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Saira Bhatti
If you get bitten by too many mosquitoes can any thing happen to you?
Recently, I've gotten about 9 or 10 mosquitoe bites. Is that bad? I put bug bite cream on that trys to take away the itch but it doesn't always help. What if the mosquitoe doesn't have any virus, could something still happen? I know that it itches but could anything else happen? Say you got about 56 bites a summer. Couldn't you die without the mosquitoe not having a virus?? Please help. -Thanks

Mr Schifter
There is a very high chance you can get AIDS, or the diabeetuses

No. Yesterday I counted all mine. I had 29 on my whole body. I swear! Thats alot, huh? Nothing will happen. You will itch tho xD
It used to be that you could get yellow fever, but not anymore.
Hope I helped!

You remind me of the babe...
no. if you are allergic something would have happened by now. if the mosquitos don't have EEE or West Nile or anything then you should be all set. Bumpy but all set.

I don't know where you are from,but unless you live in an area rife with malaria or rampant cases of West Nile,you have very little to worry about.I spend lots of time in the Bush in Canada, which is insane with Mosquitos, Big Mosquitos,and I would be happy to only get 56 bites a day.We call it the Bush Camp Air Show,and it lasts from May till September.Relax and enjoy the outdoors,there are very few crowds.

No. But if it hap pends to much you lose to much of blood.

malaria or perhaps blood loss leading to passing out and hitting your head on a coffee table and dying....

Nurse For 20 Years
You'll be fine, you'll just scratch alot. Benadryl pen works the best.

I doubt you would become seriously ill unless you were allergic to mosquito bites or they got infected. Here is a link to a story about a man who let 2000 mosquitos bite him as part of a malaria study. He was fine. I am sure he was unhappy though!

Being a Medical Assistant for 6 years I've seen a lot of stuff. However, Mosquito bites aren't necessarily life-threatening. From a stand point, too much "mosquito venom" (not really venom, just code named) can attack your immune system-only if you get bitten about 50 times per 44 seconds. Don't worry about it!

well i can imagine if you got bitten like wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy like, a million bites, you might get sick. or from lack of blood/ blood loss? not sure. just guessing at this.

If the Mosquito doesn't have a virus, than the only thing that will happen is it'll annoy the hell outta you. If it DOES have a virus, like say...Malaria... than once you start feeling symptoms get immediate medical help...

About a week and a half ago, I got bit a good 45 times. We were by a swamp. Anyway, no, nothing can happen to you from just the mosquito bite. It's only topical irritation. The only worry you'd need to have, is if said bug had something like the west nile virus. Otherwise, a plain old mosquito can do no damage to you. They don't have any poison they're injecting into you. So you can't be poisoned to death! :)

Call Me Heidi Please
as long as they dont have a virus the only thing that will happen is it will be itchy and incredibly annoying.

Pelle K
Mosquito carry malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever, viral encephalitis, west Nile virus and filiriasis. But NOT aids or stds. Depending on which part of the world you are in, it is possible to to get any of the diseases mentioned above.

Pellegrini Kitara-Okot

Sota S
moskitoes can carry std and malaria it depends if they have anything you can get bitten by 100 moskitoes and be fine if they dont have anything but you can lose blood and faint


"why so serious?"
Usually the only time you would have to worry about a mosquito bite would be if your were in the Sudan or somewhere similar. Someplace where Malaria is REALLLY an issue. Otherwise the only other real concern is if they carry some other virus but that is rare as they would have to first get infected from someone else before they bit you. That is rare as mosquitos, which are the females that do the biting, don't survive too long after getting blood as they then lay their eggs and die soon thereafter. But in 9.9 cases out of 10 you have nothing to worry about.

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
Naaaaahhhhh. Don't worry about it. Just make sure you put on bug spray and then it won't matter anyway.

John Reid
No harm from mosquito bites as a rule.
If you get a lot of bites, you run a slight risk of West Nile Virus,
or malaria if you are in the tropics.
Wear a repellant when you go out, just to be safe.

If you are going to be in a forested area, it is best to avoid using perfume or perfumed soaps or hair spray, as these will attract insects.
And don't eat bananas in mosquito season. Don't ask me why, but the nasty things seem to pick on people who have been eating bananas.

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