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 H1N1-Are they making too big a deal of it?

Do you think that H1N1 has been made too big a deal of?


Thaanks. :DD
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Kelsey I
What's wrong? Please help.?
My Fiance is 6 months pregneat and right now she is complaining of a migraine, sore throat, and she is vomiting. She has a fever of 101.6 and she seems to be getting worse. what should i do to make her more comfortable and to make her feel better. She feels really hot and sweaty and she sounds really raspy. what is wrong with her?

take her to the Dr. ASAP. she needs antibiotics.

Take her to the doctor or the ER immediately.

Joachim M
she could just be sick but make sure she's drinking 10 glasses of water a day, she could be dehydrated. throwing up means she's lacking protein. tell her to eat some meat 3 times a day if you can. she needs to take her vitamins or she could give the baby brain damage. My wife uses Rainbow Lite prenatal vitamins from the health food store. Make sure she eats some greens, some soup, and lots of fruit and juice.

You really do need to take her into see her MD she cant safely take anything over the counter. Dont waste time take her now.

Sheep Herder
Take her to the doctor.

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