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What could be the reason for this ?

Hi I am male 21,

Have been working for past 2 years on daily basis. Recently for past 3 weeks I am feeling alot tired and physically weak. Not able to concentrate on my studies and not have enough strength to go to GYM . Feeling irritable and foggy thinking.

I was careless on my Diet like not eating enough and still working out.
I am like 5'9 and 117 pounds so maybe under weight.

My Doctor just did the Blood Test on me.
What can she be looking for ?

It could be depression. Seasonal Affective Disorder is also in this category. Make sure you are eating properly, taking a multivitamin and by all means...keep in touch with your doctor and your family.

Cold or Flu.

Eat more and drink lots of water.

May be underweight? Buddy you are definitely under weight. Your BMI is 17.3 (less than 18.5 is underweight). I'm surprised your doctor didn't say anything about that. Skipping meals and working out is not smart, anorexia is not common in guys, but certainly occurs. You should maybe seek counseling about why you are not eating (self-image, depression) and find a doctor who can actually diagnose you! They can direct you to a personal trainer/correct exercise and diet program to get you to the healthy weight range for your height. My guess is that you want to have a muscley physique not the Paris Hilton look, so the right diet is essential. You can do permanent harm to yourself being underweight (heart trouble etc.)

possibly anemia, if so then she will have you take some iron pills

that is underweight for a 5'5 person. go to mcdonalds and eat some food!!!

Gina 7
She could be looking for anything. Blood cells tells us a lot these days. You are way to skinny... you should weigh atleast 130 or more.
You are pretty tall... I'd say you are a rail...

Have a big mac every now and again
you are like me - take iron pills thats what i do
i take 2 in the morning - plu 1 in afternoon coz i go to gym at lunch
you proli are also overdoing it at the gym and you are also a little underweight eat more protein like skinless chicken

Anemia could be a possibility, yeah. Iron deficiency...any number of things. Are you sure you're eating enough? You are describing how I feel when I am hungry. You could also be coming down with something.

Yes it could be anemia, or it could be under active thyroid, Check your family history has anyone had any of these? or maybe it is lack of protien wait for your blood test results, it just could be that your body is over working and you are feeling it more now, and it is catching up with you. Best of luck and hopefully its just your tired.

wow someone who actually sounds like he has an education!!!!!!!!!
yes she is most likely looking for anemia but i am not a doctor...plus ANEMIA is a symptom....you do not just get anemia...something has to be causing it.....you could also have an over growth of Candida Albicans if you were brought up taking antibiotics alot...www.google.com

Yeah, probably anemia or thyroid problems.

Jennifer L
Sounds like she was checking your iron level to see if you are anemic. If you are anemic you will be prescribed an iron supplement (Ferrous Sulfate) to be taken 3-4 times a day. Usually they treat you in 3 month intervals and then you will need to have another blood test to see if your iron level is normal, if not you repeat treatment again until you are back up to normal. Even with losing weight you still need to eat properly, do not skip meals.

It seems to me that you are definitely underweight. See your doctor for a physical so that she can determine what foods you need to eat. In the meantime get plenty of rest, drink lots of water, and eat good wholesome food.

There are a lot of things that they could be looking for. Some of the possible things that they could be looking for are thyroid problems, mono, an infection, or possibly and autoimmune problem.

Elinor Dashwood
Man, you are way under weight.
If you continue eating so little and working out, you'll be weaker everyday and catch diseases more easily. These symptoms you've got are common, so if I were you, I'd rest a lot and eat well (healthy things, I mean, and a lot), and slow down with your workouts.

bell lake
the number one thing that comes to mind id thyroid problems. i came down with the same systems and i was in bed for several weeks until the doctor put me on thyroid medicine it took me about a week to get back on track. that's just one of the thing she will be looking for and it sounds like you are starving yourself to death not good. you could be causing your own health issues.

good luck

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