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crazy in love =D
Is mono contagious?
My friend has mono and she gave me one of the cookies she baked in home ec class. she told me after i ate the cookie that she ate some of the dough (with her fingers). will i get mono?

gary p
Im sorry honey, BUT YOUR ******!

lifetime rocker
mono is usually transmitted by some one infected so you are probably safe.

Mono is one of the most contagious viruses-stay far away! You need direct contact to get mono. Lucky for you, this is not direct contact! Plus she baked the cookies and most likely any virus was killed by the heat from the oven. Make sure to constantly wash your hands, eat nutritous meals and get plenty of fluids. This will boost your immune system. And stay away from your friend!

Maybe, you can. your friend is pretty gross not to tell you such a thing before you ate the cookies.

Jay D
Mono is the kissing disease, so if you eat the dough that her fingure touched, nothing willl happen.

There is a good chance. Mono is very contagious.

most likely not, it is possible i guess, but very very very unlikely.

Mono is contagiuos, but only if you have contact such as kissing or drinking from the same glass where the virus is passed from one person to the other through saliva. If she ate the cookie dough BEFORE cooking then the virus was probably killed by the cooking process.

Okami-chan��°[Pokemon Powa!]
I heard its not entirely contagious, but that dosent mean that you cant catch it.

Mono is very contagious, but you can only get it through contact. Since she baked the cookies before you ate them, maybe the germs were killed from the heat in the oven... but I'm not sure. If she has mono she shouldn't be preparing food for anyone but herself!! All she has to do is have the germs on her hand and then hand you the cookie, and you'd be exposed.

Mono has to do with your immune system, and if you take tons and tons and tons of vitamin C for the next few weeks, you may be able to fight it off. You can also take tons of L-Lysene, which is a vitmin that fights viruses (mono is a virus). Also, for the next few weeks make sure you get plenty of sleep every night. If you were exposed to the virus you don't want to do anything that might weaken your body and make you more susceptible to getting it. You can be exposed without coming down with the virus, so if I were you I'd do everything possible to make sure my immune system was super strong the next couple of weeks!

Mono is awful - I had it and I had to miss over a month of school. Everyone's different, but for a lot of people mono is really bad, so do everything in your power not to get it!

Keep an eye out for a sore throat and exhaustion. Those I think are usually the first symptoms. If you notice anything like that, go to the doctor and they can test you for mono. The earlier you catch it, the more they can do to make you more comfortable while you have it.

I really hope you don't have it! Good luck!


Mono is contagious but only through exchanging of fluids. If she touched the cookie and didn't have saliva on her hands--you're fine. But if she stuck her finger in her mouth or something--you're screwed.

thats how mono gets transferred
if u drink or eat some of the same stuff then it could happen

Mark F
It is contagious, but passed on from saliva more likely.

probably not, only if you eat after something she bit off of or drink out of her drink or something

Yes...People who have mono can be contagious from the time they first become infected with the virus. But they may not know that they have the virus in its early stages. That's because it takes a while from the time a person is infected to the time symptoms of mono show up — about 4 to 7 weeks in fact. (This is called the incubation period.)

Mono is called the kissing disease, but it is transmitted by saliva, no kissing needed. Just saliva swap, somehow.
The link below tells all about it:

billy s
yes if you kiss or share saliva

Heather B
It is contagious

Lauren R
It is very, very contageous. I would suggest you go see a dr. if you get a sore throat or are feeling tired for no reason. Mono can be very serious if not treated and can even affect your heart!

Please be careful!

austin j
if she ate the dough then cooked it the heat cooks off the germs. But if she touched it after she cooked them...your screwed

Mono is also called the "kissing disease," but more commonly sneezing, coughing, or sharing a drinking glass with someone infected. Watch for symptoms of sore throat, fever, swollen glands and fatigue. There is a good possibility you will get mono also. Sorry about your luck.

Once someone gets mono, the virus stays in that person's body for life. But this doesn't mean that if you've had mono you are always contagious. Over time, the virus becomes less contagious. Eventually, it's very unlikely that a person who had mono will transmit the virus to someone else.

People who have mono can be contagious from the time they first become infected with the virus. But they may not know that they have the virus in its early stages. That's because it takes a while from the time a person is infected to the time symptoms of mono show up — about 4 to 7 weeks in fact. (This is called the incubation period.)

To make it even more confusing, some people can carry the virus without having any symptoms of mono, so they might not know they have the infection at all.

Mono needs to run its course naturally over about 2 to 4 weeks — and some people feel tired for several weeks longer. It's important to take care of yourself if you have mono and get lots of rest.

Doctors and researchers aren't exactly sure how long someone with mono stays contagious after symptoms are gone. But it's generally believed that a person can spread the infection for many months after the symptoms are completely gone — some studies show as long as 18 months. But after that, it's very unlikely that a person will give someone else mono.

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