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What happened to Swine Flu?
Everyone was talking about it, they never shut up. It was all over the news, the teachers, students, everyone talked about it.

But no one does anymore, from what I've heard, it's almost as if it disappeared now.

Is it really as dangerous as it was hyped up to be?

i don't no where u live, but in england ppl r dying every day of swine flu, it's all over the news and is getting closer 2 an epidemic everyday. where've u been?

no they found out it wasn't nearly as dangerous as they thought and the epidemic kinda stopped spreading and it basically died out

Lily the Big
It just disappeared from the news. Shows that people shouldn't pay attention to all the rumors that come up in the papers and stuff, the bad things just don't happen!

(except in the UK. People are dying of it there, but that's because of the lifestyle)

the swine flu merely just died out. There is no cure for it yet, so people just had to wait and hope they will be ok. Once people stopped being infected people stopped talking about it. And YES it is as dangerous as people made it.

Miss Static
I have swine flu actually. It's pretty nasty. If I catch another bug/infection it can be fatal.


people finally realized they were being stupid about it and they noticed that it is just the same as the normal flu

[email protected]@
yes it was very dangerous but rare everybody was so paranoid about it.please answer mine?http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AkPCV1wO04I_L0kR4r_ZhdYNxgt.;_ylv=3?qid=20090719125334AAcLxyd&show=2#yan-answers

David J
What happened? The media decided to deceive people in different ways. Swine flu wasn't dangerous at all. The normal flu was stronger than swine flu. The media was just trying to scare people to get them to watch the news.

The news just isn't covering it because they're too busy covering Michael Jackson's death for the third week in a row.

Its still really dangerous but most of the people with it were taken care of so its not big anymore. Barack Obama and doctors think it might come back this fall.

well i heard in the uk there will be a further 300 predicted deaths...thousaands have it...so yeah its quite bad and could get worse before it gets better

idk it was in my school e4

It is still around, some people are still dying from it but the number of new cases have gone down for now. They expect it to rise again when the flu season hits again next fall/winter.

Angela Gee
Health Officials are currently trying to develop a vaccine for it. They're almost ready. People from Health Services are telling people to treat it like any other flu. Wash your hands a lot and try to stay away from it as much as you can.
There will be another Flu epidemic pretty soon. Around beginning September...That's the one you should be worried about...
So far, they're working on a vaccine for that one as well.
But everything is under control, for now.

lil jordan
i know many people that had swine flu. My lil cuzin got it and then her mom did and they were both in the hospital. the mother still is in the hospital. My friend just got out of the hospital yesterday cuz she had swine flue isnce june 19. but i haventheard anything else about it on the news or anything so people are probably being more careful and sanitary about what they do because they kinda notice whats going on and the bad things that can happen. SO less people have been getting it. Sorry if that didnt answer ur question.

Storm Chaser Michael
It became a pandemic! AHH! LOL but its not that bad. It just spreads fast

Lil Jj
everyone forgot about it

Its a pandemic, its not gone, its allot worse now then it was a month ago, its spreading to 100's of people each day and that will soon grow to 1000's and then onto 100,000's

i think the government made it up just like global warming man

In the West Midlands loads of people have it. Your temp rises to 100+ within half hour, you vomit, you have sh*ts, headache, cough, cant breath, sweat, bones ache to the point you have to lay in bed. you have no apetite, all you want to do is drink. This is just about bearable if your young & fit. If you have diabetes, ashma, lung disease, along with many other illnesses you have a good chance of dying. So no, it hasn't gone away, in fact it hasn't really began yet. Autumn & Winter will be far worse. Another problem, its dormant for up to 5 days, so you dont know you've got it, or who you got it from. So theres no way of quarentine which is why the gov't has given up and ordered vaccine for the whole country. Worse news, it isn't ready yet, has not been tested, and is not a cure anyway, it will simply stop the progression. At present Tamiflu is being used, how much of that is left is anybodies guess.
So i guess your answer is ;
Yes it is dangerous, i hope i don't get it.

The media hype died down because it was total BS to begin with. It isn't any more deadly than normal influenza, which kills plenty of people each year. Just typical media scum digging for (and fabricating) stories.

Courtney Brunette
well in canada they are cancelling camps around the area of the muskokas because of the swine flu and they named it a pandemic so it must be huge.
yes and now it is more effective toward teens..before they were saying the very young and the very old and now its right in the middle.
so yes it might not be extremely dangerous but it is dangerous

True Brit
Which country are you from? I'm in the UK and it is in most of the schools, and the hospitals - it can be really serious. People have died from it, mostly people with underlying health problems.
It's not a fun illness - you are really quite ill. But the danger is to vulnerable people.
So yes, it is dangerous, if you suffer from other problems - which many people do.

Its still around and spreading around faster than ever!

Its not killing that many people at the moment, but the problem occurs if it mutates into a more deadly version. Then it will start doing some real damage.

I'm English, so will probably give a different answer to the Americans here.

i rely dont know
its like one of those things tht use to be a fad but now are old and boring.
also on the list:
susan boyle
Barack Obama
2008 olympics (at least in my area)
Michael Phelps

No, it's still a big problem but there is just nothing new to report as we haven't found a way to contain the disease. Vaccines are being made at the moment and until those are tried out, there is nothing to report.

But I still think they hyped it up from the start. The media had nothing news to report when they talked about the recession as much as they could. Then they concentrated on swine flu. Funny that you hear less of swine flu on the news since Micheal Jackson died. That's right, another story to sell. When MJ's death becomes old news they might just scare us again with swine flu. I

think swine flu is a real problem but I think the news used fear to sell their stories to the public.

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