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Jimmy John Jenkins
Why are people worrying? NO ONE DIED FROM THE SWINE FLU TODAY?
That's right. Nobody died from the swine flu today. But guess what? Hundred of people died from violent crimes nationwide. THOUSANDS more died from car accidents (about a hundred thousand per year die from car accidents). Why aren't people worried about the REAL threats?

and don't tell me the worst is about to come. It's been about 2 weeks now, in 1 more week they will have a vaccine, and the flu is currently treatable with antivirals.

umm...i have a question
its treatable? tell me more! does it work?

Well, I'm scared because I've heard that people die from the swine flu and I have a 2 year old so if we got it, I would be really scared...

but i am scared of everything... i'm scared of this damn recession more than anything.

I like Jimmy John's Sandwiches .

the real threats are something that are inevitable. you cannot stop them. you can limit the number of crimes that are commited, but you cannot stop all of them. don't try to. we're smarter than that. the swine flu affects everybody and it's new. that's why we're moving our attention to the swine flu. violence existed when we did and there's nothing we can do about it.

Spanky McDoo
If there is a huge outbreak there may not be enough supplies to cure all of America, or the world for that matter. Not to mention, it can be deadly if not treated. Back in 1917-1918 1/3 of the world's population was affected by it. Many people died. Even though they didn't have as good medical treatment back then, today people may not be able to seek the medical help needed.

god dam government scaring the crap out of people using the media shame on them for worrying about us shame!!! jesus would every one stop complaining about it there only informing us about it and telling us the best way to avoid it weather some one died form it today or not it does not matter their only trying to contain it. do you want it? no problay not so stop complaining about. And then you have their nerve to complain about car accidents man come on WTF car accidents are not caused by the government its the god dam idiots that drive them or sorry that don't know how to drive them and drunks that think its a good idea to go for a drive!! so tell me whats your bright idea to reduce car accidents? HUH why don't you send it of to mr obama and tell him your idea because he would give you *** a medal for solving the impossible! so shut the hell up.

they already got a vaccine =)

Life is Good
Why do you care if people are worried? Why are YOU here?


Swine flu is a real threat, contrary to what you think. People in Mexico are dying daily from the SF, so stop preaching. I'm well aware of other things that take human life. You forgot to metion the loss of life among our men & women over in Iraq & Afghanistan. You're slipping! Oh, if you'd listen to the news, there already are two meds ready to treat the U.S. as each new case is reported. It's already been reported in Canada, Ohio, NY, Calif., etc.

Blame the media.

*stay with me*
well i guess people are more afraid of dying from sicknesses then from violence

Erica Hsu
prolly just to scare ppl and to make them think twice about they're hygiene.

Pandemics are much more serious than gang fights or local car accidents.

I do agree with you, people are senselessly panicking. But it is still a serious matter.

Midnight Rad Tech
its the new Bird flu/Super Bug/SARS/Ebola/Strep Bacteria

i can see how it might not be a big deal compared to other things, but a pandemic is a severly serious thing that should be handled with care to prevent it from getting worse. i believe one reason we all freak out is because we might think it could be like the next black or bubonic plague thing where it was killing everybody unbelievably quick. but like you said lets hope they do come up with a vaccine soon to leave some worries out. peace out!

Offensive P
This is no different than the horrific war, the worst depression in American history, and global warming.

The media takes a bunny and turns it into a rabid monster on the loose in New York to scare people into submission. Most hype you see is made up of 90% bull.

I love my Spoo
What's next? The Armadillo flu? hahahah. People are FREAKING OUT! Calm down everyone. It is totally treatable.

Simple, it is all do to the media hype up.

Ugly betty
The media is to blame here.

people are stupid they hear anything related to germs and freakout hey thats the 21st century for ya.



Kind of puts a kink in your claim doesn't it.

Yea M
to scare the public just like terrorism

Quite a few people died from the normal flu today.

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