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 Doesn't it kill you when it saids kills 99.99 percent germs.?

Additional Details
Here's a better way to say it when it say kills 99.99 percent germs it is the one percent I worry ...

 Is Swine Flu Going to Hit California?
Help me i'm really freaking out right now D:...

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 Why is swine flu such a big deal?
i keep hearing about how theres going to be a swine flu pandemic and stuff, but its treatable and apparently most people recover without any sort of special help, so i want to know why everyones ...

 can humans get tape worm?
and if so, does it come out in there poop?...

 Is anyoneelse really worried about the swine flu?
Im so sick of hearing and reading about it its just setting me into stress mode.
Why aren't the government bringing about a solution for everyone? Not just the people who have got it, but ...

 i have a fever of 103.9 what should i do.....?
ok ive been taking midecine but it still does not work and i cant afford to go to the docter so i was wondering if there is anything natural i can take but this how i feel ....i have a big *** ...

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 diagnos me! should i be concerned?
im very irritable, i' feel lonely all the time. I have excessive mood swings. My appetite has gotten bigger. I have problems with communicating. I love my girlfriend because of it. I have ...

 Help Me!, I Got Swine Flu?!?!, Im dying :(?
As im writing this im strugglin to type,

Im living In new york,
On saturday, it was a normal flue..
Yesrerday, I started throwing up, when i moev, my head hurts,
I got n ...

 Swine Flu - Are We Gonna Die Or Are We Gonna Live?
Being Serious!...

 I'm scared about swine flu but want a truthful answer...?
I'm 18 and got swineflu on tuesday i was diagnosed wedneday morning and by 11am was taking tamiflu, less than 24 hours after my symptoms came on
What are the chances of dying from swine flu ...

 When will all these Swine Flu questions stop ?
When do you think everyone is going to stop asking all these question's about swine flu ??

I guess I just added another one to the list......

 Should you have the swine flu vaccine if you are pregnant?
A friend of mine is about 5 and half months pregnant, she is really unsure what to do with regards to the vaccine!! Is it dangeroous, is there a high metal content in there? What exactly should she ...

 Where did swine flu originate from?

 i am rally worried about swine flue, that it will kill all of the earth and be as bad as a black pleague?
could you plz give me some information which is supported that could make me stop ...

 How do you bring down a fever?
I have a fever of 103.4 and we don't have any Advil and I'm home alone. what do I do?
Additional Details
I drank some cold water, took the temperature again, it's at 104.1 ...

 do i have swine flu???????????
i live in Massachusetts and i have heard that there are some people who have swine flu. i just got sick and i dont feel good at all. i have a soar throat, like when i swallow my throat kills, and my ...

 Are we all going to die?

 Can you sue a hospital if the patient caught a bacteria when she was admitted and died?

Is the Swine Flu still going on?

Additional Details
Thanks all answers were good. :D

ʍ○○η ṡнιиє
Yeah but I heard that colloidal silver can kill in one day

..........and Shane is wrong. This is a new flu that is a combination of 3 different flus that miraculously came together from different continents and time periods. Obviously concocted by MAN

Taylor L
Yes, they're going to release a vaccine in October.

watch CNN

yes they found a cure for it but its not clarifide yet!

It sure is. I just got back from London where they have 4000+ cases. Yeah its serious. Just wait until flu season starts up in a couple of months in the Northern Hemisphere. They you're going to see how serious it is.

Since school is closed it's currently not a big deal anymore.

christinee ♥
I have it so yes.

Yes - the reason you are hearing less about it now is because in the places where it first started (USA and Mexico), it's now "old news" - so the media has stopped hyping it.

However, once we get back into the flu season in the USA, you can bet you will hear a lot more about it. That's because the news loves to scare people, and there is a chance that it will become more deadly (though that is not a huge possibility).

Hawrse Crazy
Yes. I had it 2 weeks ago. All better now tho! :D

yes me and my husband just had it a couple weeks ago....it's just like the flu nothing to worry about

Tyler C
Yeah, it's just not as bad as they though it would be.

connor young
it sure is... there is more and more cases everyday!

yep it is


yeah but everyone has moved on, their trying to find something else to blow out of proportion


the ultimate lax girl USA
yes and getting worse


Ryan K
and i think 5 people died from something

yep, just had a patient with it about 2-3 weeks ago.


yeah so beware!

yeah girl so be careful

The swine flu and the coming global mandatory vaccinations mass-murder plot still going on, yes.

yeah still in the air spreading where it leads in diff directions so beware abt it and take extra care!

yea lol swin has been around since the 1900s. It comes than takes a vacation than comes back and than takes a long vacation and than comes back again. It will never die i tells ya.

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