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What does blood in stool mean?
I just had a bowel movement and the entire toilet filled up with blood, and when I wiped there was BRIGHT red blood on the toilet paper, and a lot of it. It's definitley not period related.

I know I need to go to the doctor, but please if anyone has had this happen, what was it from? I am so worried!


Harry P

You toilet seat is obviously covered in sand paper or bees. You should call a plumber, a carpenter or an apiarist.

See a doctor. It could be an infection

I've never had it happen, but know of some that have. You should go to the doc right away! You could have colon cancer!

- $
Eeeeeeeeeeew. Well, go to the doctor. Could be an ulcer or tumor inside of you, and it's coming out with your pooo. Or maybe you had ketchup and forgot. But don't panic or anything until you've gotten a doctor's opinion.

pin worms?

Skyler Shay
im really sorry but i hear ulcers make you get blood in your stool. or you might have stomach bleeding pertaining to medicines that cause it. or maybe a heavy flow. i dont know im not a doctor. just call and ask. its better than our yahoo answers

took me 3 seconds to google it

That wasn't dificult

It means that there is blood in your intestines from something. It's a big deal, but don't freak yourself out. Go to the doctor.

Kit C.
You need a doctor right away.

I would go to your primary doctor to refer you to a specialist.

Common symptoms of active ulcerative colitis may include:
Rectal bleeding
Abdominal discomfort/cramping
Urgent need to go to the bathroom
Bloody diarrhea

It could be from a lot of things. The only way to find out what it actually is, is by going to the doctor. Do not listen to anyone here other than the people who tell you to go to the doctor. Everybody's bodies are different, symptoms for one person do not apply to everyone.

GO TO THE DOCTOR. I recommend the E.R. And Now

Its from lack of fiber, or maybe you need some stool softener to loosen up the poop, and it might pop some blood vessels, etc. so stool softner and a more fiberific diet can help!

i'm sorry for your other answers,people can be so rude,have you been constipated,if not,it could be hymroids if thats spelled right,if this isn't a possibility then you could have a infection in your intestines,either way that much blood you need to see a dr. asap,just try to stay calm,it could be more serious or just something simple,good luck

gosh, sounds bad! It might be a hemorrhoid that broke open. I don't know as if they bleed that much. Another thing if it were only a little blood, is a crack you can get (called a fissure) in the skin of up in your butt from straining too much, or going too much. You got it, you need to be seen by a doc or at least PA. If you get bleeding too much, I'd get to the ER, if I were you.

You could have rectal bleeding.
Do yourself a favor and see a doctor asap.

It can be many things, some are very serious, some not so much.
1. Hemoroids. A ruptured hemoriod can cause bright red blood in your stool.
2. A lower intestinal bleed- although serious, it is very treatable.
3. An allergic reaction. Some allergic reactions take place in the intestines and can cause inflamation that ruptures when stool passes.

it means you havent poop in a long time and ur poop was hard ...and thats totally normal...just drink more water...and if it hurts then go check it out( but i am talkin about unbearable pain!!! okiii.) hopes this help...it happened to me..

It could be a hemroid or something worse. go to the doctor.

Is it from your V or your Azz? If it's from your butt you might just have a little hemmoroid. It's bright red which means it is from the outer area of the anus, (dark red from stomach would not be good) but bright red prob means you have a hemoroid>? Did it hurt at all when you went? Or is it itchy? If so you probably just need some prep H... Hemoroids are more usually a pain in the azz (literally) than anything else...

Go to drug store and get some hemmoriod ointment, take a warm bath get all clean, then put some on it. It should go away but try to eat a high fiber diet... And lots of fruits and veggies, stay away from junk food for a while...

Ya ya people can joke but sometimes these things happen. I would see the DOC though... Better safe than sorry. Good luck :)

Listen I just read all these comments, and just be assured it is most likely a Hemmoriod ok. Been there, done that. Just call a nurse, can you do this?? I don't think it's an "Emergency) the smart people here will tell you it is prob a hemmoriod. RELAX, but yes you should see a doc soon...

Seriously, its nothing!
Dark blood is a worry, bright blood is absolutlely nothing. Its most likely hemeroids which you can get cream for. SERIOUSLY, nothing to worrry about!

Grumpy Old Man
Bright blood means that you are bleeding at the end of your colon - if it were brown, it would mean bleeding at the other end. Bright blood could be a hemorrhoid that burst.

i had it too.

try some more fiber

maybe you're wiping too hard or straiing too hard, consult a dr. please

Lautner & Jonas Love!
It might be an infection of some sort, I know you said your going to the doctor but thats probably the best you can do right now. Just drink lots of water and eat fruit :)

A.I. Chicken
It could be a lot of things but I'm not going to worry you. Just go to the doctor.

Atheist Mantis
Bright red blood usually means a hemorrhoid or a cut from something you ate or constipation.

DARK blood means something inside... and you should go to the doctor.

This happens to me all the time because I sit a lot in my work... If you have health insurance, go get it checked out, if you don't have health insurance, it is most likely just a tear or hemorrhoid and you will be fine.

could be hemorrhoids (internal or external) or possibly a GI bleed. If you get cramping and nausea with it see your doctor ASAP.

This happened to me last summer. I had a small tear inside my anus. I went to the doctor b/c there was a lot of blood and it scared me. I had to have a procedure done so they could look for sure. I think it was called a fissure. They prescribed some cream that I applied for a few days and it was all better. The worst part was the anticipation of the procedure. The procedure itself was quick and I was very relieved to know it was a minor thing. Go to your family doctor and (s)he will direct you.

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