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 Do you think swine flu will be the end of the wolrd?
Ive heard that it will be but i don't really believe it....

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 POLL__Do you think the SWINE FLU is population control?
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 How to get sick quick?
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 What does blood in stool mean?
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 i think i have the swine flu?
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 What happens if everybody gets the swine flu?

 Why are people so much more worried about swine flu than normal flu?
it doesn't seem that much worse than the usual seasonal flu?...

 What do you think about the SWINE FLU?
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 Anyone know a good Swine Flu Song?
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 Swine Flu= Zombies becoming real?
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 Swine Flu!! IM HELLA SCARED!!!!?
ok i know i said this before but im hella scared of getting the friken swine flu!

#1: i live in california! and i heard its multiplying in the us....
#2: i go to school with hella a ...

 what can give you food poisoning???

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 Do I Have The Swine Flu ?
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 Are you scared of SWINE FLU?
or do you think its foing to be like bird flu, SARS, west nile virus and stuff like ...

 is there a risk in donating blood.. i really want to help,but i'm scare,please someone explain the risk to me!

Why are people so scared of the silly swine flu?
The media is making people freak out over this. It is treatable and so far only one American has died from it and 200 Mexicans are suspected of dying from it. I'm not worried at all about getting it because I believe that I can overcome it in just a few days. That and I would rather get it early and get it over with in case it somehow gets worse. What do you think?
Additional Details
Thanks for all the answers people(:

One American has died . . . so far. The cases you refer to are "confirmed," but there are many "probable" cases that are awaiting confirmation. There are many people that overcome the flu and many that don't. I am worried for the very young, the very old, and those with compromised immune systems. I am not worried about myself, but yes, I am very worried about my children, especially because one of them has asthma. I'm not going to "freak out," but I will definitely take precautions, like frequent handwashing, staying home when sick, not going by sick people, etc.

because by the time its over u turned into a pig!

FYI the "american" was a mexican who traveled up her for their infent to get treated. Unfortunatly it was a loss

Mz shorty
because they paranoid

D.J Kellog
The swine flu is not more harmful than the regular flu, it just has a higher possibility of mutating since it resembles a pig virus.

his baby girl
I would rather not get it at all. Never know if its possible to get it over again. If you get it one time you can't guarentee to build an immunity to it. It could even be worse the second time. No one knows anything. It is a scary thing to know its out there and spreading fast. But there's no need in people to over exhagerate about it. Worry about it yes but not so much that it drives you insane and makes you think you have it.

Anne Stradajust
You can thank the Paparratzi for it.[news,tabliolds,ect]

I agree with you, the only thing people need to do is not worry and everything will be fine, don't let the media scare you into doing what they want.

I'm actually pretty scared it seems to be getting closer and closer to my city ( las vegas ) and at first it was just in Mexico but now it has spread and its global,i also have a pretty weak immune system and catch things very easily,maybe if my immune system was stronger i wouldn't be as worried,but in the end I'm worried for everyone out there i hope this flu decreases.

well that's the problem, it's no big deal for us now.. but if it mutates and becomes resistant to our meds.. well then we're as screwed as the mexicans..

David Davidson III
You won't be laughing once you're DEAD.

Because it kills

Answer Dancer
because humans are both mind and heart. obviously from a mind point of view most of us have nothing to worry about. but the heart, or subconscous if you prefer, is part of human existence. it's real. we feel love, we have imagination, and we also have non-rational fear. swine flu is like that. it is a sudden symbolic fear that actually stands in for most people instead of their ordinary fears. For example, if a teenager fears confronting her cruel father, and is hiding that fact from herself because it's been years now and she rather wouldn't think about it, she can "safely" get fearful of the swine flu. handy substitute.

they fear death

Daddys Girl

jane d
They're taking precautions, I don't think media or govt. is trying to freak people out, but it is always good to be prepared for the worst. most times, contagions usually die out, for instance, sars outbreak, dissipated eventually. But we never know what strain of virus were dealing with and this nasty virus mutated in form . Although the numbers are telling you that there are more fatalities in mexico, vs. one case in us, this is just in the beginning phase. CDC and WHO will most likely get on track in 2 -3 months time, but there are no gurantees for human life to be saved during the earlier stages. This is a very serious problem, and i urge everyone not to take light of the recommendations to try and wash hands, not go out too often. Many physicians are worried for their families as well, because they understand how these virus' work.

Mr. X
its a flu that can kill u

some people are scared of it and some people are not.
I guess it depends on your medical service.
If you live somewhere where there is a hospital that has good medical care then you're not scared.
But is you live in a place where some people are infected and there are no good hospitals you are scared.

well idk but swine flu kills.....ummm last time i checked the regular flu kills about 200,000 people a year....so yea

Media sensationalism. Well, that and the fact that humans, unless they have been repeatedly exposed to the virus (by working with pigs or living near a farm) have little to no innate immunity to the virus. Most people with comprised immune systems need to take a flu vaccine yearly because they can't fight off the virus (young, old, sick), and since the swine flu is so different from the yearly flu virus that goes around, the vaccine would do little to nothing to prevent infection. While a healthy, young to middle-aged adult would just (typically) get sick for a week or so, young children, older adults, and people with compromised immune systems (ie. cancer patients, people on immunosuppressent drugs, etc) would likely contract the virus and easily go from sick to dead due to their bodies succumbing to pneumonia or other flu complications.

Boo Boo B
everyone's body reacts differently to others..and actually 2 young kids one in san diego and on in inland empire died.. people should take caution it is very contagious so its not silly its dangerous..if it was silly why are people dying?..no offense but that cruel of u to say. its like saying why is everyone afraid of silly cancer?..its really sad.

Hey Dude,
To understand why people are getting so upset about the swine flu you have to realize why the government is trying to get the media to make such a big deal about it. Basically it's like a fire drill for in case of a real plague. The government isn't concerned about swine flu in reality they just want to get a feel for how people will react in the case of real threat so they can better prepare institutions for one. Right now the general belief is that a real plague killing millions could bring about the complete collapse of modern society in a very short period of time because of the way people react. The biggest problem won't be the deaths but the looting, people refusing to go to work, killing each other and general panic. In the case of a real plague the government will need to try and keep people calm and prevent panic so they are testing the masses to see what sets them off and what makes them calm down as well as getting a feeling for how plausible it will be to administer a mass vaccination when/if one is developed for whatever strikes.(hence the unessecary mass vacination of 40million people they had the last time there was a "swine flu" outbreak) If you want to know when to be REALLY scared the answer is simple. When you hear the government and media going on and on and on about how everything will be fine and everything is under control and going to work out, and not to panic, then you have something to be concerned about.

Andrew R
I read through half the 28 answers before this. I have contributed some thumbs down, then I began to tire reading the rest.

The short answer is: People are afraid of the unknown.

A question worth pondering is: Are doctors afraid of this flu? They are not, although they are taking precautions because they are not sure if there are treatments available for that type of flu. Another type of unkown.

Media won't scare you unless you want to be scared; and for good reasons. The news is reported as a fact and not to scare. If you take good precautions then you will be probably safe. Thank the media for reporting it in the first place so that you could take whatever necessary steps to avoid the flu.

Once authoritative sources have announced the proper steps to avoid the flu and we all follow those steps, then I guess that everything will turn out all right.

Kiley K
This is not a simple matter that the media is making people freak i really appreciate you that so many times the media use to show the freak but at least this time its not a joke so many people in Mexico are infected by this swine flu.

It's the same thing that happened with Anthrax, SARS, and Avian Flu. It's an exotic disease and it's capable of killing, so people are going to freak out about it. It wont be long before people realise it's not that big of a deal. Even if it kills, it's still rare. I can't imagine what would happen to the people in our country if a mass epidemic actually did break out

i think that u r stupid!!! u think u know more than doctors?!!

I think it is because we don't have a vaccine against it. Once we get this vaccine you won't hear of it again, like SARS and the bird flu.

I think i'm staying away from fast food and public places for a while. Why take a risk? I know that here in Toronto, lots of people go down to Mexico for a while, there could be a possibility that they brought something back

Soon to be Mommy
maybe because they dont want to die

Ms. Opinionative
Probably because it was a recently introduced illness and people aren't sure how serious it is.

The media is making them paranoid(like always) and they think that they will get affected by this. So basically, they're too gullible and are easily convinced and now they are worrying.

They think that death is a bad thing,but that is just Earth trying to protect itself from the parasites that live on it. They are too afraid.

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