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 Anyone know a good Swine Flu Song?
I heard there was a remix to Blame It by Jamie Foxx, but i have failed to find it. Does anyone know a good Swine Flu Song, not a pointless song. I'm not trying to offend anyone who has/ or is ...

 Swine Flu= Zombies becoming real?
I asked a question about the mexican flu virus in California and I was told that thousands were already infected and one of the patients attacked a nurse like a zombie. Is this true, are the dead or ...

 Swine Flu!! IM HELLA SCARED!!!!?
ok i know i said this before but im hella scared of getting the friken swine flu!

#1: i live in california! and i heard its multiplying in the us....
#2: i go to school with hella a ...

 what can give you food poisoning???

Additional Details
can raw eggs give u food poisoning?...

can a tick hurt a person in anyway???...

 Do I Have The Swine Flu ?
Okay On December 6 I Got Sick . The Night Before , I Went TO Dave & Busters & I Think It Made My Stomach Hurt . Well Today Things Gotten Worse . I Have A Headache , A Fever , My Stomach Hurts ...

 Are you scared of SWINE FLU?
or do you think its foing to be like bird flu, SARS, west nile virus and stuff like ...

 is there a risk in donating blood.. i really want to help,but i'm scare,please someone explain the risk to me!

 How is the swine flu different from a regular flu?
I was just wondering how is the swine flu different from a regular flu. Its a type of flu so how is it deadly....

 what could hapend if i make love with my wife while her period?

 I have swine flu, what should I do now?

 If someone you work with tested positive for swine flu?
would you still go to work or stay home if your boss said you would be fired for not turning up....

 Swine Flu Im Scared..............................?
hey im 14 and i suffer from autism which can sometimes make me have high anxiety and worry about the mildist of things like the weather....but when i found out about this swine flu i was really ...

 White spot on tonsil...what is it?
I have a small white spot on my tonsil. I don't have any symptoms of tonsilitis (fever, sever sore throat) or anything. My throat just seems a little irritated and dry. I am a little worried and ...

 I was sick over the weekend....throwing up and the other way....i did?
NOT eat any solids for 56 hours.....i know....But i did drink Ginger Ale and 7-UP...and water for over two days???? do you think i had the flu...or some food poisoning..But i am unable to trace it ...

 Am i going to die from H1h1 (swine flu)?
I have swine flu like symptoms, or it may just be a cold, however, i am 14 almost 15, am i going to die if i do have h1n1???...

 How to get a fever quickly!!?
I really don't want to go to school tomorrow, and i wanted to get a fever so my mom will let me stay home. What's the best way to get one fast?
And i've considered making fake ...

 I have a foot fetish but I have heard you can get diseases from lickiing feet?
what do I do?...

 Can you get HIV/AIDS from contaminated food?
If a "cookie" with blood on it (possibly with HIV) is eaten by a person, are there any chances of them getting the disease? Or am I being paranoid....and by the way, I did not eat the ...

 My friend told me she has crabs and she doesnt know how to get rid of them. i told her to go to the doctor but
she doesnt have any insurance or any money to pay the doctor bill she any advice to pass on to her???...

What would you do if a flesh eating zombie came after you?
What if it was a flesh eating zombie toddler?

i would piss in my pants then do a dance with them.
michael jackson did it, so can i right?
just dance. but first you have to soil yourself.

don't worry, they probably walk really slow, just walk somewhere else, or as they did in "Shawn Of The Dead", get some old records and shoot them at his/her/it's head. :)

someone satirical
Refer to the game Death Space
use a laser, or cutting weapon.

Call chuck norris.

Walt's Ghost
I have 3...one more and I'd have 2 pair.

♪ ♫sadeyes♫ ♪
I would turn the TV ON!!!! Toddlers love TV.

i would start crying and eventually i would get the hell out of there
but if it got me at least he would have a smart dinner LOL

if i can't run , i'll pick a knife and hit it in its brain , lol

I would probably try to incapacitate both.

Well according to THE ZOMBIE SURVIVAL GUIDE: Complete protection from the living dead, section ON THE RUN pg. 95, I would just continue to move in the opposite direction until I was able to lure the zombie into an enclosed space trapping him/her in until I was able to find a means of getting a head shot. Remember no place is safe, only safer!

The Mighty Boosh
Offer him some chicken

Mars P & Roonil Wazlib & Hana DA
id join himmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

i'd regret that i never did beat up that kid who stole my pencil sharpener in 2nd grade before i died

run the other direction but if he ws nice i would say wats up? lol

if i had time enough, id run thru the door and ask for help.

Sarah N

Kiss me i'm Scottish =]
Ask if he would like a cup of tea :)

Id get my rifle bithsap him then shoot him ni the head and run Muahahah



a zombie toddler... i would punt it... a regular zombie, if it was slow i would walk for a while and then watch as it stumbles towards me

Lil D
You take their head off.. if they've turned to zombies then they aren't human anymore.. so I wouldn't feel bad about taking the head off.

My husband is obsessed with zombie movies and he is prepared if there is a zombie apocalypse :)

It's all about the Benjamins
Pass out.

if i had a gun i'd shoot it in the head
i think i can take a toddler and cut its head off

I would meow at it.

Rainie Daies
i would say "oh what the freakin' $h!t", grab a baseball bat, and beat the heck outta it

I would turn the TV off :)

Miranda♥ ☮ ツ
kick his @ss lol kingofhearts

LOTR grl
Shoot it in the head to kill it.

Seth Mercer
its still a zombie ... sooo if i were u i would think if there is a zombie baby there is others... for more information watch dawn of the dead 2004 or 28 weeks later always carry a blunt and or sharp object guns work. if you are unarmed run but not nessicarily run... there are 3 kinds of zombies

R type:slow and stupid (you can kill and run from these)
S type:not super fast but walk like a human (when u hit these in the head they will lay down in a form of act... when you knock it down keep hitting it in the face if there are many hit it once really hard and run...
X type: these u dont want to screw with these if you want to c a small example go to this link:

please watch clip before continueing...

as u can see in the clip the X type zombie has to c u, smell u, or hear u to go all out to get u.in the clip he made a stupid mistake by going outside the house therfore he would be eaten brutally... but when a zombie attack happens which it will... here are some tips to survive

1.carry a blunt object like a baseball bat or a crowbar
2.carry a secondary object of any kind
3.find an abandond house
4.DON'T SPLATTER ANY BLOOD OF ANY KIND ON YOU you can be killed for looking like a zombie
5.stay in a group
6.if ur friend is bitten then... tough luck kill or be killed

for more info email me at [email protected]

this has been a seth micheal mercer anouncment

thank you for your time

by:seth mercer

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