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ive been told to;
wash your hands regularly
dont sneeze on your elbow
Avoid touching your mouth and nose
my dad also said to keep
keep active
drink loads of fluid

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White spot on tonsil...what is it?
I have a small white spot on my tonsil. I don't have any symptoms of tonsilitis (fever, sever sore throat) or anything. My throat just seems a little irritated and dry. I am a little worried and concerned. What could this be and what caused it?

means ur tongue is dirty thats y sum toothbrush has the tongue cleaner behind the toothbrush


I think its cancer dude. You're dying...

it could be a blister

Sammy G
Most likely strep throat

Milley D
I'm not too sure.. and i suggest you go to the doctor and ask before anything goes wrong!

well, i would say strep throat..
but i had strep so severe one time everytime i just THOUGHT of swallowing i felt like i had knives digging into the bag of my throat..

and i have white spots all on my tonsils.

but since you aren't feeling pain in your throat.. i'm not sure.
i would just see the doctor, or tell your parents and see what they have to say.

John S
might be possible that u just got some food on ur tonsil ^^
but anyways if it doesn't show any other symptoms dun worry about it....
cuz just be somthing not harmful
also cud be that there's been a very mild inflammation before and it's now recovered and there's the pus

Hello My Name Is
It's probably strep throat. I've gotten it a few times and that's a pretty good sign that you have it. The sooner you get it checked out the better, because the less pain you'll have to go through. If you leave it for too long it will hurt to drink water!! Go to the doctor. It's an instant test so he can tell you right away if you have it or not.

the start of strep throat perhaps

Sounds like Strep throat which is a bacterial infection. You don't have to show symptoms such as fever to have strep throat. It can be cured by antibiotics for 10 days and is contagious.
Sometimes white spots on tonsils can be fungal infections too.
The only way to know though is by getting a throat culture done.

I hope you feel better soon.

I'd guess probably an old canker sore, just some mucus buildup, it's nothing to worry about.

the white spot is due to an infection somewhere. It is normal. if you smoke you are more likely to have one. i am not a doctor but i just know from experience, not myself but my boyfriend.

white parrot said it right!

whoever gave this a negative is obviously an idiot

Dj Patrick
you could just be getting a sore throat, i would get it looked at by a doctor he will know what it is.

infection. go to the doctor. strep throat. i called it!

could be an ulcer

i don't know the name but just gargle with salt water and it will go away. i had one of those and it went away after i did that.

White spots on the back of your throat could indicate Strep throat. But once when I had 2 white spots on my throat but no symptoms of being ill, I went to the doctor just in case. It turns out that they were dried food stuck to my throat. She scraped one off with a q-tip and it didn't hurt at all. Try scraping it off. It's probably just a piece of food if you don't feel sick. They will smell horrid since they have been sitting in your mouth pretty much rotting (not to sound gross but it's the truth).

Could be a canker sore. Could be an abscess. Could be the start of strep.

Strep will give you other symptoms, usually; I'm the Queen of Strep (kids never get it, hubby never gets it... just me, and only since I have kids have I gotten it.). Strep will give you soreness when you press on the outside of your neck, at your jawline under your ears. Strep will progress to having the rest of your throat white (google strep images -- ew). You may get a fever, you may feel like you have the flu.

Canker sores and abscesses will get more sore; canker sores will look more like a crater on the moon; abscesses are usually reddish and blistery looking. Those you can get OTC meds for, or call your dentist or doctor for other options.

For all of the above, you can do warm salt water gargles, drink lots of fluids (and warm soup, like chicken noodle) and tea.

If it doesn't go away or you start getting symptoms of strep, go to the doctor.

haha it's a tonsilstone! you can push your tonsil and it will pop out.

I have had this before its a puss ball and i used to get them all the time when i was younger without any symptoms either dont worry about it

The Queen of Hearts
Congratulations you have tonsilitis.
White spots on the tonsils show up a day or two before the symptoms occur.
Get yourself to the doctor today to get anti-biotics and it shouldnt be too bad when the symptoms come.

I had that once. It was a virus.

It could be early strep throat. Go to a doctor.

I don't know. But i have the same thing. Its been there for like a year. Its actually on the back of my throat. WE need to get hat **** checked out. I was scared it was cancer, but I think i'm cool. Make a doctor's appointment and I will too, lol!

I think I may have had the same thing as you. A small white glob for lack of a better word which appeared on my tonsil, and eventually fell off. Yes, disgusting I know. I went to the doctor, and apparently it's the body's way of staving off infection however the tonsils can be removed if it irritates you. I'm no doctor though, so you may want to take a little trip to the Ear Nose and Throat Pavillion to have them take a look see just in case ;)

It is a sign of some type of infection. I used to get those spots all the time because of allergies. I don't think it is anything to get concerned about. It might get worse, or it might just go away. It doesn't necessarily mean you are sick, but it might mean your tonsils are fighting off some infection - which is what they were designed to do.

you could just be sick, the tonsils will tend to swell up because more whiteblood cells are being formed to defend you from disease.

All tonsills have little (pockets) they collect particles from food and plegm...it's just normal...nothing caused it and it is not an infection...strep throat presents as white spots on the THROAT...not the tonsills!

It's because of the "crypts" on our tonsils.
Go to this website, and it'll tell you about it:

There are a number of things it could be besides this, so if this doesn't sound like what you're looking for, try googling "white spot on tonsils," and/or ask your regular doctor. Good luck!

P.S. I've had strep throat 4 times, and I NEVER had white spots. Who knows, it could be some odd symptom that I for some reason never got, but I don't think it is. Especially if you don't feel sick. Symptoms of strep throat (even in its earlier development) include sore throat, stiff / painful neck (only sometimes), fever, fatigue, rash on your arms, legs, back, or chest.

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