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 Swine flu epidemic.....?
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Swine flu??????????????
will i die?
Additional Details
iz it bird flu but with swines?

I know it's worrying but I think we'll be O.K
I don't think you or I will die.
Not just yet anyway.
Good Luck hun x

Nathan Gallichan
Yes the world is going to end!!! now can people stop posting about swine flu!!!

If you get it you will probably get a cold!!! IF you get it!!! Chances are you wont and you wont know any one personnaly that has it!

>"iz it bird flu but with swines?"

Give us a break!

>"will i die?"

Yes, eventually all of us will die at some point, most will be because of old age!

Will you die? Eventually, hopefully of old age.

From the swine flu, while it is not impossible, it probably depends on how old you are, how healthy you are generally and if you get to a doctor as soon as you can if you show symptoms. If you get antivirals within 48 hours or so of the first symptoms you will probably be OK. Many people die every year from the plain, old, garden variety flu, I did not know until the other day as many as 36,000 a year from flu in the US. That sounds like an awful lot of people. But usually when people hear about flu breaking out, they aren't afraid of dying or even really getting too sick, unless they have some underlying health problem that would make it worse.

The problem is at this point there is no vaccine for this strain. But the majority of younger adults and normally healthy people don't get shots in for a normal flu outbreak and fare pretty well.

Have you been in contact with any pigs?
If so, well you'll still be ok, swine flu's not as bad as everyones making it sound.

Halie T
Most likely, you will not die. The only reported cases of death have been in Mexico. There are only about 60-70 cases in America, so the odds of you even getting it are very slim.
This is nothing like the bird flu. This flu has come from pigs and can be transferred from human to human. So make sure to wash your hands regularly and try not to touch your face.

Lilly & Levi
There's a lot of hype on the new swine flu. You should be concerned by being more cautious of what you touch or who you're around but the chances of you catching it are still very slim. If you're really worried about coming in contact with it start working on building your immune system. Take probiotics, they're great at fighting off parasites. Also, take a good multi vitamin. Not the ones from Wal-Mart! Go to your local vitamin store. More immune boosters are vitamin c, echinacea, and some obvious ones, local fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately during this time I would stay away from foods that come from Mexico, Ecuador, and other foreign countries.Plus drink lots of bottled reverse osmosis water. It's a great way to flush out toxins.

you have it?

El Capitan
Depends where you live. If you're in Britain, you'll be fine, the government has said that the worst case scenario is that 18 million will get the virus and there is enough retro viral drugs and Tami flu to support 33 million people and this 33 million will rise to 50 million in the near future.

Not sure about USA though. A child has already died in the USA but the people who have died in mexico have died because they have not got a good enough health service.

I'm sure you will be fine. Everyone who has caught Swine Flu so far caught it when they have gone to mexico, no one has actually caught it outisde of Mexican borders.

Many people have also survived the virus in Mexico, including a 5 year old boy who was the first person to get the virus.

The media always does this and blows things way out of proportion. Don't be too scared, they do this because if they are saying a really horrible virus is spreading, people will be interested in this type of media and could lead to this media increasing their sales.


No the only thing we can do is hope it settles down.
Good Luck

dont worry apparantly somebody has it who lives 2 hours from me so i will die before you!!

By the time it reaches you the cure will be available and i will be in a grave :(

bornagain and chilln.
probly im sorry

Annoying Liberal
I don't know much about the science of swine flu or any other flu for that matter. However, it gives us something else to think about other than the recession I guess. I have a stinking cold at the moment and at least 20 people have suggested (tongue in cheek) that it could be the 'swine flu'. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! So funny!!!!

you will be fine

if u have it, there is a chance
it can be serious
no kidding

Nope. u are going to be just fine, just like all of us. :)

Hope not!!

Although if I hear one more thing about this bloody flu I might die of boredom!!!

Not likely, if you are in mexico yes, but here not many people have died from swine flu.

"Swine Flu" is just another type of flu. It has a slightly higher fatality rate and slightly higher contamination rate than the regular influenza virus that most people have experienced once or twice, therefore the world, government and news/media have dragged this slightly out of proportion.
Most deaths have been reported in Mexico - where it is very hard for Mexican doctors to even diagnose the disease, let alone attempt to cure it. Therefore deaths through flu-like symptoms, or even regular flu, have all been put down to "swine flu".

Swine flu broke out in 1974 (i think) and had a bit of a pandemic then. However, the strain had a vaccine against it, and i'm sure this strain will have a vaccine too.

By everyone panicing, makes the situation a lot worse.

There is no outright cure, however, by resting and taking the usual precautions you do when you have flu, and also the medication Oseltamivir, that most people know as the brand name "Tamiflu" has almost certainly proved to rid the disease in every case.

Stop worrying! :)

no you will not die the child who died came from mexico to america for treatment and if you are 10+ you have a healthy body so you are okay

Dr Frank
Statistically you are both unlikely to contract it or die from it.

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