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 Do I have swine flu or is it just a cold?
Lately i have been very tired...so tired that if i even lie down on the couch for a few moments at night i will fall asleep and sleep throughout the night...today i woke up and i had a runny nose and ...

 How do they tell the difference between normal flu and Swine Flu?

 Yet Another Swine Flu Question?
I realize that everyone is having a fit about this whole Swine Flu deal. I've looked over questions but as far as i'm concerned there isn't one that has answered my question 100%..

 can you get diseases from mosquitoes?
i was outside by the water last night for 2 1/2 hours and when i got home i relized i have over 50 bites all over my body. I am now swollen and i have a terrible headache. are there any diseases you ...

 Thinks she has the "swine" virus, freaking out.?
My lady is a senior at her highschool, an average student kind of quiet dosent really socialize with anybody unless she is spoken to. I really dont think that the possibilty of her getting the swine ...

 is swine flu real????

 How can we avoid swine flu?
ive been told to;
wash your hands regularly
dont sneeze on your elbow
Avoid touching your mouth and nose
my dad also said to keep
keep active
drink loads of fluid

 My 3yr. old has a fever of 103.1 . What should I do?
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 What are the origins of HIV/AIDS???someone old me it was the Gay Community?

i had an argument with a ...

 how do i get rid of the flu?

 Swine Flu Question?10 Points?
How come i havent felt right since ive heard about swine flu in america
Additional Details
Im not feeling sick at all,i just feel ...

 Could I have gotten Hep C from this?
When I was visiting a friend with Hep C, I picked up a piece of paper from a desk in the living room and wrote a note on it. On closer examination, I saw dried blood on the sheet of paper. I don'...

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 Do YOU think the media is blowing the swine flu out of proportion?
I want your opinion because this swine flu thing is scaring me!?!?!...

 I'm 17 and I have a 103.2 degree fever.. Should I go to the hospital? I took Ibuprofen..?
I am 17 and started getting a fever last night of 100.2, I took 2 ibuprofen before I went to bed and woke up with a 101.1 degree fever. I took 2 more ibuprofen and just woke up from a nap, my fever ...

 My daughters could have Swine flu, should I be worried?
Both my daughters are complaining of feeling ill, they both refused to get the swine flu vaccine and there have been cases at their schools. They are both usually in great health and are not too sick ...

 Why is everyone so bothered about this Swine flu?
and panicking about it in uk is it all a big worry here fror nothing or do you think there right to be ...

 What is the swine flu?
Next week we are going to Disney world for one week, and since it is in Florida and the USA should be worried about the flu?

Also any information like how to avoid it, and other things ...

 Could the swine flu kill?Any doctor answer Please?
Well I have been all scared about the "Swine Flu" killing the whole world?
Could you guys hurry up and make the swine flu go away I am so scared,So hurry up can it kill the whole ...

 What's better for a sore throat, hot or cold?
I have a sore throat at the moment, which hurts everytime I swallow. My mom checked if my tonsils had any signs of tonsilitous but there was none. It's excruciatingly painful, so I was wondering ...

Swine Flu Im Scared..............................?
hey im 14 and i suffer from autism which can sometimes make me have high anxiety and worry about the mildist of things like the weather....but when i found out about this swine flu i was really scared i currently live in the uk but im still worried it will be a serious epidemic virus and i go to sleep every night thinking will i wake up tomoro healthy... or infected

plz help im really worried :(:(
Additional Details
please bear in mind autism is not catching it doesnt kill you....and.....Autistic people rule!!!!!!!!!

swine=pig. dont eat pig. simple as that

Nathan L


it's not even in the UK

Santa's Replacement
Well, in times like this, the best thing to do is hide under the bed.

Michael C
I'm worried too, they are saying it could be the next pandemic. Laboratory testing has found the swine influenza A (H1N1) virus susceptible to the prescription antiviral drugs oseltamivir(Tamiflu)and zanamivir. So at least we might have a few medications to fight it. I have left you a few links with more information. I hope this helps. MC

xx shak xx
dont worry, they have produced vaccinations for em known as tamiflu

yea i read about that in the news and its very serious but there is no vacccine for it either. Dont worry ull be fine!!

Sounds like you need to just calm down. Dont let little things bother you, just go with a good attidude and treat everyday like its your last.

No one outside Mexico has died. No one outside of Mexico has really needed to go to a hospital for treatment. Most people are recovering at home. So no worries, most won't get it but if you do, it will be just like a normal flu.

Swan flu has been contained now. Just relax, ok?

just chill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
its ok
its mainly in mexico and i don't think ur going to mexico any time soon so don't worry

relax. They would probably let you know on the news if it was where you live, and if someone was infected where you live, they wouldn't let you leave your house lol.
seriously, there's nothing to be afraid of.

Basically dont worry cuz no ones died from it cept the people in mexico

bitter sweet rose.
ok well me i'm not worried and here's why ok there was a flu epidemic in 1918 was REALLY bad! it is called the black plague look it up. it is interesting but disturbing i have a book on it i will show you how they died can't fined the part in the book but really all it was is they had a cough,fevers the usual but then their feet would turn brown,they would start coughing up blood and pieces of there liver but it only got worse they would end up drowning themselves in their own saliva peaceful way to die isn't it.

I have to go to the hospital tomorrow, because I have the symptoms, But it might just be the normal flu. :(

I have diabetes and Anxiety disorder and Skitz. and Hypothyroidism, and heart disease. Hahahah. So I wont be suprised if I have Swine.

I also have a high level of panic about this, but as long as your immune system is strong, if it does reach the UK, you should be fine. Yes you will still have flu symptoms, but if you are otherwise healthy, it should go away.

Don't worry, I think I got it 2 weeks ago in the USA, I live in Venezuela. When I came here, I got a cold, that was a week ago. The only thing I got now is coughing and a lot of slime from my nose. You should just get a mask and use it around where you go, so, that you don't get it. And don't get near to people with it.

larry L
Don't worry. Swine flu is really susceptible to Tamiflu. If you come down with the flu, eat Tamiflu. Any doctor is ready to prescribe it. It will fix you right up.


Kevin C
you realize that there are hardly any cases of swine flu and people are overreacting big time. and most people who had swine recovered. thats because theres a magical thing called medicine.

well today they gave us a paper in school that said the symptoms are just like normal flu. you get it from being around sick people just like the regular flu. it also said if you get it stay out of school for about a week and just get allot of sleep, vitamins, ect...and try not to infect other people; and you should heal up just fine. so to keep safe just dont be around sick people, wash befroe yo eat or touch your mouth/eyes...its not much to worry about my mom said this kind of thing happened in the 90's and everything turned out ok. i was pretty scared too but after i was informed i felt alot better...luckly its in N.Y.C. and mexico right now not the uk...so you have some time before it gets there. i hope you dont get it and you stay healthy...i hope i could help

kay ( :
you have nothing to worry about, it is however, something for the people living in third world countries to fret (a tiny bit!) about..

as long as you get treated as soon as you see the symptoms (which, i very highly doubt you will) you'll be fine.

don't worry about it! ( :

Weird Questo
Just keep clean, wash your hands and keep from putting your hands in your mouth and nose...also stay away from people who are sick and coughing.

-Christian Love-
It will be okay. Just as long as you keep yourself healthy and stay away from people that have it, you won't have to worry.

hey don't worry with the 200 mill the back of nation sent in to put the virus to rest. will preval and we will make a cure. also with u.s pumping out 500k of seditivse. to slow the virus. we will make it through

Ask Me :D
Dont worry im just llike you...I hear about some disease, like cancer, or something. And i immerdiately think Oh My Gosh im going to get this disease and DIE

Dont worry Swine Flu, is not ever going to affect you TRUST ME.

I know it sounds scary, it only sounds scary because its new and unknown to some people.

Dont Worry your 14 just have fun, YOU WONT GET IT TRUST ME

Dave F
Don't worry about it, don't watch the news when it's about a disease, they love to blow it out of proportion. Just do your regular thing and you'll be fine.

i think the media is exaggerating on it quite a bit just like the salmonella, staph, & mad cow disease outbreaks throughout the years.

Plan B
What makes me feel a little safer is that there are over 6 billion people on this planet, only 40 have been infected in the USA and 1000 in Mexico. Deaths are also low with only 80 in Mexico. Compared to 6 billion that is nothing. You will be fine, just keep clean, wash your hands more then often and do not touch your mouth or eyes.

Jane N
Don't watch the news. It's really bad for you - worse than flu.
Read a good book to distract you from such irrational thoughts.
Read chapter 1 of Ctrl-Z on the link. It will give you something else to think about.
Or watch Bernard's Watch on Youtube. It's good gentle reassuring stuff - you might know it already...

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