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What's the big deal about this H1N1 (Swine Flu)?
My entire family got it on vacation and we were sick with swine flu for 2 weeks. We experienced fevers, very bad cough and sore throats and some minor tendancies to vomit and such, but it's been milder than other flues we have caught!

What's the deal, why are people freaking out about it so much? Is it simply because they were unprepared and didn't have vaccinations out for it, and the media hyped everything up??
Additional Details
P.S. We didn't get treatment... we didn't need it... it was a flu like other's we've caught previous years... maybe slightly less severe though.

David B.

The actual H1N1 flu has killed otherwise healthy young adults which the normal flu does not normally do, if they get any healthcare at all. I wonder if you actually had the H1N1 or if so were just very lucky?

Big E
because of the term "When pigs fly"

you know the saying.... well Swine flu, now we all in trouble

Anything that can spread quickly through people throughout the world can overwhelm the collective health care system's ability to deal with it. Viruses evolve, and can become more deadly over time. BUT, to keep this in a current perspective, there have been fewer than 1400 diagnosed cases, . As of this moment, the potential is MUCH more important than the actual virus. Stay tuned, and take normal precautions against getting flu. you can die from it if untreated and i'ts more powerful than the regular flu. but yaaa it's no big deal. a vaccine for it comes out in september i think? something like that idk hahaa

there is no big deal. its just another flu. its NOT deadly, and only around 3 ppl have died from it. It is just a cover for the recession. they want your mind to be on the flu instead of the recession.

Amilie C
there is no deal . we have problems.... well fix them

Dan Thelion
yea your last part pretty summed all of it up

Jeffrey H
because the swine flu kills 2 out ten people who get it an it spreads faster and person to person rather than needing a animal transfer
host like the swine flu was originated from a swine strain thus if this
flu strain spreads and finds a host that then also gets the regular flustrain and these two strains combine and you carry these
viralent two and infect say a plane full of paasengers or a bus ride full or another plane say you take three flights and infect all three plane sfull of people they infect their families and then go tos school and their entire classrooms get infection contact with your kids or family members or every one at your work in your building closed air conditioning and say that system of airconditioning has some bad legionaires mold in the filters then the flu might mutate combine lethality with any number of virusses then you could be the harbenger
of a killer virus that could take on the traits of all these other viralent
viruses then we would have a virus with traits of many other viruses
thus it could become a virus that kills 5 of ten thats could easily occur then youd have people about half your co workers dead from the flu
you could pass the virus and then it could multiply spread futher
every twentyfour hours make it to one more state one more country kill half the worlds population and in some living conditions like a wet
and cloudy country like the uk kill more than 2 3rds the population for there is very little sun that kills the virus on surfaces very little lethal
killers nature would propagate the virus in natures animals passs it
without man but through herds and flocks of birds thus those birds
would travel and carry the wild populations the virus we would never
get rid of the virus until it became a virus pandemic worse than the 1918 flu of the east chicago outbreak or the 1910 flu outbreak a pandemic killed 100 thousands in the east and only people who moved west avoided the fevers and death counts due to our sunny weather here or the denver high dry arid weather stopped the viruses and fever of the east cities.the virus has the ability to become or to alter and take on deadly killing ability to all who catch it you having have it are not immune to catching it again and it can kill you now for your compromised by having had it every time you get a new variant not the same flu bug but the new variant strain of that first swine flu.
cheers stay healthy.

Brittany [=
the jonas brothers are on a world tour and cancelled concerts in mexico because of swine flu

dont know

It is mainly media hysteria because it has crossed from pigs to humans. Everyone was panicking about SARS and Bird Flu, but you never hear about them now.
It is not a new virus, there was an epidemic of it in the 1950s, that is why it is mostly hitting the young (under 50) who have no immunity to it.
It is no more dangerous to anyone than the ordinary flu, in fact the only ones to die have actually died because they already had a serious illness that compromised their immune systems.
Two vaccines are now in preliminary tests in Australia and will be available for release in about a month or so, after tests to check the dosage required.

Takecare Re
take care of your loved one, just step in for swine flu protection in http://swineflutalks.blogspot.com

it's like slight of hand magic...if you look over here you won't see what's over there. The world is on the verge of falling ill to a disease so hideous few will survive....and that information is being with held , if the truth was let out the world as we know it would end overnite.

Richard B
This flu has the potential to kill, but so does the regular flu. Some 30,000 people in the US die from regular flu every year. This is a new strain of flu so people naturally become a bit scared that they're going to get deathly sick and die a horrible death. Also, there's no vaccine for h1n1 yet. Of course, the media does like to hype things up a bit.

lola x
pretty much ermm ..that last part ..

because it was unexpected and the governments took it really serious and made it sound very scary

It is media hype.

People panic because something like 30 people world wide died of it.

People forget that thousands die every year from regular influenza, but that doesn't sell newspapers.

And it's got a scary name OMG SWINE FLU

pooh j
wow...you are so positive i like your spirit....no doubt media has hyped everythng

<------------------ MY AVATAR
You were lucky
Swine Flu can nock out your whole system to fight off other illness like the cold unlike the normal flu it can kill you faster (but you got help right away) and this means that there is a more chance of dieing from H1N1 then the normal but sence you got treatmet your fine

Well in all fairness we are seeing people suffering at varying degrees the age group of people in the hospital and time of year don't fall within the norm. So it is new. I'll let them figure it out if it's a serious problem but they are rightfully concerned in my opinion.

eta~ okay that is great news for you! Why complain? If the dead could speak I wonder what they would say?

Evan S
That's what the media does. They try to get views by hyping everything up.

The more views, the more money they get.

Also, FOX news is communist.

Look up the "Spanish Flu." The Spanish Flu was also an H1N1 virus that killed 50 million people.

Btw, you're lucky enough to be able to afford the treatment. A lot of people may not be so lucky.

Professional Peon
I think the media hyped it up a bit because of the fact that younger people where the ones dying from it. I think the first two confirmed cases was a woman in her 30's and a baby so that may be the reason.

The media did get carried away with it all, a lot! I think its just the fear of another Spanish Flu. If you think of diseases and how rapidly they can mutate, the fear is that it will mutate to something we aren't prepared for. With all the different methods of travel available, it is also possible for something like that to go global in a very short period of time. Will H1N1(2009) be the new Spanish Flu? Who the hell knows? Nobody does. The news needs ratings though, so what better way then to feed off of the publics fear? Still, its better to be ready. This new strain seems to be mimicking the Spanish Flu with a few cases early spring before the worse happened in the fall. Swine flu has already killed about 1154 world wide. With no natural immunity to this new strain, it can become dangerous.

it's the newest strain of flu and the media feels a great desire to make a big thing about it. the normal flu is more milder than swine flu and you don't see the media making a big thing about that hey!

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