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 I have swine flu, what should I do now?

 If someone you work with tested positive for swine flu?
would you still go to work or stay home if your boss said you would be fired for not turning up....

 Swine Flu Im Scared..............................?
hey im 14 and i suffer from autism which can sometimes make me have high anxiety and worry about the mildist of things like the weather....but when i found out about this swine flu i was really ...

 White spot on tonsil...what is it?
I have a small white spot on my tonsil. I don't have any symptoms of tonsilitis (fever, sever sore throat) or anything. My throat just seems a little irritated and dry. I am a little worried and ...

 I was sick over the weekend....throwing up and the other way....i did?
NOT eat any solids for 56 hours.....i know....But i did drink Ginger Ale and 7-UP...and water for over two days???? do you think i had the flu...or some food poisoning..But i am unable to trace it ...

 Am i going to die from H1h1 (swine flu)?
I have swine flu like symptoms, or it may just be a cold, however, i am 14 almost 15, am i going to die if i do have h1n1???...

 How to get a fever quickly!!?
I really don't want to go to school tomorrow, and i wanted to get a fever so my mom will let me stay home. What's the best way to get one fast?
And i've considered making fake ...

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what do I do?...

 Can you get HIV/AIDS from contaminated food?
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 My friend told me she has crabs and she doesnt know how to get rid of them. i told her to go to the doctor but
she doesnt have any insurance or any money to pay the doctor bill she any advice to pass on to her???...

 Um.. can the Swine Flu kill people?
im like really freaked out and paranoid bout the Swine Flu and i live near chicago and im like 11 years old and my brother wuld not shut up bout it and really want him to shut up bout it so... does ...

 Am I just worrying or should I go to the hospital?
I got this bump on my arm and my mom just said it was a boil and she had one too. Then today and yesturday I have been coughing really bad, and I have a sore throat.

I've also had ...

 I was covered in bird mess today - should I be worried?
What with Bird Flu etc.... I have also taken the necessary precaution of buying a lottery ticket as everyone has told me that bird mess is lucky!!!!
Additional Details
I have just ...

 Do I have swine flu or is it just a cold?
Lately i have been very tired...so tired that if i even lie down on the couch for a few moments at night i will fall asleep and sleep throughout the night...today i woke up and i had a runny nose and ...

 How do they tell the difference between normal flu and Swine Flu?

 Yet Another Swine Flu Question?
I realize that everyone is having a fit about this whole Swine Flu deal. I've looked over questions but as far as i'm concerned there isn't one that has answered my question 100%..

 can you get diseases from mosquitoes?
i was outside by the water last night for 2 1/2 hours and when i got home i relized i have over 50 bites all over my body. I am now swollen and i have a terrible headache. are there any diseases you ...

 Thinks she has the "swine" virus, freaking out.?
My lady is a senior at her highschool, an average student kind of quiet dosent really socialize with anybody unless she is spoken to. I really dont think that the possibilty of her getting the swine ...

 is swine flu real????

 How can we avoid swine flu?
ive been told to;
wash your hands regularly
dont sneeze on your elbow
Avoid touching your mouth and nose
my dad also said to keep
keep active
drink loads of fluid

What do you think about the SWINE FLU?
Do you think the U.S is makin this flu to be bigger then it is?? poeple have died already. There has to be something missing?? something their not tellin us on the news. do you think we're all a risk?? could this really be the end. lol j/k but for real

i miss my dead bunny
people dying is a GOOD THING when you think about it
yes they are making it bigger than it is.

So what if a few people die.
think of ants, you kill a few ants it wont make a diference to the ant world will it? same as humans it wont make anything worse, it will make it better if anything.

dah everyone is at risk

everything you touch, every time you breath

makes you want to live in a bubble...

Rigo Tovar
its the Mexicans

1. yes
2. nothing missing
3. its the media, no
4. probably is the end i guess we will just have to wait it out
5. i eat swines for breakfast

Hi, My Name Is Earl
swine flu reminds me of pork
just felt like sharing

i think the mexican cartel invented it so they could take over our country

no dude like two years ago
their was another disease
i for got about the name but
yeah it kinda was the same thing
that's going right now
and i have to say no cuz it came from
mexico not u.s

I dont live in usa I live in NZ but I also feel paranoid and worried about swine because nobody wants swine

Im more worried about the regular flu than this

The mother hater
Hah media is making a big deal out of nothing i mean seriously.
Yeah 1 kid died in Texas big whoop, thousands of people die a year just from the regular flu itself.
I don't see anything to worry about. "Swine Flu is nothing to worry about" well its nothing to worry about to begin with.

It is a big deal but fortunately it does have a cure and it is very treatable.

Emilie <3 ;
I was really really worried at first, i'll admit.
It's not bad in the U.S, i thought only one kid died?
no one died in canada, where i live yet:) (yn)
it's getting bad in mexico though... :(

Honestly, if you wash your hands and such as you would do in normal flu season you will be fine.

notice how the people who died we're almost all in mexico? They're not that developed compared to Canada or the U.S, so don't worry.

and maybe:o
no i don't tihnk this is the end.
but maybe the pigs that gave it to us we're really aliens:o

but it has spread fast. oon april 26th there we're no cases in canada, and 4 days later they're were like more then ten!!

i had fun with this question lol:)
i'm done bye bye.:)

Not a big deal...more ppl die from the normal flu.

A friends brother got it in texas and he said it was just like the flu and he was fine. No biggie.

Totally something different and its scary but nothing that should be blown up the way it has...

Talk to me
not that scared anymore they said it's curable

i don't think this is the END.

This sounds like Bird flue all over again ha ha.
They are already using a vaccination for the normal flu
and i live in Australia and we have had no cases of it over here.

But no i think if its handled correctly it will be over soon

Josh H
its just another mutated influenza virus man, dont you remember the bird flu? same thing. i woudlnt say underestimate it if you are elderly or you have an infant, but dont make it out to be bigger then it is.

i think this whole this has been blown way out of proportion. I mean the regular flu kills more people than this one does! I mean come on! And now because of it there are two schools closed down within a half hour from where I live. Its ridiculous! They better not close down my school cuz then my graduation will be pushed back (its now 26 days till I graduate)

i think the media has blown this way out of proportion. People die every year from the usual influenza. the only reason they are making a big fuss is because this is a new strain of the flu. With proper medication people will be fine. it's really not that big of a deal

Just be cautious and wash your hands when you are out in public. A lot of people get sick each and every day from other things. I think it is important that we know what is going on in our country/ the rest of the world, but then hearing about it every 5 seconds on the news is a bit over kill. Its sad, but it is a part of life. Just be on the safe side and avoid heavily congested amounts a of people for awhile : /

36.000 people die of influenza in the us alone every year its been over a month since this swine flu had the first case this season and there are somewhere around 50 confirmed cases with 1 confirmed death in texas. so i guess that pretty much responds your question.... is the media exagerating it,? yes they are ... we will get over it just keep on with your daily life theres nothing to worry about..

Nick F.
Currently, I think you have about a 1 in 4,000,000 chance of catching it if my math is right.
You have a 1 in 10 chance per year of catching the regular flu.

It's new, therefore it's newsworthy.

Gunther FitzJerald IV
It's a disease that the Government uses to spy on you. Like this one time when i was at the zoo i threw a rock at a polar bear and a month later this guy said i know what u did last month and he had a suit and stuff. The swine flu has been around forever but it just got out of the government's control. Emperor's in Rome used it find out spies and stuff. And it's mentioned somewhere in the bible too, in revelations. These are FACTS.

Reaper Boy
the only way to keep you from not getting flu is to wash your hands and STAY AWAY FROM SICK PEOPLE OR YOU WILL TURN INTO ZOMBIE!!! lol but just keep away from people who are sick like coughing or sneeze.

MLE 12
I Iive in Australia........hasnt hit us yet so meh

I think swine flu is just another virus that challenges us to take care of ourselves more. we just need to take care our selves and that will be a big help. sooner or later that virus will be over again. :D

They're saying about 200 FLU cases in the US. ANY flu not just swine flu. So no, it's not going to be a epidemic. It's total BS of them saying this. EVERYONE gets normal influenza once in a while. They should just say number of confirmed H1N1 or wahtever you call it cases.

I'm more scared of seasonal flu. Seasonal flu kills more people......
so yeah...... its stoopid.

Quite honestly, I am not all the worried about it (and I live in South Texas) -- San Antonio.

The best we can do is wash our hands and take a few precuations here and there. This is not the boubonic plague or something.

Tens of thousands of people die from the regular flu every year. You're more likely to die riding in a car to the doctor's office than you are to die from swine flu.

Just another attempt by the liberal media to excite everyone.

36,000 people die every year from the regular flu. Only one person has died in the US from the Swine flue since its outbreak in early March. Go figure.

It's not the end. If you think about it, there hasn't been any really huge news lately, and this is being blown up to gargantuan proportions.

While it's nothing to take lightly, and you do need to take care of yourself (washing hands, using hand sanitizer, going to the doctor the minute symptoms appear), I can't help but think of the "summer of the shark" a few years ago. They were reporting shark attacks in record numbers. In the end, it turned out there were fewer attacks that summer, but no other big news stories.

Don't sweat it, but take care of yourself and make sure you're staying healthy.

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