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What are some ways to bring a fever down fast?
I'm thinking of pouring rubbing alcohol on myself and laying in front of a fan; I read that this is a good, quick way to bring a fever down. Does anyone have any other methods?

Sweat it out.

You will have to do exercise as jogging or if your very sick grab some ice and but it in your feet and under your arms (in the deodorant area) and stay until the ice melt after that if the fever still try it again for a second time. You should be better after the ice treatment I try it.

Ronaldi J
have a hot shower, eat a lot of vegetables and spend at least 8 hours for rest (sleep), than the next day, you are healthy.......

Often times its best to let the fever run as this is a natural response to an infection. Your body cranks up its thermostat in order to render the pathogen helpless so that the immune system can properly take care of it. Lowering a fever prematurely can prolong the infection.

wrap yourself with a thick blanket.

Matt H
I don't know take a really cold shower

This is going to sound silly but this is one of those remedies from back in the day. I know someone who used it on an infant running a high temp and it worked. You have to follow everything exactly!
1. Take a WHITE washcloth and wet it with cold water
2. Fold as though you are going to use it as a wrist band.
3. Pour a line of salt down it
4. Wrap around your wrist
* I don't remember if you are supposed to put it on a certain wrist so I do both to make sure your covered
5. Leave it on for about 30min - 1 hour and your fever should drop

I would be careful about taking cold showers are something that makes your whole body cold like pouring alcohol on you and stuff. If you get a chill you can get pneumonia and then you will really be sick.

Best of Luck and I hope you feel better

Tylenol. Wet a sheet and lay it over yourself with the fan on. Works well. I have used this method to bring down a 104deg fever.

David A
when u put alcohol on u u dont put it all over ur body take some advil.

Feel Better

Hair Stylist/Disney Fanatic
take a nice cool bath and lite candles and just try to relax.

Percocet or Percodan, then wrap yourself in blankets.

Take 2 aspirin.

You will not need to call me in the morning.

Alternate between aspirin and ibuprophen every 2 hours.

Taking a tepid bath is a good way, doctor's seem to recommend that way to bring down a child's fever.

ur gonna think this is weird but....when my children have a fever and it wont come down...i get a small wet towel (luke warm water) and wipe them down with it from the neck down. the fever comes right down in about 5 minutes. but u cant miss a spot lol

another weird thing is to dip ur socks in some sort of alcohol and put them on til they dry on ur feet

Cool drinks
Remove some clothing
Go swimming in cool/cold water

just me

Cold packs or just putting cold water on towels and putting them on your head.
Massaging the temples sometimes helps.
Pulling the skin at the top of your nose, between your eyes, really hard will relieve the pain immediately, but only temporarily.

stephen k
Get into a cool tub, as the water will pull the heat away from you

call the hospital and ask them for advise before doing anything. if it's that bad go to the hospital.

Take some aspirin, and keep putting a cool cloth on the back of your neck. If you put alcohol on you and lay in front of a fan, you are liable to become sicker because you are cooling down too fast and could cause the fever to rise.
Or call the nurse at a doctors office and ask them what to do!
Take good care

The rubbing alcohol idea could cool you too fast - if your body starts shivering, your fever could actually increase because the body is trying to compensate for the cold. Try a cool (not cold) bath or shower. Baths are best because the body cools more evenly. Aspirin, Tylenol or Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) are all good at reducing fever. Drink a lot of water.

The Notorious P.I.G
Six bags of ice in the tub filed with already cold water, your core tempurature will drop,

Disclaimer: Get out of the tub just before your lips turn purple...

take ibuprofen

That is one way, but you can also take a lukewarm to cold bath. Drink lots of fluids and take some Tylenol....it helps.

Drink plenty of water.
if the temperature are too high, but a cold towel on your forehead, keep doing it to cool down the temperature.

Anne C
Take some Tylenol and put a cool cloth on your head. Poor baby!

Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen. (Generic or Name brand Motrin or Tylenol)

starve a fever, feed a cold

Get off the computer and get back in bed, you need to get some rest.

Why am I all the way across the country when you need me?
take a lukewarm to cool soak and some tylenol
please take care of yourself get some rest babe..
also drink some gatorade or powerade
much love

Alternate Tylenol and Motrin. Take some Tylenol then 2 hours later take Motrin and so on. Just make sure that each dose of Tylenol is 4 hours apart as well as each dose of Motrin. Also take a lukewarm (not cold) bath or shower, making sure to wet your hair. Do not take a cold shower/bath because this will cause shivering which will raise your temp. Dress minimally in lightweight clothing and relax in a cool room. Use only a sheet for covers if needed to prevent shivering. Do NOT lay under heavy blankets as this will also raise your temp. The old sweat it out therapy DOES NOT WORK!! You can place a cool cloth on your forehead for comfort and to help decrease your temp. Alcohol baths/rubs are no longer recommended. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water or Gatoraid. Hope this helps.

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