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 I feel not-so-great.. do i have the swine flu? Read details!?
Right now, im watching twilight.

Im kind of cold, like without the covers, but my body feels hot inside? Today my mom felt my back/head/neck and said i was a little warm? Could this be ...

 What could be the reason for this ?

Hi I am male 21,

Have been working for past 2 years on daily basis. Recently for past 3 weeks I am feeling alot tired and physically weak. Not able to concentrate on my studies and ...

 Should we be panicing?
I'm in Scotland and I'm starting to freak out about swine flu.
I'm only 17 so I'm probably just being over paranoid because I don't know much about it but I'm still ...

 Do you think swine flu is a manufactured virus?
After a bit research, I found it is too amazing for a H1N1 virus that only can survive in pigs to be smart enough to combine itself with a little bit bird flu and make a few modification then ...

 swine flu?? made out 2 b worse than it is?
just curious as my sister keeps tellin me its nothing just a mild flu, is it true ? anyone know?...

 how can i get sick or get a cold?
how can i get a sore throat or like have a runny nose
or either get sick?

i want to get sick cause i dont want to perform and make a speech
infront of everyone also i want to ...

 Why can't AIDS be cured by antibiotics?
Since HIV causes AIDS and AIDS acts by destroying a person's immune system, preventing the lymphocytes from producing sufficient antibodies to fight infection, wont antibiotics help the ...

 Do You think I should....?
Do you think that i should stop eating pork because of the swine flu, or all meats or something for a while. Because i mean if the pig has a virus then that means all pork production might be ...

 How do you get tonsilitis? i really want it :)?
i know it sounds really stupid but you get 2 weeks of school and ice cream and jelly :)
Additional Details
i can handle the pain ; )...

 is the swine flu jab dangerous for my 5 year old little girl?
My 5 year old is due to have her swine flu jab this week and i am unsure as to whether I want her to have it. I have heard lots of stories about it making other children ill. Advice please. ...

 What are you going to do differently now that there is a Swine flu breakout?

 Can you drink alchahol if you are on antibiotics?
hello, i was wondering whether you are allowwed to drink alchahol (such as wine etc) if you are on antibiotics which are to kill bacteria on a gum ...

 Can you catch Down Syndrome?
My friend didn't get Down Syndrome until the seventh grade and he told me he made out with a girl with the condition. Is it possible or is my friend lying?...

 Sore throat,blocked nose,Sneezing,Headache,High temperature,Coughing. Which of these r symptoms, signs or both

 Hey i heard there was 50 cases of swine flu in new york and i live there what should i do?
Hey i heard there was a cure announced last night so should i sit back and relax till everyone is treated and till they come out with a vaccine?
Additional Details
On the news it was ...

 How can swine flu travel from Mexico to Europe when they are so far apart?
I have heard Mexico has swine flu and that Europe are trying to prent it spreading from them.
Additional Details
Yes Justin I do have a brain....

 I think I may have HIV/AIDS?
Last Thursday, I was swimming at the public pool when an Afro-American man cut himself on the side of the pool and started bleeding all over and the lifeguard pulled him out and told everyone to ...

 how can i get aids?

 should i be worried abou the swine flu?
i heard people in new york got it and i live in philadelphia. im having mixed emotions because the health officials are saying they expect deaths but many teachers at my school are saying they are ...

 what are the symptoms of swine flu?
what are the symptoms of swine flu as it is now entering the uk and that is were i live so i would like to know so i am then aware of if i may get it some time in the future

thank ...

Should I go to the doctor for swine flu?
I have a fever, a really bad cough, really bad body aches, and pretty much every symtom of swine flu.. but is it just the regular flu?? I don't know what to do.. I can barely move let a lone go to the doctor..

it wouldn't hurt to see a doctor. There is a vacine for the swine flu and why risk it?

Yes. whether its swine or not, if you're sick you should see a doctor. plain and simple


go to the doctor or have someone take you

yes, yes...better to be safe! hope you feel better!

Well yeah, you should check if you have swine flu or not. But if you choose not to, you can always choose to just get a lot of bed rest, drink lots of fluids, and you should feel better if you do that.


have someone take you to check youu outt. (:
hope your okay!

Nice Guy
Its never a bad idea to go to the doctors, even if its just the regular flu. Go see a doctor!

Josh G
No stay at home and get someone you know 2 pick up medicine, as long as you are in good health you it should pass in a few days drink plenty of water and rest, if it gets worse after few days get your doctor to do home visit or go to the hospital.

Swine flu symptoms and regular flu symptoms are extremely similar, if not the same. You should definitely go to the doctor, and run exams to see if it is actually swine flu or regular flu. Then if it is swine flu you can start treatment before it is too late and you might get worse. Good luck!

yes go to your doctor. can you phone your night doctor, where a nurse will take your details and help you over the phone.

If you are having any trouble breathing, then go... even if you have to call 911.

You should go to the doctor as soon as possible just so it doesn't get worse. Have someone take you.

cendrella c
ya ofcourse it is better for u as well as others

☆♬♫♪ LÍÑÐÝ ♪♫♬☆
Sounds like swine flu, but if its been more than 48 hours from when your symptoms first started, I really wouldn't bother as the Tammiflu is only good for that period of time. Tammiflu is the only medicine they can give you to fight it & it doesn't help that much, makes it worse actually. Just ride it out like you would the regular flu, lots of fluids & rest.
Don't panic & go into hysterics, its not going to kill you like the media says.

Wouldn't follow the "doctors" post, but as a side note I wouldn't come in contact with anyone who hasn't had swine flu (aka H1N1). It is extremely contagious unfortunately, but as long as you take care of yourself you should be peachy!

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