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 How is the swine flu different from a regular flu?
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 I was sick over the weekend....throwing up and the other way....i did?
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 Um.. can the Swine Flu kill people?
im like really freaked out and paranoid bout the Swine Flu and i live near chicago and im like 11 years old and my brother wuld not shut up bout it and really want him to shut up bout it so... does ...

 Am I just worrying or should I go to the hospital?
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 Do I have swine flu or is it just a cold?
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 How do they tell the difference between normal flu and Swine Flu?

 Yet Another Swine Flu Question?
I realize that everyone is having a fit about this whole Swine Flu deal. I've looked over questions but as far as i'm concerned there isn't one that has answered my question 100%..

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 Thinks she has the "swine" virus, freaking out.?
My lady is a senior at her highschool, an average student kind of quiet dosent really socialize with anybody unless she is spoken to. I really dont think that the possibilty of her getting the swine ...

Josh Smith
What happens if everybody gets the swine flu?

Angela Williams
we all die and it the end of the world!
-the end
but no seriously we could all die No garuntee though but we could all die

::* yUr jUst jEalouS!*:: 100509
everyone dies because our bodies are not emune to this new PIG disease and there is not enough medicine to supply around the world.
but its not going to happen. were in gods hand, we have to pray.
and we probly have enough stuff to prevent this from happening.

but who knows? lets wait and see.

The Vicarious Schism
we all die


we all die :X

then it's a serious pandemic and a bunch of people die.
it's happened before with things like the black death.

Samantha F
Then we're all f *cked.

Survival of the fittest -- the strong would survive. There are so many people out there with illnesses that modern medicine can treat... which in a way is bad because the population keeps growing and growing and all these problems are being passed on.

lets see
only 1000 ppl have swine flu
19 ppl have died
there are well over 3,000,000,000,000 ppl on this earth
scientist say the swine is wearing out
ppl are takin so many precautions n panicing
the chances are SO low you will get it and SO low you will die from it

A Pandemic .No work,no school. no life.A very sad thing.

i like to dance in the rain xD
y would evry1 get the swine flu??

ppl die from the regular flu all the time..............and it changes every year....this is just a diff. form of a flu that a pig gets but it can be transmitted thru humans...........dont worry about it...........unless your prepared to worry every flu season...........it is ridiculous to worry only about this one flu that has only killed 100 ppl compared to the 30,000 ppl that die from the regular flu

swine flu is no worse than the regular flu and is treated much the same way.

There were only 19 confirmed cases in Mexico last I heard (this morning) and doctors have gone on record saying that the media must be "having a slow week in news if this is what we are talking about".

The reason for any deaths related to this virus are attributed to poor hygiene and sub-standard medical practices or immune deficiencies


joking will people get over the swine flu already, we had this with bird flu, SARs... oh my god people those that will die are those that will die of the normal flu, oldies and those with weak immune system. i wish the media would just leave it out, there is much more worse things than a little cough and a temp to be sufferin with

Well infants and elderly would die first or if you already have a sickness you would be at high risk too.But the rest of humans should be O.K. though.

That is mathematically impossible. We have had really bad plagues in the past when medical knowledge was all most nonexistent, like the black plague. We are still here.

don't be to worried. it's just a new strain of flu the world has never seen and the media is making it seem like it's plague. you may be scared that almost everyone in mexico who had it died but that's due to the fact that mexico has HORRIBLE health care. wash your hands good and you should be fine. by the way....you CAN'T get swine flu from eating pork. the high temps kill the bacteria.

P.S. there has been one 1 death in the U.S. from swine.

hope this helps.

well hopefully it weeds out, or kills people like you that are too simple to think on your own and not blindly follow what the american media feeds you. but hey the case of everyone getting it will never happen, as there are vacinations that stop it, and some peoples immune systems will stop it naturally. So sadly our population wont be thinned.. but its a conforting thought

Jason Anime
not everyone willl
everyone is different if they had different flus and or their parent have had ne type of flu before they might have antibodies agenst flus to be able to fight off the flu
(not saying that all flus are the same)

some people will get better faster then others and i doubt everyone will dye. not everyone will get the flu because its all about hygine and along with that it will take some time and there will be a cure for it by then

there is not much to worry about if u stay clean and wash ur hands and keep posted on what happens!!!

Thing about the Flu is it mutates.

As soon as we find a cure, it mutates to become immune to the cure.
Which is why the common cold it still around!

A Flu is natures way of perfect balance. Every so often a new virus has to come around to help control the population in my opinion.

Not many people will die from this flu but it is still possible, it is too early at this point to know whats going to happen.

Abiii :}
To be honest, everyone is getting worked up about something that can be treated. They've got a medicine for it already that you can take.
So seriously, don't worry about it.
Just wait and see what happens.

Mr.McMahon (The WWE Chairman)
the pig feels proud of themselves.Like,not only we are going to die but the humans too.

Nobody will be afraid of getting the swine flu...Think positive it helps!!!

Peace & Love guys :D

Jillian Dae
More people who have been treated DID NOT die from the flu, they made a full recovery. I myself have taken care of patients who had the swine flu (nurse in CA). It's not as bad as they make it out to be. Don't listen to what everyone is saying about everyone dying...

Joe G
Well, a few of us will die, or a lot. But there will always be survivors. Look at the black plague, small pox... etc etc.

well all die but that would never happen the swine flu will go away once the media gets tired of reporting it

dr schmitty
traffic gets a lot easier during drive time

My Deathly Dearest
We die. And aliens come and take over our planet, but then they all get killed from the Swine Flu, and then more aliens come, and schools get obliteratted, and we all live happily every after. Your face. XD

MonaLisa Overdrive AM VT wannabe
Not much. Almost everyone will get better. It's not an especially string flu, and fewr than 1% of people who get the flu die from it.

very few people will die. Most people will recover and get better.

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