Also how much to take of it, like 3 times a day for week, etc......

 Why do people in mexico have the doctor masks on to protect them from the swine flue when it doesnt work ??

 What can I take for a sinus infection if I'm pregnant?

 how serious is meningitis?
I can touch my chin to my chest but I'm still alittle worried....

 So has the whole Swine flu craze died yet?
Honest i am sick of this talk about swine flu it has been blown way out of proportion. Its like bird flu how many people still remember that.

Most people dont know that Pakistan had a ...

 I'm scared...ASAP?

 Will I be getting Chicken Pox?
My seven year old has got Chicken pox since last week. After talking to my mum I was told that I never had them before. What are my chances of getting them now?...

 Does this sound like the flu?
My symptoms have gotten a little better, but all in all since 3 days ago these are all of my total symptoms:

Extreme fatigue
Uncontrollable shivering/shaking
slight ...

 whats the deal with this swine flu?
everybody keeps talking about it, where is it in the united states?...

 Can anyone give me a possible diagnosis on this?
I've had constant headaches everyday for a few weeks, and come home from class exsuasted and needing to sleep. Also, this week, I've developed a sore throat and today it's developed ...

 Should I be worried if my temperture is 103.7 ??

 "inevitable that someone from UK will die from swine flu"?
they really do like to put our hopes up dont they? it's an exact quote from sky news (our national news channel)

Additional Details
Im in Wales too AJ... north....

 The scrape on my leg doesn't seem to be getting better. It has been 10 days. Is this normal?
It is very painful and I have been on antibiotics for 3 days. I don't know what else to do but clean with peroxide and apply neosporin and also aloe gel. Any other suggestions? This is so ...

 where the swine flu is?
where has the swine flu spread to and how many people DIED in each place ...

 I was bitten by a zombie, any suggestions for treatment?
Chris Rock suggested Robitussin (I actually called him up)....

 i`m scared i have the swine flu?
ok i have symptoms such as nose running and other things connected with the swine flu my mom is not in a good condition to go anywhere so i can`t go the doctors rigth now so i need help on things i ...

 Will we all die from Swine Flu?
Same as above, i want to hear your thoughts about the swine flu epidemic, if i could call it that?...

Why does this flu grab the media hype when the US estimates 36,00 deaths a year?
related to flu?

Flu Deaths
Each year, the flu is reported to be responsible for almost 36,000 deaths, including about 46 to 74 deaths in children. Last year, 83 deaths in children have already been reported to the National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System. Unfortunately, this is not unusual in a typical flu season.

We sure do blame a lot of stuff on Mexico and other countries.
Additional Details
What did I tell you! Somebody wants to blame Mexico! But I bet he wouldn't (No Email) accept American blame for using Depleted Uranium which is causing tons of hardship in Iraq and Bosnia as (secretly, almost) this is being cleaned up in Kuwait.

Nor will he accept America's use of White Phosphorous that the Pentagon refused to admit the use of for about to years. I bet he won't accept America's blame for lying about dropping White Phosphorous upon neighbourhoods in Fallujah, either.

But let's blame Mexico for the actions of multinational corporations for their filthy disposal of pig poo. These companies know better, they always want less government and less regulation but when not regulated they act completely in an unethical manner.

Hybrid Moments
We should blame it on mexico they brought it here.

2,500 people were reported infected in mexico city and your saying we can't blame it on the mexican government?

They could have warned people not to travel to mexico they could have limited the amount of flights from the US to mexico.

Caution.. I'm actually glad that people are being overly cautious, the only thing that bothers me is the blind panic driven mainly by the media. I think the problem is that though it is easily treated right now, it is highly contagious and if it were to mutate into something more severe and untreatable we could be faced with something terrible As they say, it's almost always better to prevent than treat. I agree, though, that Mexico is not at all to blame - this strain could have developed anywhere.

Because this isnt the regular flu. This flu just like the Spanish flu from 1918 to 1919. In 1 year worldwide it killed around 100 million people. And this flu is killing healthy adults. Normal flus kill only small children or old people because they have weak immune systems. This flu is killing healthy adults!

Regular flu kills about 0.1 of the world's population. The spanish flu (and the swine flu has the potential to be the same!) killed about 2.5 to 5% of the worlds population in 1 year!!!! That is millions not a tiny little thousand.

Read about spanish flu, also called H1N1 just like swine flu.

There are a number of reasons:

The flu we are used to is endemic- it has been around and is nothing new, while the swine flu is different. We don't have reason to fear the endemic flu because it is always around, but something new like the swine flu is unpredictable. It's a new type of flu, and what if it ends up killing 36,000 people a year? That's 72,000 people dead now.

Swine flu is atypical. It seems to affect healthy, young adults the most (because of the limited number of cases, this may or may not be true). The normal flu has the biggest effect on the very young, very old, and immuno-compromised. It is reminiscent of the flu pandemic of 1918, as well as others, which caused healthy immune systems to overreact and as a result was very deadly. A new flu that bears resemblance to such a horrible outbreak is frightening to some.

Also, the media loves to grab onto things and hype them up so that everyone is talking about it. They make more money that way.

The problem is that this a "new" flu. The regular flu can get bad, but it's ability to spread is limited because most of us have some immunity to it. A new flu that has just made the jump from animal to human has the potential to be extremely dangerous. And once it starts spreading from human to human (rather than just human to animal the way the avian flu has) it becomes very fast moving. Once people start dying in large numbers, it's too late to do anything about it.

The last one of this sort was in 1918. It killed millions. And it started like this one - in the spring it seemed like an ordinary flu, it spread, and possibly mutated a bit more, and then came back in the fall and started killing fast. Some people went from healthy to deathly ill in hours. (Quit possibly too quickly for a person to get tamiflu.)

The last thing about this kind of flu is that it kills people with healthy immune systems. While it hasn't got to that point outside of Mexico yet, this kind of flu can go in that direction easily. What it does is use your immune system against you. This is also very hard to treat.

I don't want to scare people, because it is likely we have caught this one in time, but the potential is extremely dangerous with these kinds of viruses.

(We also can't blame Mexico for this. This isn't a disease that is easy to discern from other kinds of influenza. You have to have a pattern, and then test at a higher level. It takes a while for the pattern to emerge, and then it takes a while for the testing to be done.)

Captain K
If you ask me, a few people are over reacting about the swine flu and dismissing the perspective.

Who cares Amigo!!!!

I'm not sure, I know this could be bad considering all the mutated strains in it, but the way they labelled it 'pandemic' right off the bat just really pi$$es me off so much! Overhype in media.

They are estimating, but they can be sure of it... WHAT would happen if the swine flu goes away on it's own....?

It ain't over yet, "The worst plague in human history was triggered by an H1N1 avian flu virus, which jumped the species barrier from birds to humans[3] and went on to kill as many as 50 to 100 million people in the 1918 flu pandemic"

We are told a pandemic is inevitable one day, so maybe it's better that the people and government have a dry run, if that is what this outbreak turns out to be, and it may come back again this winter.

there are bunch of possible theories in this case, but almost all are considered as conspiracy theories. it will not surprise me to see one of these become true.

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