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 will I get swine flu and die? I live in Edinburgh and I'm 22?

Sore throat,blocked nose,Sneezing,Headache,High temperature,Coughing. Which of these r symptoms, signs or both

Stevie t
Probably AIDS

they are all symptoms of Flue
and they are all signs of flue as well

stay indoors ,
drink lots of fluids,
paracetamol for headache/ and high temperature
, linctus for sore throat
medicine for loosening up that cough
lots of tissues for sneezing into
, and masses of tender loving care .

If you still feel bad in 3-4 days, visit your family doctor , for possible chest infection ( antibiotics )

Get well soon !

Could be Flu or a chest infection. See your doctor as you may need antibiotics.

Gone fishin'
They are all symptoms. I think a sign of the symptom "blocked nose" would be blowing the nose. etc.

If you have these symptoms, seek Medical Advice.

Dunno but you sure sound in a bad way!

The flu I expect

Natasha B
take some medician

sounds like u got the flu .....just like me ...congrats.
they r symptoms...and signs that indicate a poorly person

I think you want to know the difference between a symptom and a sign. A symptom is something that a person feels, but cannot be measured objectively. A sign is something that can be measured. So a high temp is a sign, because you can use a thermometer to "see" it. A headache is a symptom, because only the person can tell it is happening.

As far as something being both a sign and a symptom, that can be a problem: "sore throat" can be seen with the eyes, because the tissues will be swollen and red, but the soreness will be a symptom. Blocked nose, sneezing, coughing are also able to be detected by looking and listening, but also the person feels these conditions. Even a fever can be both, as the person "feels feverish." Most signs, that which can be objectively seen, are also symptoms, because they can be felt by the person. Something like an elevated blood pressure, however, is a sign and not a symptom also, because most people do not sense that their blood pressure is higher than normal.

These signs and symptoms are those of the flu, and signs and symptoms of the flu can also be indicative of other conditions...

CBT Princess
sounds like a upper respiratory infection - see a doctor

Case C
There is a nasty flu like that going around; recommend chicken soup and vit c, daily....for real. If leftover symptoms dont reside soon, see doctor because of secondary infections. fbs ;)

*Motley Girl*
Sounds like the flu to me.

Sounds like your dying to me

Cough is caused by a number of ailments.
It can be treated by over the counter medicines
or home remedies. More information available
at http://ailments.in/cough.html

Annie A
im not sure about all of them...but i know 4 definite that if u have a cough for over 3 weeks and u always have a temp (in the night mostly) u feel tired and sad and might lose weight...go to the doc and get an xray it cud be TB..i should know ive had it for the past 3 years.....YES it can be a flu or cold but 2 many people just overview it and it spreads..better safe than sorry..

clicky j
I think both hunny, you really need to go and see the doctor, probably get nothing for it. So i would get a hot water bottle and go to bed, or curl up on the couch in front of the t.v. awwww hope your better soon take care.xxx

Time to get the chicken soup out !

If you are experiencing these and telling the doc, they are all symptoms (part of the subjective history). If your doc observes these (ie, you sneeze and cough) they are signs (part of the objective). Since a doc cannot observe a headache or sore throat, those are only symptoms. Blocked nose can be observed if he hears you sniffle.

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