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 which country is most badly hit by the swine flu?
I wanna know any1 knows?...

 Sick but have school?
Ok so My brother and I have been sick with the flu for a while well me anyways and my brother just caught it 2 or 3 days ago Im getting better my temperature is normal and All i have is a stuffed ...

 if i get swine flu, well how do i tell when i don't have it anymore?

 My Mum thinks that when you get wet you get a cold, my aunt thinks that u get a cold from a virus.whos right?

 Are we all going to die from swine flu ?
I read on the BBC about that the World Health Organisation saying that this swine flu is no longer containable, meaning it's going to spread very quickly. England I feel is doing the ...

 what is strep throat..?
is it like tonsilitis?...

 Had the flu since Friday, now it's Monday...should fever still be above 103degrees?
My boyfriend was diagnosed with the flu on Saturday, but he had symptoms since Thursday night/Friday morning. He went to the ER with a fever of 103.8 on Saturday. He is taking 600 mg of Motrin every 8...

 is swine flu curable?

 Im scared D: do i have swine flu?
I have the symptoms. Fever, headache, sore throat, runny nose, diarrhoea
what should i do D:...

 Are you afraid of contacting Swine Flu?
Are you afraid of contacting swine flu. I heard the reason they call it swine flu is because it is so painful you squeel like a pig in your end of days......

 Swine Flu - Everyone At My School Thinks There Gonna Die And Shizz..?
Why Has Everyone Over Reacting About Swine Flu!?
Personally It Isn't As Bad As The Newspapers Are Saying It Is. Just Cause Swine Flu Is A Bit Stronger Than 'Man Flu', Tbh Anyone C...

 sore throat =[ help!?
I have like the worse sore throat i went to the doctor because I had a fever,sore throat,and vomiting the medicines took away everything but my sore throat It feels like it got worse =[
I am ...

 My son has a temp of 104 in his armpit?
What temp does a person bring thier kid to the hospital so they can regulate thier temp. Tylonol helps bring it down but we are quite worried. When does the brain start losing brain cells or go ...

 If the swine flu breaks out in two more states, will everything shut down?
My friend said that she heard that if the swine flu breaks out in two more states, that the schools and other national stuff will shut down. I was wondering if this was true or not, since I believe ...

 Will Swine Flu Wipe out Human Life????

 Should I be off school with the flu for much longer?
I've had it since Wednesday, The symptoms are Chesty cough, sneezing, dizziness, blocked nose and occasional vomiting.
I was off Thursday and Friday. What about this week?
Additional D...

 What's shingles, what does it do? Is it contagious?

 have they found a cure for the swine flu?

 What is a good thing for me to drink, I have a really sore throat and Lemsip just doesn't cut the mustard!

 Why do they use a sterile needle to administer a lethal injection?
What difference does it make? Surely they cannot be worried about infections for the recipient, can they?
Additional Details
By the way, I am against the death penalty in principle....

Why can't anybody find a cure for AIDS?
And why is it that they most likely never will?

there already is a cure.

there is a cure, and it is prayer and faith. All a person needs is faith. Seek the giver of it.

cherry Loves the Lord God
i think it has been found. not just approved yet....

Deb S (SFECU) pray4revival
If everyone practiced abstinence, it would over time be no more or very rare. Sounds like a cure to me.

Mr. Me
All viruses mutate, meaning that they aren't easily identified by other compounds and chemicals. This is the reason why there has never been a cure for the common cold. Unfortunately the Aids virus is no different in any other virus in that way.


There is an outside chance that we could build immunities. The result would be similar to a teacher doctor or nurse who seem to never catch a cold.


its very complicated...... i don't know how complicated..........but im sure it is or they would have found one by now'

and what are u talking about there isn;t a cure^^^^

Good question!
i think the same thing.....
what part i don't understanding is that they find another disease for cure faster!
but this AIDS....they seem like they could not find it and i am not sure it has to do with the money things ....like they want to cure AIDS , but they said we need the money first.
i hate that.
they don't care about people, they want to beat that disease (AIDS) not the people.
that why they are going too slow!

Well, first, I have to disagree with the claim that "they most likely never will". There is nothing to suggest that a cure for this disease is beyond the reach of science or human invention - it is simply beyond the reach of science that has been funded in this area so far. True, we have thrown a disproportionately large amount of funding into this problem already with little positive result, but *if* we had *unlimited* funding, a cure would be achievable.

That having been said, the disease (and most retroviral diseases) are a relatively new discovery, and the method, the process, required for developing a cure to these diseases has not yet been established. In other words, this is really a whole new *type* of disease, a type which we have never learned to deal with.

One answer mentioned the genetic "aberration" that caused those possessing it to be immune to aids. *Presumably*, advances in gene therapy could result in a cure for AIDS - in other words, we could chemically simulate the advantage of that particular genetic condition. IF (and I stress if) this is the most likely candidate for a cure, then we do not currently have the technology to devise and implement that cure. However, we *are* on the *verge* of possessing that technology. Technologies are being developed right now that are part and parcel of the more advanced technology.

To put it another way: it *seems* as if it is only a matter of time (and, of course, money) before such an advanced gene therapy is developed. Once applied, it would not only act as an inoculation (preventing contraction of the disease), it could also act as an antidote of sorts, at the very least halting the progress of the disease in an infected individual.

Personally, I feel that funding can be put to much better use in treating diseases which
a) are deadly but already preventable
b) are not contracted purely as a result of unsafe behavior (there is the exception of mother to child transmission (MTCT), but this has been largely overcome by pre-natal anti-retroviral therapy)

If all the money spent on AIDS and HIV (excepting MTCT therapy, as mentioned) were spent on polio, malaria, cholera and leprosy treatments, a *whole* lot more lives would be saved. Indeed, current HIV treatment (other than MTCT therapy) does nothing to preserve life. What it does is extend the lives of infected individuals, giving them significantly greater opportunity to infect others. In other words, current HIV treatment actually increases the chances of the disease spreading!

Our priorities with regard to HIV funding is really messed up right now...

Jim, http://www.jimpettis.com/bibles/

too much money to be made in the research and 'trial' treatments.

Who knows how long until they find a cure. In the meantime, there is a wonderful prevention and we all know what that is.

I do HIV education and testing.
The main reason that no cure has been found so far is that HIV, the virus that destroys the immune system, leading to AIDS, mutates (changes) rapidly. A "one size fits all" vaccine would not work for all of the different mutations. Medications can slow the progression of HIV to AIDS, but there is still no cure.

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