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Getsuga TENSHOU!
Whats a Good Way to Get over the Flu?
I'm Aching Everywhere and i have a Dry Sandy Cough, My Mouth is getting really dry and i'm getting a slight fever.

I have a stuffy nose and i'm very miserable.

What's The Fastest Way to get this Flu from hell Over with?

water water and more water. keep ibuprofen for fever... and rest.

Well, you can take something with vitamin c in it, because that boosts your immune system.
And my mom used to always make me drink ginger ale when I had the flu. Not sure why? But it helped loads.
Spray lysol on whatever you touch if you can so that you can get rid of the nasty germs and make sure no one else catches it and you don't catch it again.

Live_Love<3_Laugh :)

Anna (:
as my teacher always say rest, orange juice, and soup.
maybe some chapstick and tons of tissue.

Brandon O
When I thought i was getting the flu, i started to take Sudafed PE SEVERE COLD and DELSUM as recommended on the labels. It cured me up in about 2 days and i felt great!!!!! and drink orange juice or eat fruit for vitamins.

try fluid,ibuprofen,and sleep i was just sick and that seemed to help.

just a girl
Drink lots of Vitamin C eg orange juice, black currents and exercise even though you may not feel like it. it will be good for you=]

oh, i have the same problem...but idk , how to get rid of it..

Queenidda .
When I had the flu, I really wasn't hungry, but I was thirsty. So make sure you stay under the covers and sweat. The whole way to get rid of the flu is to sweat it out. Get lots of sleep, wear flannel pjs and stay in bed.
If you try cleaning, or walking around, or anything you are doing more damage. Your body is fighting off the flu, help it by staying in bed with lots of covers on you and sweat it out. If you follow my instructions, in three days, you'll be fine. That's how long it took with me. I stayed home 3 days, to really get the flu out my system, and than I went to work. I still had a head-cold for a week, but the flu was gone.

Sleep, sweat it out.

Sweet it out

~*~Rylee's Mommy 3.17.10~*~
Sounds like you got the same gift for christmas that I got...I have been drinking lots of liquids especially hot tea. It helps with the cough and sore throat. And getting alot of sleep; I am starting to feel better. Good luck and hope you feel better soon.

drink alot of tea and water and alot of rest try to stay in bed all day if you can't sleep all day

Tell Me B
sleeep. sleeep. sleeep.
stay hydrateedddd.
what i do is get a biggg
galloon of something that
is about to be empty, and
fill it up with ice cold water.
keeeep a cold bowl also
by your bed with ice in
it with a rag in it so whne
you feel hot, you can put
it on your head. also take
somee headache medicine

If you start functioning like you were not sick then your body will begin to show healing signs. Drink many fluids, avoid dairy products, and get lots of sleep. The important thing is to get fresh air, not become lazy, and do what you would normally do. People become better and still think they are sick because of mindset


Christain V
the fastest way is to sleep and to drink plinty of water.


Just drink lots of hot fluid, take halls, and REST! Only time will help you get rid of it..Hope you feel bette!

Get Sambucol at a health food store. The British Medical Journal said it shortens the duration and the severity of a cold or flu. I use it and it works. Also drink plenty of liquids

increase your vitamin intake, esp. your vitamin B intake,,,, it will help you get over your exhaustion and help you heal faster.

Go for a sauna bath.

Rest a lot sleeping a whole day really helped! drink a lot of water and apple juice, dont eat too much but try to eat whole foods, like veggies and fruit

Well, the advice my boss gave me was, "Drink lots of water and listen to bluegrass music."

Get high off of cough medicine, your flu will be gone before you know it.

Simple Answer (not flashy, but the truth): drink water, take drugs like NyQuil, lay in bed until it's gone.

Hope you feel better. Treat yourself to a dvd and fall asleep during it.

Mona Lisa
Drink a lot of water, cover yourself up with a lot of blankets and sweat it off!
And then the next morning, take a long hot bath. It will help you relax and take away the pain. The bath will also help for your nose (steam from the hot water).

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