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 Swine Flu???????????????????
Is this going to get bigger?
Additional Details
wel in my city dallas we just got a call from the district that skool can get canceled ...

 swine flu?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?
OK so is this whole "swine flu pandemic" going to tunr into some i am legend crap? because its all over the news,internet,youtube...etc is it really that serious to be worried so much about ...

 What is the risk of contracting HIV if you kiss someone with blood in their mouth?
Let's say you both have cuts in your mouth and you kiss, what is the chance what you can get infected by someone who has HIV?...

 Can we all pray for my 12 year old niece infected with swine flu today?

 How long after swine flu infection do symptoms start?
How long after you get exposed to swine flu do you start getting the symptoms? Also does anyone know when the epidemic started in Mexico?...

 not sure if i have the swine flu?? Help?
i'm freaking out cause i don't know if i have the swine flu.....
My throat hurts, i've been coughing a lot, i have a headache and my stomach hurts. i'm kind of nauseous.

 I Seriously Think I Have Swine Flu ?!?!?!?!?!?!? :S?
Im Fourteen Years Old and I Live In Tyrone Which is In Northern Ireland And There Had Been No Cases In N.Ireland Yet But I Have A Bad Cough and A Runny Nose!!!! I Feel So Week and I Keep Sneezing!!! I...

 Is the swine flu actually serious?
No one seems that worried about it... just think it'll blow over like bird flu did. But now it's come to the UK I do feel kinda worried. Should I be? And what should I do to prepare?...

 Swine flu pandemic - what does it mean if it gets to this stage?
If the WHO says that swine flu is a pandemic, what will change in the way countries are reacting to it? Is it just a label or will it actually affect our lifestyles until swine flu is under control?...

 I am terrified about having my TB vaccination?
I am petrified about having my TB done

I was wondering if anyone could try to take my nerves away as i have heard so many roumers that it absolutely kills, they have to put fruit behind ...

 I have headlice, how do i get rid of them? Please help!?
PLEASE HELP, THEY ARE HORRIBLE! I am 13 and have leadlice, omg yuck! I thought i'd got rid of em in primary school, but they have returned! My mum's not very good at getting them out, and i ...

 104 fever in 2 year old. Help!?
My son had a 104 fever yesterday morning and we went to the ER. Blood tests revealed low WBC's of "3" which MD's said was indicative of viral infection. Chest x-ray, ears, and ...

 I think i have Swine flue. Help?
Im realy sick and im kind of getting worried because today at school they gave a notice out about swine flue and if it comes to my town their probebly going 2 shut down the schools. I have allot of ...

 Could the swine flu be the end of human race?
They say the world will end in 2012.
Could there be a possibility of this influenza being the "end of the world"?
It seems to be spreading pretty fast..and is very contagious so ...

 Are you worried about Swine flu?
To be honest Iam not I think it has been completely blown out of proportion
Additional Details
am so glad majority people agree with me for once!!...

 do i have the flu thing?
im NOT from mexico but "supposibly" it alreadyyy spread to MANY places!!
itz already spreading in CALIFORNIA [i live there]
and i dont know if i have th flu cuz my head hurts ALOT...

 Where did Swine Flu start Mexico or in the US.?
My friend is telling me it started here.
-I heard that it started in Mexico. I need answers,
cause I want to prove her wrong so she can kiss my feet..lol
its a bet.

The flu ...

 Why are people so scared of the silly swine flu?
The media is making people freak out over this. It is treatable and so far only one American has died from it and 200 Mexicans are suspected of dying from it. I'm not worried at all about ...

 I have swine flu should i do this to resolve it?
should i strop drop and role?

im not sure :(...

 do I have to go to the doctor for swine flu?
So as it turns out I was in Mexico City for nearly a week over easter (returned April 14th). My last day there I got sick - with what I will euphemistically refer to as "stomach flu". I ...

Swine flu - are you worried about it now there are more cases of it in Australia?
There's now 22 people with swine flu in Australia - does it concern you? http://au.news.yahoo.com/a/-/latest/5597132/new-cases-swine-flu-cruise-ship/
Why or why not?

The Grappler
Not really - there have been flu outbreaks for many years, and the virus mutates all the time. I don't really expect this one to get out of control, since it has been found very quickly.

Jacob W
if you saw, the news tonight its fake, cause first of it said nepean Christian school, (my school) and it was a picture of pcs. second we don't have it, they thought pcs had it. but my friend goes there, it was misunderstanding no one has it there or the school would be closed. is everybody happy now.

well... if it hits hard, there is no point worrying. we are all meant to die someday

Eileen W
More people died from ordinary flu in Australia last year. We don't make news headlines daily over those.Swine flu seems to be fairly mild and people are quickly recovering from it, even children who are at greatest risk because they don't have much immunity. People should all get flu vaccinations every year!!!
I do think the media has very little going on except for the economic crisis and so this is a diversion.
It's coming into winter and temperatures have suddenly dropped along with wetter weather so Swine Flu will have to run its course, everyone does need to take precautions but not panic and if worried about having a cold and cough for a week, keep away from crowded places ---- or just get over it. We've had Horse Flu, Bird Flu, now Swine Flu so next year it will probably be Monkey Flu

well, kind of because schools around me have shut down, including mine :l

Nope... Not really.
I mean you don't die as soon as you get it (if you DO get it) there is quite a few treatments that can help with it.
Besides, it hasn't hit our area yet.. I live in Geelong and its in Melbourne... I'm sure I'll be fine. I hope?

Maria B
No, I am not concerned. Whatever happens happens. And thousands of people die from just the normal flu. And compared to all the people that have had the swine flu all (everywhere) not that many people have died.

I am concerned about what happened with regards to the cruise ship incident.

It's sounding like a bit of a stuff up.

What's the old sayings...

Horse bolted?

Cat out of the bag?

Looking at the World health organisation website the amount of people world wide who have the virus is 12,954 and 92 have died. That's not bad odds, wash your hands, the way the flu spreads is by everyone not being hygienic.

The big hoopla over Swine flu is to take away the attention from the financial crisis and boom the drug and health industry (ups the stock market etc), you are more likely to die this afternoon driving in your car(327 people died only on Queensland roads alone in 2008) then dieing of swine flu.

Not at all worried, do we quarantine people when there is a flu outbreak each winter? Has ANYONE outside Mexico died of this illness? Ignoring the two Mexicans in America - NO THEY HAVE NOT. Mexico City is the highest capital city in the world, the pollution is appalling and the health care only average, people there die from respiratory diseases all the time - in vast numbers. Bring on the swine flu I say and stop making such a fuss about nothing, The risks to 2000 on a cruise ship are less than the risk of food poisoning. Tell the media to stop making such a fuss and the drug companies attempts at milking the public for even more money will be foiled. This is the biggest non-story for years - cant we focus on something important and not all this nonsense.

Joseph K
im a student so if someone at my school got it that means 6-8 weeks off

22... Whoa... out of 21000000 people. We should be more worried about the car accident we are gonna be in this afternoon.

Howdy Jill,I am not overly concerned about catching it,but if you are meeting people who talk too much,just sniffle and cough a little and the problem goes away fast.I reckon like any other flu's it's a bit of media hype and we run around like sheep at muster time,standard commonsense precautionary measures and basic hygiene still applies. Cheers!

Arms A
Yes it is concerning but it's just a matter of time till they have it all under control... don't be worried

Normal Flu kills around 2000 people a month.

Swine flu has only affected 22 people so far in Australia.

I dont see what the worry is all about.

♥ Rin ♥
Not really. You can't live life afraid to step out of your front door.

Bronco Billy
There are now 50 people with swine flue in Australia,i am not worried personally but it is a worry for the elderly and very young.Travel should be banned to the United Srates and other"high risk" countries like Mexico.
foreigners will not stay in the US because of the cost of medical treatment there, and of course they will come home if they realise they are sick.

Matthew C
In a way I'm concerned, but 75% of myself is just shrugging it off.

The point is that if humans that had the infection did do something about it BEFORE others where infected, it wouldn't be a drama. The media makes me sick having to listen "OMG ONE MORE CASE" every night on the news.

I'm hygenic so it wouldn't really worry me - I'd just drink some juice and such to boost my Vitamin C and immunity. I haven't had a cold so far this winter.

Same media beat up as happened for bird flu, Asian flu and equine flu. How many people died from any of those? How many die from normal flu?

No I'm not worried about the swine flu. As many have said, it is just like the common flu which many people die from each year anyway. But those that die tend to already be ill or be really young or old with weaker immune systems compared to normal people.
The reason people are hyped (negatively) about it is firstly because it is a new case of virus so your immune system would have to deal with it differently. Also I think whats scared a lot of the people is the large death toll in Mexico which is where it obviously all started.
But people need to be aware that Mexico is the most polluted city in the world, and their hospital, health system is nothing like Australia's. Their already polluted state means that their lungs are already toxciated to some extent, and to have the flu on top of that would definitely be too much for their body to handle.
So yup I think the swine flu is definitely overrated, but it has been good in the way that people have become aware of the importance of washing your hands more frequently, especially after venturing outside where there are a lot of people.

Emily. ♥
Yes. There are many people at my school becoming sick and there are some who live around the affected areas.

Why worry about it?, but what you can do is prepare yourself for it by buying some masks and disinfectant wipes that you can take in a plastic bag to use to wipe down a shopping trolley handle or other handles that the public touch all the time. Masks can be brought from your hardware store as well as the chemists and if you don't use them this time round, you will have them ready for next winter. Some people are also buying disposable gloves and antiseptic hand wash gels.

j b
what worries me is the fact that even though this strain of flu virus has had alot of media attention given to it and community awareness campaigns have been delivered, the powers that be seem to be botching up the handling of it.The 2000 passengers from the pacific dawn, being a poignant example.

Mexico had the right idea when they quarantined the citizens for a week.If Australia is serious about dealing with this situation, they should be following the lead of Mexico.

Both of my kids schools have been closed for the interim as a result of students contracting the swine flu. Yet if it's in the schools, it's in the community ( exposed students have caught public transport to school) and the community is not reacting to it accordingly. I'd be wary of catching public transport at the moment.

Vicki R
I am not taking any extra precautions to avoid Swine Flu more so than I would to avoid getting the normal flu. What I am concerned about is the number of people who think wearing a surgical mask protects them. A surgical mask prevents bacteria and virus from coming OUT of the mouth of the user. It does not prevent it from coming IN.

Aqua Aura
I am more worried about the overflowing media coverage about this.

We have been warned, but to me the media is just trying to create fear.

And so far, from what I hear and see everywhere in public, The media are doing a fantastic job at promoting fear and panic with this Swine Flu.

Yes, it is a cause for concern ( Swine Flu) for the sake of small children, the ill, the old.
It is up to the public to be responsible if showing any slight symptoms of any flu, stay away from work, school etc, and prevent spreading the disease. Stay home and away from the public.

Considering theres 2 schools in Victoria with the swine flu. Each school 5 minutes away from me, and im in between them both.



Honestly not concerned at all. Media sensationalism and government scare-mongering! Has everybody forgotten about Bird Flu? What happened with that? We all got scared and it amounted to nothing!

Drug industry marketing schedule:-

1986 – Mad Cow

2003 – SARS

2007 – Bird ‘flu

2009 – Swine ‘flu

2011 – Bovine flu or equine flu or canine flu or maybe feline flu


Swine flu is a new strain of a flu,
This flu has no vaccine yet.
If some of us developed a symptoms, go take an action or else
the result is FATAL!

Im not worried, just Cautious

Guy Y
What will happen, will happen. There is no point worrying about it.

Worry is like a rocking chair, you can work it as much as you like, but it doesn't get you anywhere.

No I'm not really worried. These cases have all been mild and no different from a normal flu.

I think the media is scaring people more than necessary about Swine flu. Yes people did die from it in Mexico and a couple in America (who were by the way from Mexico) but no one has died from the flu in any other country. Mexico City is the most polluted city in the world and respiratory diseases are very common over there. This means that if people get a flu on top of that it will be more dangerous for them.

Thousands of people die from the normal flu each year and it hardly makes the news.

The big bad wolf said "I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down".

The little pig said "F*ck off or I'll sneeze on you".

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