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 is swine flu real????

Why are people so much more worried about swine flu than normal flu?
it doesn't seem that much worse than the usual seasonal flu?

it kills u

Tyler S
The normal Flu is just called "the Flu". When you add something like Swine or Bird before it, it makes it seem more potent. That's why people are more worried about it.

Also, the media profits off of paranoia.

noneof y
More people die from it?

i think that some peoplec an die from it
i agree with Joy (2ndish answer)

well media, but it has killed a ton of people in mexico.

its just media influenced paranoia and hysteria, the news is hyping it up to be far worse than it actually is. no one will remember what the hell swine flu is in a few weeks

because the Swine flu turns one of every 5 people into a Zombie, they are trying to keep it quiet so we don't panic. I think I have swine flue and imasldf;asda gaspdgan a .......................... brains brain brains................

"Fear mongering" look it up

I guess maybe because no one's immune to it & there is no 'cure' for it, thus leaving it easily susceptible to spreading quickly... but pretty much if you have a healthy immune system (which the average U.S. does as compared to the average Mexican), it's not really THAT a big "deadly" deal

media media media

they overreact


i like to dance in the rain xD
its not worse... just the media. if you dont listen to them and spread the word not to listen to them, then this will b over b4 u no it

It's really not any worse. People just buy into the media frenzy and lose their minds.

Cause they'ree idiots. And people are afraid of what the don't understand, which is rich cause we deal with this virus every year, a tiny mutation and everyone is crapping themselves. Plus the media don't help...

Though there aren't many cases, it is spreading very quickly - and it kills more people than usual.

Last week, we had like 49 case, aren't we in the hundreds by now?

Because people don't understand how many people die of regular flu each year. Even though it is about a half a million people, because the world's population is so big even that many doesn't 'show' to an average person. In the time that we've been running around like crazy things about swine flu, 11 thousand people have died from regular flu. Things to think about.

People are more worried about swine flu because when you get swine flu you don't just throw up but you cough and your chest gets congested.

this swine flu is going to far

today i looked out my window and saw people walking down the street with doctors masks on

EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know.... right??????? its soooooo stupid!!!!!!!!!!

help me?!

Golly Jeez Batman
because its reported over and over through the media that it is deadlier then the average flu

Read: Media frenzy.

When the media portrays it as something then everybody makes it a big ordeal.

And BTW, the 'normal' flu is much deadlier than the swine flu.

because its a new strain virus.
Also because immunization has to be updated.
Once vaccination is updated no need to worry.
There are anivirus meds like Tamiflu

People are way overreacting. The media has blown this way out porportion. the economy issues are looking up so the media needs something else to make us paranoid about. The swine flu has only killed one person in the U.S. and the baby was from Mexico where it got poor medical treatment. It is highly contagious but if you live in the U.S. then you probably can get to a decent hospital or doctor's office.

It kills quicker....But listen they are just making a big fuss about it to take our minds off the bad economy

Because the media want to sell more papers.

D.J Kellog
Haven't you seen I am Legend?

OMG yay!
Because in normal flu outbreaks, only the very old and the very young get very sick and sometimes die. What's very unusual about this flu outbreak is that (as seen in Mexico) is that it's killing people in their 20's and 30's. People in this age group are usually LEAST affected by the flu.

Another reason why authorities are so worried and hyped up about swine flu is it's POTENTIAL to become a massive pandemic. No one is sure if the breakout will fade away or spread and kill thousands or even millions of people worldwide.

Only because it's a brandnew virus through a major change in genetic material (something that the influenza virus is known to do every few decades - this is natural) other than the minor changes in genetic material we see with the seasonal influenza every year (again natural - it's just what this virus does). However, you are right that so far it looks like this new virus is not worse than the seasonal influenza in severity, however, we will have to see what happens over this and next year with it... the seasonal influenza kills 500 000 people worldwide every year!

our bodies have not been exposed to it yet so therefore has a larger toll

Because the media likes to scare people. They profit off of people's paranoia.

Rockets Girl ♥
No it doesn't. The real question is why 90 people get the swine flu and everyone wears a face mask, but over millions gets aids and no one wears condoms?

This strain of swine flu is a mutation created in government laboratories by splicing DNA from standard flu, swine flu, avian influenza and an alien virus cloned from cells recovered in the Roswell crash. The media has been ordered by the government to cover up the huge outbreaks in the southwest. There are many towns in Texas, New Mexico and other border states that have been almost completely wiped out. The victims rise after several days and walk the Earth searching for live humans so they can eat their brains. Access to these areas has been blocked by the national guard. Telephone, cell phone and internet has been cut off. A few reports came in from short wave operators before they started jamming all radio broadcasts.

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