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 DO I HAVE SWINE FLU? i live in NY city?
my sis told me a person died from swine flu here in queens new york.
I just wanna seek advice, bcoz i might have this stupid flu.

I have a very bad sore throat for 2 days now. It ...

 How do you catch that swine flu?
????????? Not that i want to!???????????????????????...

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 How contagious is Swine Flu?
a girl in my school has it and they are saying they might cancel school for a day. Is it really that bad?...

 What would you do if you found out you had HIV?
Just been wondering about it... i have my own answer... i just want to know what other people would do.

ie. would you look for a cure? or would you put a bullet to your head?

 I just got back from Mexico last week.. Swine flu or no?
I just returned from cancun mexico on the 20th with my boyfriend.. we both feel absolutely fine... should we worry?? we are a bit freaked out since its the only thing on the news....

 Has the swine flu 'pandemic' been blown out of proportion?

 I may have swine flu!? Please help!?
Three days ago i was sitting on a bus when a shifty looking Mexican walked onto the bus. The Mexican then sat behind me all was fine for awhile until he sneezed on the back of my head and snot landed ...

 do i have swine flu ?
k .. im concerned i have swine flu .. although my mum says it will be jut be normal flu ( but yh .. last time she told me i had just sprained my wrist .. i had cracked the bone in two lol )


 Is the Swine flu for real?
Is at a point where there could be a wide spread epidemic?...

 will the swine flu vaccine become mandatory?
Do you think that the government will force us all to take the swine flu vaccine in the future?...

 My Brother got Chicken pox 11 days ago .. now he's recovering 80% .. but i don't know i wheather will get it .
cuz i don't have any before ... i always did not share food or bed with him when he's having and i tried to avoid to him .. what is the percentage that i will likely get ?

how ...

 Confused about swine flu?
i'm pretty scared about it considering it's killing people in mexico. if you live in places in california, should you be worried? can you go to the mall and other public places? what the ...

 can you get swine flu over the Internet?
my friend says he got swine flu playing XBOX LIVE ...

 Which is the most common disease ?

 How do you deal with a roommate who has poor hygiene skills?
I've recently contracted MRSA and need to limit exposure to bacteria. My roommate insists on blowing his nose but not washing his hands before unloading the dishwasher, and doesn't clean up ...

 Do I Have Swine Flu?
I have body aches, fever (102), tiny chills, headache, and my throat is kind of sore.
My mom said she wants to take me to the doctor, my step-dad says I am faking. Not sure though....

 What is a good get well gift for a unwell 50 year old lady?
My best Friends mother is really sick and down, she just went though cancer treatment and was just in hospital for a month for a completely different operation, she is now at home and not feeling the ...

 can you get chicken pox mare than once?
The chicken pox are going around at my sisters highschool and she thinks she has the chicken pox.She said that some of her friends have had it twice.Is that possible?...

 Do you think the Swine Flu is all a Scam?? what is your input on it!!?
i'm scared of it, but then my husband was telling me that he thinks that this was all planned out, but then i started to think about what he was saying and i told him Maybe is was an Experiment G...

The silent pen
M.E. Its not real. It's a lazy persons illness. Don't you agree?
A doctor on the radio this morning claims that there is know such thing even though the world medical authoritie recognizes it. I think that it's Chelsea Flu and it's all in the mind

it is definately not a lazy persons illness - i wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy - if you were to care for someone with M.E. you would understand

london lady
i disagree!

What the hell are you saying do you have it.
Because i do mines brought on by hep c and for most of the day i cant get out of bed.
I am i constant pain i walk 10 feet and i feel like i have run a Marathon at the moment i walk with a walking stick i have been told i could end up in a wheelchair i am 31 years old i feel more like 91 so if you or anyone else thinks it like the flu than think again and i just hope you never get it

Northern Spriggan
The right wing dont believe in any mental illness, but they fail to see that they themselves are a little insane

You really have no idea what you are on about. Tell me ARE YOU A DOCTOR? Or are you just an ar$e?

M.E. stands for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. It symptoms are muscle pain with intense physical or mental exhaustion.

It is classified by the World Health Organisation as a neurological illness. It is sometimes called CFS Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

It affects about 150,000 people in the UK including children, the cause is still unknown, but I know a lady who had to give up a promising career in the Police Force because she suffered from it, so it is certainly is not all in the mind, the doctor is wrong, they are not always right you know just because their doctors.

A doctor friend asked me once, "What is the difference between God and a doctor?" Answer, "God doesn't think he's a doctor" Be warned.

mandy r

1 quack on the radio, or the whole consensus of world medical opinion.

Which would you rather believe?

This really is a no-brainer

I don't agree. Do you have proof it's a lazy person's illness?

What is M.E.?

No I don't agree. A friend of mine had it for about a year and a more hard working person would be hard to find.

So listening to this Doctor on radio is the only experience you have had regarding ME, is it? If you suffered yourself, or were the carer of someone with the illness, you wouldn't be so flippant.
My daughter had it for a year when she was 16. Her father was just like you, she was making it up, could help herself, etc. But then he believes all illness is just a lack of self control.
I was never so worried in my life, especially before it was diagnosed. It can only be diagnosed when other illnesses are ruled out. I thought she was dying.
In the time she was ill, she couldn't see to read (one of her favourite hobbies), had constant bad headaches, couldn't stick noise or bright lights, was so dizzy she couldn't walk without clutching hold of me, and slept the sleep of the dead most of the day, impossible to wake up. Now, 16 years later, her immune system is still defective. We were lucky. She resumed her studies after a year, and although she was late doing it, achieved a degree, and is now an archaeologist.
You always know when a child is ill. They don't want to do their favourite things. When pretending, they can always do what they like doing, and want to do.
Next time post something you know about.

I dont agree.

I don't agree, my friend has had it for 10 years and is on constant medication. Its not nice and it is real.

Do not agree

ramrod cowfins
The real illness of the lazy is IGNORANCE... I think you may have it.

Angela M
I'm torn. A wee wifie that I used tae be great mates with has spent the last eleven years saying she has ME. She cannae go out tae work but is perfectly capable of bringing up a wee girlie, walking four large dogs, partying at the weekends and driving her motur whenever she likes. I get peed off cos I am paying taxes to keep this wifie on benefits. I'm sure that there are folk who really are suffering from this recognised disease, but she's not one of them. No wonder folk get the hump!!!!

If you haven't been there don't judge.

I don't agree. Besides I wouldn't be taking any medical advice for a doctor on the radio.

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