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 I have swine flu. What should I do?

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Ariana C
Should i go to the ER?
I haven't traveled to Mexico, but i live on the coast of the gulf of Mexico. I am showing every sign of swine flu and i feel awful! I have a big test tomorrow that i can't miss but i can barely move i'm so sick. Should i go get tested at the ER?
Additional Details
i didn't mention that it is a state test that i have to have it to pass high school.

no just wait it out it has the same symptoms as seasonal flu just rest and don't let it stress you out just because the media is making such a big fuss

Girl you better take yourself to the ER ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You dont want to possibly die from that crap! SCREW YOUR TEST YOUR HEALTH IS A LOT MORE IMPORTANT!

I Am D
yes go to the er

hell yea!!!!!!!! go go man before its too late!!!!

Are you running fever? If yes, then go to the ER. You should be able to make up the test later if you have a doctor's excuse.

If no fever, it is probably not flu.

Go to the ER. No joke just go.

if you're that sick u should definitely go to see a doctor ASAP, doesn't matter what kind of flu it is

Ze helper
hunny go now. its reccomended if u went and live near or there and ur showing signs? u got to think whats more important a test u can make up or death

yes you should if you can make up the test

тнє вσяє∂ gιяℓ σи у!α.
YES! Of course!

♥ summer sunshine ♥
Dont be stupid and let others be infected!!
It's just a test, not the end of the world.
On the other hand, this disease is a possiblity of an end of the world, so be smart and go to the ER NOW

both seem kind of extreme. if i were you i would just go to the doctor and see what's wrong. DO NOT go to school though because if u have swine flu you could pass it to everyone. i have a big test tomorrow too called TAKS and im missing it becauseim kind of sick but they will have make up days which is good

I recommend you do. I've heard of lots of cases there.
Dont give a dang if you have a test just go get it checked GOOD LUCK!! :) Hope its not the swine flu

✯♥✯ Summerboy ✯♥✯
If you think you have it then you should ask one of your family or Friends to drive you to a ER. you can take the test later its better to get it cheeked out than to let it go on without care hope you feel better

You should put your life first instead of that test you need to take. Think about it, if you dont get detected soon enough, it could be fatal. On the other hand, if you survive, you can always retake the test some other time. Don think about it twice and go to the nearest hospital before it is too late.

SoAZ Gal
Just take care of yourself and you will be fine. Get rest, take your medicines and drink plenty of fluids. If you go out you might contaminate others. If you are confused or having a hard time breathing then yes by all means go to the ER...otherwise you would be smart to just stay home and in bed. You can take your test any time.

Nikki H
Your health should always come first!!!

I doubt you have it but if you feel that sick, then go ahead.

for symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of Swine flu:

Heartbreaker ☺
yah i think you should

Help Please
Absolutely! Get to the Dr ASAP. If you have a fever, you need to go now.


It certainly couldn't hurt. What's more important, a test or your life?

That Guy
You should get a test for sure! Even if you don't think it is Swine Flu, or are nervous about going, it is better than passing the flu on.

Of course, immediately!!! I'm surprised that you even asked. If you have it, you are very contagious.

Your class and instructor would appreciate not having you expose all of them, in fact, they will probably escort you out of there bodily, if they were to realize that you may have swine flu.

People are very sensitive about people coughing around them. Cover your mouth with a mask NOW and wash your hands with soap and water frequently. Get yourself some antibacterial wash and clean everything that you've touched and anything that you are about to touch.

Get checked immediately. Don't put it off another minute.
If you don't have a mask, then make one. Carry kleenex, also.

Good luck.

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