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 i`m scared i have the swine flu?
ok i have symptoms such as nose running and other things connected with the swine flu my mom is not in a good condition to go anywhere so i can`t go the doctors rigth now so i need help on things i ...

 Will we all die from Swine Flu?
Same as above, i want to hear your thoughts about the swine flu epidemic, if i could call it that?...

 Swine Flu?...........?
I'm really scared, Please no stupid answers!

I'm scared, i don't want to get it and die :'(
If i catch a cold or have symptoms of like a cold, should i worry?

 plz help me with my cold?
i had a fever on saturday night - monday, now its thursday and i had a cold since yesturday, i start back at school monday and i hav a paper due monday, so can you help me get rid of it? and i took a ...

 Swine Flu? I know the symptoms but i don't know we should be worried....?
My nephew has been vomiting and very runny diarrhea, is it possible he can have the Swine Flu?
Additional Details
He's 3. He sometimes says he's cold or tired....

 OK Medical proffssnls (& really smart people). What contagious diseases remain infectious after the body dies
what (and for how long) will these diseases remian on a corpse/deceased/in the blood or body fluid?


 My girlfriend swallowed a grasshoper alive.He is in her stomach.She told me not to worry.Isn't it dangerous?
My 24-year old girlfriend catched an alive grasshoper in the field. She was playing with it for a minute or two. She is very lovely joyful and happy girl and immediately she told me look at me what I ...

 R U stocking up on necessities in case we get word to stay indoors for a period of time?

Additional Details
I'm not crazy, just curious.


 Why's everyone freaking out about Swine Flu?
Isn't it just regular flu? There's been outbreaks before, from bird flu and regular flu, and even this in the 70s, so what's the problem? Why are people freaking out and closing ...

 Do you think I had swine flu?
In September, I washed my hands often, as usual, and then caught a cold.

Here were some symptoms I had:
Lack of appetite
Runny Nose

I ...

 Do I Need A Tetnus Shot?
My friend cut me on accident with a drill bit. The drill bit was used twice and i dont see rust on it and i got a tetnus shot from stepping on a nail 3-4 years ago do I need to get one?...

 will swine flu kill me and my family?
i am from scotland will swine flu kill me and my family if u have a cure come to scotland ...

 I donot catch cold (flowing nose) for last three years. Can I get swine flu?
I donot catch cold (flowing nose) since last three years. Sometimes it feels like it (cold) is comming but it does not surface up as it used to do earlier. What could be the reason? Is it good or ...

 can you get cold sores from making out?

 I have a really bad cold what should i do?
Iv'e got both a
blocked/runny nose
sore throat
very tired
slight cough
sneezing alot.......Im tired but i cant sleep because m throat really hurts and i ...

 Why is everyone so afraid of the swine flu?
It's not like you have anything to be really afraid of. The only people who really get it are Mexicans and people who already have a low immune system before they get the swine flu. It's ...

 Calling in sick today.?
I'm feeling sick at school right now. It's 2:34 right now here, and I get out at 3:45. I'm supposed to go to work at 5:30 today and I have a minor off and on stomach ache.


 why does african children hav swollen bellies?
is it a diease? if it is is it cureable?...

 I went to the doctor and i did a blood count, does that test for hiv too? please help me?

 Do I have swine flu? (symptoms listed in description)?
these symptoms started the moment i woke up this morning - My arms & hands are really numb & tingly, i can barely move them.
ive had a bad fever with huge chills and goosebumps ...

So has the whole Swine flu craze died yet?
Honest i am sick of this talk about swine flu it has been blown way out of proportion. Its like bird flu how many people still remember that.

Most people dont know that Pakistan had a swine flu outbreak a couple of years ago and normal every day flu kills a thousand people world wide each year but no big deal is made about that. I know some girl that works around wearing a mask and is scared to death because there is 200 cases in the uk when there are 60,000,000 that live in the uk.

I live in Massachusetts in the US, and I'm not sure of the exact number, but there has been over 350 reported cases of swine flu in Mass. The commotion has definitely died down though.
Everyone was wearing masks and gloves and people were talking about it non-stop. I rarely hear people talking about it now, though.
And I definitely agree that people have blown this a little out of proportion.

I'd rather it was blown out of proportion tbh, now there's more people being cautious so it is spreading slower.

its not dead yet but it's dying

you're right it's out of proportion.. I think it's just the media who know they can sell newspapers and so on if they scare you..
on the other hand it's nice to know government don't ignore such things, so we can stay safe.

Craig C
It isn't a craze...it is serious!!

I don't believe anything that has been called at pandemic proportions should be taken lightly. I just heard from another person in the UK that was told to be prepared because you have just stated to spread it over there. I guess to each his own, but any virus can be deadly to anyone at anytime. I don't believe that walking around with gloves and masks will help either. The masks available to the general public aren't sterile anyway. This virus has cause for concern because of the way it mutated and the fact that it can be so deadly to so many people. There isn't anyone immune from any virus unless you were miraculously born that way. The next time it comes on whatever your watching just turn the channel or go do something else for awhile. No one has to watch all the news about this. Good luck and God Bless

I think most of the hysteria has died down because the media has stopped whipping this thing into a frenzy. Basically they had to stop because there was not a lot to report when you compare it to the number of deaths that occur compared to the number of fatalities from regular flu.

It is not over, even though it is not on tv anymore (or at least here its not on). but your right, they did blow things out of proportion! hope i helped!

No one in Memphis is complaining, but if you come from out of town and you are sick with a flu, they will make you ware a mask. That swine flu in Pakistan was not the same swine flu.

It's not over yet. I wish it was, though. I work at a hospital and do some weekends at a walk-in clinic, and we've been overwhelmed by panicky patients who are coming in with colds or allergies but are convinced they have swine flu. It's been making it really difficult for us to identify and treat people who have real medical needs. So far we haven't had any confirmed swine flu cases at the hospital or the clinic.

I guess 20,000 infected with no immunity to it is out of proportion then. More and more people are getting infected by it and the death toll is rising pretty quick. By the end of this year it might pass the regular flu deaths.

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