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 do I have to go to the doctor for swine flu?
So as it turns out I was in Mexico City for nearly a week over easter (returned April 14th). My last day there I got sick - with what I will euphemistically refer to as "stomach flu". I ...

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 can drinking lots of water prevent you from getting the swine flu?
can drinking lots of water really help prevent you from getting the swine flu?...

 Do you think swine flu will be the end of the wolrd?
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 How to get sick quick?
pretty much that up there......

 What does blood in stool mean?
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 i think i have the swine flu?
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 What happens if everybody gets the swine flu?

 Why are people so much more worried about swine flu than normal flu?
it doesn't seem that much worse than the usual seasonal flu?...

Tom A
Swine flu pandemic - what does it mean if it gets to this stage?
If the WHO says that swine flu is a pandemic, what will change in the way countries are reacting to it? Is it just a label or will it actually affect our lifestyles until swine flu is under control?

i will just stay at home more and not go to where crowds of SWINES are.

swine flu is a lot more deadly than normal flu. for some reason the scientists dont quite understand is that the mortality is highest in mexico and the US. the mortality rate is about 2% in mexico and lower than this in the US.

2% doesnt sound like a big deal, but if virus broke out into the general australian population, then the number of deaths could reach into the hundreds if not adequetley contained. This flu also kills the young healthy people. Why? They dont know the answer either....

The last similar outbreak of a virulent flu strain, the Spanish Flu, killed between 50-100 million people. It was so deadly due to the overreaction ofthe immune system to the flu. So funnily enough the healthier you are the more likely you will die from a similar flu strain.

It means it is a right royal pain in the Butt. It is all a storm in a teacup, so over the top.

WHO CARES!!!! Just stop taking on board all the media hype about Swine Flu. The media loves to invoke fear into the mass consciousness!

it is a scary situition. it is mild right now they r getting us ready for the fall and winter when the virus will mutate most likely and kill alot of people.

Lol.. swine flu? i think the media getting abit carried away the way i see it if you have a very strong amune system you shouldnt worry about the swine flu!!! your system will be more worried fighting off other flu symtoms or more less a harmless virus to fight of because your amune system is that strong it can quickly adapt to different parts of the envoirment on the way you live or eat you only have to experience any kind of flu only onces before your body can build up a more stronger n save amune system i should know cos thats what i am goin throught ive only been sick onces when i was 6yrs old now im 33 n still live a more healthy life by getting my hands dirty by building a strong n safe amune system.

So many people say it will mutate as it goes from person to person, animal to animal, that by the time it gets to all of us in Australia it will be 10 times worse.

Well, look at that, it's already right near me in Victoria and it's exactly the same.

Harmless as the normal flu. :)

It has been declared a pandemic as of just recently. I only heard it on the news today.

Frank Castello
Sadly, the Swine Flu Pandemic has begun............

stop worrying so much! people die from normal flu! we aren't panicking about that are we? chill dude!

it already is a pandemic. a pandemic is over an entire continent or more. an epidemic is only in a city or a few surroundings areas.

trust me, there are a lot of worse things going on in this world besides a flu.

I love you <3
the WHO
great band :)

Mike M
If it becomes a pandemic, the media will go nuts. Example- "Newsflash, a woman in Lower Blessington has just sneezed. The town's mayor has ordered a complete lockdown of the town and the national guard has been called in to restore order."...or something like that.

Could you imagine if we all called in sick each time we sneezed coughed or felt an ache....we all soldier on with a cold... the Banks not interested in your cold....it's impossible to stop the spread of influenza.

This will never happen. According to the CDC 36,000 Americans die every year from the flu. Only 27 people have died in the US from the swine flu so far. That's on track for accounting for 0.15 of one percent of all flu related deaths. Swine flu worries are mostly a media created hysteria blown all out of proportion because they apparently can't find anything else to report on. There is zero chance of the virus becoming a pandemic.

¤ Ecw←Original← ¤
They raised it to Stage 6 Today.
Just because it is a pandemic, doesn't mean it is more virulent. All a pandemic is the amount of cases there are.

Nothing to worry about in my POV. (point of view)
In 4-6 months theres supposed to be a vaccine.

Julie B
I think that we are panic for nothing.I reckon there is more to worry about in this world than the swine flu

We all need to be using hand gel wash.

Damian P
Day off work...week if you're lucky.

The Swine Flu is so deadly, you can now catch it over the internet....It won't be long until YA's closes....I'm just going to go and wash my hands

While Swine Flu seems harmless enough now, it is possible that it will evolve, or mutate, into something bigger and deadly. I wouldn't start relaxing just yet, it will get worse before it gets better.

Yes, things will change if it is upgraded to a pandemic.
Its not about how serious people on here think it is, its about how serious it is classed as by authorities with the power to control our lives. If WHO says its a pandemic, Australia is sure to follow.
If it is classed as a pandemic things will change.
Think about: more school closures ( you won't be allowed to take your kids to work either) large public gatherings cancelled ( think sports and concerts for two examples) major disruptions in the workplace with people off sick and others quarantined at home. Can your business run with 50% of staff away?
How will the supermarkets be staffed?
Who will buy your weekly groceries if you are forced to stay home?

There is plenty of info on Fed and State Govt websites on Pandemic planning and powers, have a look, it may surprise a few.

Colin B
Pandemic simply means that the disease is present in many areas in many countries around the world. It does not mean epidemic (a large proportion of the population have the disease).
People who think that the Government & the media are over-reacting and it is just a beatup should have another think. The reason they are so concerned is that the current version of the swine flu (which is obviously not killing many people) may, like so many other variations of the flu, mutate into a much more lethal version. They are also concerned that at least for 3 months there will be no anti-virus available for the current version so they want to limit its spread (which would be reasonably important to any of you who contracted it & were one of the few who had no resistance and were going to die).

Somebody Someone
"The Swine Flu strain A/H1N1 Virus appears to be spread in the same way as the seasonal flu virus is spread." - see reference included with this response.

Lets not forget it's 'the flu'... a strain of the flu. Australia might be chalking up big numbers of H1N1 cases but you also need to consider we have just entered the cold and flu season as well. If you live in Aus, have a routine that you follow to avoid the flu, and it works, stick to it.

The media likes to build up bad news as an image of impending doom because it sells papers/magazines. A move to Stage 6 is the WHO's way of warning us to practice extra caution above-and-beyond what we may during the cold and flu season. Again, the URL reference states some simple practices you can put in place in keeping clear of the flu.

...this is my 2 cents ;-)

Barry W
The first reply to your question is a typical reply. Until the 'Swine flu' starts killing people here in Australia, most people like the person who answered first have that typical 'relaxed' view. We all know that the influenza kills many older people in this country each year but 'Swine flu', so the experts tell us, place the younger generation at more risk.

Not sure what the Government will do but I suppose travelling interstate and overseas may be stopped. I know from my experience that people have travelled to Victoria and have come back and gone straight back to what they had been doing, that is work, church etc. So it will only get worse. How worse we don't know yet. Schools have been closed so I suppose more schools could be and public areas such as train stations. The worse scenario would be nobody goes to work. It could cost millions. But who knows. Hopefully it will not get that bad but the way it's going I say there's a good chance.

ʎəʌəəʍ ʎəʌəəd ʎəʌəəls
It means the makers of Tamiflu and labs that produce flu vaccine are absolutely raking in the cash from media hysteria over it.

It would be interesting to trace conflict of interest issues within the two industries.

Let's not get so complacent People. This is exactly a good time for us to review our hygiene practices. Do not panic, but let's all do our bit- covering our faces when sneezing and coughing, and cleaning our hands regularly.
One world, one community.

A pandemic just means that effects people in different parts of the world. The common cold is a pandemic, but nobody cares. Nobody should care about Swine Flu. It only spread because of the airplane, and because it is such a minor disease that it didn't seem like anything was wrong.

It is a mutation of the flu. There are millions of different strands of the flu, they are just singling this one out.

Many Asian nations are worried because they associate it with Avian flu.

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