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 Do I have strep throat?
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White spot on the back of my throat?
Ive been sneezing and its turned ito a really really painful sore throat and a little bit of a cough.So i was curious to see if there was anything doen there coz its really hard to swallow and i found a white spot ? :S

my name is PAUL ALLEN
its where the **** was shot


need to know things
thats nasty

its strep throat, definattely when you see the a white spot. try to get an appointment with your doctor so he can give you antibiotics, it works best. just dont talk and get alot of rest.

The Captain Of The Heart
Could be strep or staph infection setting in......be ready to see the Doc.
Colonies of bacteria is usually a good sign of serious trouble.....

Raquel :]
that might be a canker sore :]
nothing to worry about!

its probably a canker sore from your mucus draining down your throat, which explains the sneezing and sore throat. i get them too, you could gargle peroxide or mouthwash to get rid of it but they are a pain.

White spots on the back of the throat are mucous caused by an infection. Gargling with salt water should help. They are totally harmless and nothing to worry about. Just because you have white spots on the back of your throat DOESN'T necessarily mean you need antibiotics. I've had them many, many times and sometimes just gargling with salt water has made the pain and infection go away. Don't let people scare you!

It's strep throat, trust me I used to get it all the time but then i had surgery (tosilectamy) to remove my tosils and adnoides so i havent got it yet but thats what it probably is, go to your docter and she can give a presecriptshion for medicine

Get better soon!


Anne C
streph throat deffinitly go to a doctor so they can check it out

Strep Throat. See your doctor immediately so he can prescribe Anti Biotics.

La La
strep throat! With the white spot that is a major sign of strep. Go to the DR. you need antibiotics.

it's probably strep throat...you need to go to the doctor to get antibiotics for it

I am whoever I say I am
sounds like tonsillitis, i had white spots too when I had it. Go to your GP.

Wise Guy
Swine flu!!!
No, its just the mucus.
See a doctor.

Kathryn L
sounds like strep... get to the dr and get some antibiotics SOON

Streptococcus bacteria causes severe sore throat pain associated with strep throat. Strep is a common but serious bacteria that can spread to the heart valves if left untreated. Examining your throat and evaluating related symptoms with the aid of these tips will help you determine whether or not you have strep throat.

Could be strep or mono. Only a throat culture will tell for sure along with what other symptoms you have. Watch for a fever. With mono you feel extreme fatigue. Strep has to be treated with antibiotics where as mono has to run it's course.

sounds like strep throat

Call your doctor as soon as possible.

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