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Is it possible to be so tired you get sick?
Ever since it has gotten warm I have not givin myself down time I am constantly doing something until bed which all of a sudden I am only getting 6 hrs and I used to get 8 or 9. This week I have been getting sick to my stomach and I am tired but still am only getting 6 hrs sleep, I am not depressed I am having a lot of fun until in the evening I start to feel sick to my stomach, could I be overdoing it? Should I slow down I read somewhere that it is unhealthy to push beyond your limits I just have so many things to do and I also want to do activities that I enjoy but my body seems to be telling me this is too much I also have been getting light headed If anyone knows the cause plz let me know Thank You

Hollywood Ent.
I use to be a meth attic staying up for up 7 days and I never got sick only delirious

Lindsey Jo
Your health CAN be threatened by a lack of sleep. If you don't sleep for a long period of time, your body will start to shut down.

Elias R
Heat stroke can make you sick. It's caused by being out int he sun too much or having too much heat in a certain place.

Yes, this has happened to me as well. I usually go to bed very late, and sometimes I get a sore throat because of my lack of sleep. If you're under 20, you need at least 9 hours of sleep a night to feel fully rested. Just go to bed a little earlier, and you should be fine.

Laura D
yes of course, if you don't get your recommended 6-8 hrs of sleep your body will have less energy and a weakened immune system, making you more susceptible to anything. try your best to get as much sleep as possible. 6-8 is a guideline but 8 is obviously better than 6, and i don't know how old you are but teens and young adults should aim for 7-8. Also, your concentration at work/school will obviously suffer from insufficient sleep.

Nausea is a symptom of chronic stress, which could be caused by your constant activities. The body needs a lot of sleep, especially if you are a child or teen.
It is possible to get sick when you are extremely tired because of loss of sleep. This is because the body needs to rest, so it can promote its natrual defenses, but when the body is not allowed enough time to do this the immune system is weakened, which makes you vulnerable for sickness.

Being tired doesn't cause you to get sick, just makes you more at risk!

free spirit
drink water

yes. you are probably overexerting yourself. just get some rest and you should feel better.

absolutely....when our bodies are sleeping they fight off all the germs that our bodies came into contact with that day.....so when your tired and not getting enough sleep then you can get sick especially if you tired for days...Good Luck!!! :)

I get the same way when I don't get enough sleep. You should relax for a few days and get some rest. Even if you aren't asleep chillin' on the couch or in bed watching movies is still relaxing. Sometimes you are just so tired your body cannot keep up.

It sounds very plausible to me that someone might become physically ill from being over-tired. It's probably one of the first things your Health Care Provider will ask about if you decide to see a physician. I would just take it easy and if need be check in with your doctor. Better safe than sorry...

Shotgun Tony
Yes. Sleep deprivation - intentional or otherwise - can sap your immune system, rendering you more susceptible to illness. Good night, and Good Health. (Now go to sleep. Just like I'm about to do in a few minutes.)

Nothing in this world will make you sicker than not getting enough sleep. It makes you sick mentally, physically, and emotionally. There is nothing wrong with light reading before you go to bed but it sounds to me almost like you might be addicted to reading, which is making your mind stay awake and not allowing you to rest. You should only read in the daytime and do something that is relaxing before you go to bed. I usually take a warm bath or sit outside and just relax before I go to bed and it helps me wind down. Good luck and sweet dreams!

it is possible .

*´ˆ•¡ ♥ +¡nY plà¡Ð n¡nj৕ˆ´*
i didnt read the additional details..but yes u can.........i do allah the time. :/
i am right now actually.
i also get migranes from it.

Yes, it sounds like you are putting a little too much strain on your body. When you don't get enough sleep, your immune system takes a hit and has a harder time protecting against illness, etc. I understand what you mean about wanting to cover a lot of activities in a day. Try taking a few "power naps" throughout the day to keep you going. Power naps should be about 20 minutes...if your naps are too long than your body does not benefit as it will be shutting down and making you more tired. Hope this helps, good luck.

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