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 Do I have swine flu? (symptoms listed in description)?
these symptoms started the moment i woke up this morning - My arms & hands are really numb & tingly, i can barely move them.
ive had a bad fever with huge chills and goosebumps ...

 my daughter as got a cough and runny nose? swine flu?
we are not in the area that the swine flu is in but you can help but worry with the media terrifying everybody!!!
Additional Details
she is her normal self and not reli under the weather ...

 Why is the swine flu such a big deal?
I've read that over 30,000 people in the US alone die from influenza, so what's with all the wrap from the media, CDC, etc?

Why is it such a big deal?...

 Is this new flu fatal?
is this new "swine flu" fatal?...

 my 3 yr. old just came down with the flu,should i be concerned he may have the swine flu?
he's running a fever,throwing up,says he has a ...

 Will a giant monster awaken from the sea due to the earthquake and swine virus outbreak?
I was on a Mexican news forum and there was a report of a strange siting. I'll try to post the link when I find the site....

 URGENT: Son drank dettol hand sanitizer?
It is a 50ml bottle that wasn't full (maybe three quarters full). There is still roughly 20ml left so I know he couldn't have taken much. My son turns 3 soon and weighs about 16kg. I called ...

 Can I get swine flu through the internet?
A friend of mine on Facebook says that one of his friends on Facebook got swine flu and now he has it. Is there a chance that he caught it while using the internet/Facebook?

I'm ...

 H1N1 symptoms? Please Answer...?
I've had all of the H1N1 symptoms, but on and off throught out 2-3 weeks.
The first week I was coughing/sneezing, sweating but cold, all of the flu sort of stuff. The second week I was ...

 How can i get rid of headlice properly?
I have had a big issue with headlice with my children.

I have 4 children and 2 of them get healdice very regurly and I buy different types of headlice treatments I think i have tried them ...

 Are they closing the schools in Northern Ca. due to the Swine Flu?

 i drank my boyfriends blood and he dosent have anything can it still harm me?
me and me boyfriend love blood and we love drinking each others blood but lately i have felt kinda sick and i was wondering if me and him don't have any crazy disease can we catch something or ...

 can i get ink poisoning from writing on my hands?
i like to write on my hands alot when im bored either with pens or sharpies. can i really get ink poisoning from this???...

 Do you think it's funny that every question in this category is about the swine flu (N1H1)?
Does anyone know what was talked about before the swine flu?
Additional Details
haha eric....

 Can you catch malaria if you are bitten by a mosque?

 Is it true that the Spanish Flu of 1918 started out small like the way the H1N1 strain is spreading around now?
I read somewhere that when the Spanish Flu started in 1918, it started out quite small and slow, then it sped up and ended up infecting 525 million people.(half of the world's population at that ...

 How was swine flu a mass hysteria?
+ sources please?...

 Should I take the swine flu vaccine?
I'm a 16 year old male, which is in (IMO) a good shape.
I've heard that the flu is like any other influenza, that you can just get it easier since we don't have anything to fight ...

 I have cough, does this mean I might have A(H1N1) virus?
I'm really worried, should I go to the doctor?...

 I possibly have swine flu im 14 and serious Everyone Answer Especially those in the medical profession.?
Ok i was discharged from hospital yesterday they said it could possibly be a Viral Infection or whatever,but i have the symptoms of Swine Flu.They have also told me to stay in doors.


Why's everyone freaking out about Swine Flu?
Isn't it just regular flu? There's been outbreaks before, from bird flu and regular flu, and even this in the 70s, so what's the problem? Why are people freaking out and closing schools?

Yeah people can die from this, but people can also die from regular flu, so I don't see the big deal.

xx runescape XD!
I agree with the other person lol

Mexico just wants attention.

People are stupid and easily scared. I guess it gives them a little rush that they don't get in their every day lives.

Also, don't bother with logic or facts - like how 400 people died from the regular flu in the time that it took 7 people to die of swine flu. People are enjoying their panic and it will take more than common sense to sway them.

PS: People develop immunity to new diseases all the time. We wouldn't have survived this long if we couldn't do that. The people who will die of this will be the same people who would die of regular flu - the immunosuppressed, generally the very young or very old or those already ill.

PPS: Swine flu is not a new disease. There was a scare about it in the 70s. So if you want to make a case for "nobody has ever been exposed to this," try checking your facts.

mass hysteria pure idiotic nonsense it is no more dangerous than any other flu

Ta-Zu (&Miku)
I don't think it's exactly the regular flu, but it's being blown out of proportion by A LOT.

Because more people die from normal flu than swine flu.

the number seven
because people are retarded.

Yeah, well I agree with closing schools, because who wants a whole school being infected with flu?
And you never know what this could turn into.
I agree with you, though.!

Because people are always looking for something to freak about

Yes, lots of people die from flu every year, but most people who get seasonal flu recover from it because they have some immunity; humankind has no immunity to the swine flu and most people who get it will become seriously ill. If there is a pandemic our health services will be unable to cope. If you don't believe me then have a wander around your local hospital tonight and count the empty beds ...

80's Girl
The big deal is that there is no vaccine. Also it is the first case of Bird/ Swine / and human strain of flu, therefore harder to cure and easier to transmit.

I completely agree!!
And yes, people may die, but only if they have extremely weak immune systems. People will get over it, just like normal flu!!!

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