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 What will the doctor prescribe an adult male with the flu?
Also how much to take of it, like 3 times a day for week, etc......

 Why do people in mexico have the doctor masks on to protect them from the swine flue when it doesnt work ??

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 how serious is meningitis?
I can touch my chin to my chest but I'm still alittle worried....

 So has the whole Swine flu craze died yet?
Honest i am sick of this talk about swine flu it has been blown way out of proportion. Its like bird flu how many people still remember that.

Most people dont know that Pakistan had a ...

 I'm scared...ASAP?

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 Does this sound like the flu?
My symptoms have gotten a little better, but all in all since 3 days ago these are all of my total symptoms:

Extreme fatigue
Uncontrollable shivering/shaking
slight ...

 whats the deal with this swine flu?
everybody keeps talking about it, where is it in the united states?...

 Can anyone give me a possible diagnosis on this?
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 Should I be worried if my temperture is 103.7 ??

 "inevitable that someone from UK will die from swine flu"?
they really do like to put our hopes up dont they? it's an exact quote from sky news (our national news channel)

Additional Details
Im in Wales too AJ... north....

 The scrape on my leg doesn't seem to be getting better. It has been 10 days. Is this normal?
It is very painful and I have been on antibiotics for 3 days. I don't know what else to do but clean with peroxide and apply neosporin and also aloe gel. Any other suggestions? This is so ...

 where the swine flu is?
where has the swine flu spread to and how many people DIED in each place ...

 I was bitten by a zombie, any suggestions for treatment?
Chris Rock suggested Robitussin (I actually called him up)....

 i`m scared i have the swine flu?
ok i have symptoms such as nose running and other things connected with the swine flu my mom is not in a good condition to go anywhere so i can`t go the doctors rigth now so i need help on things i ...

 Will we all die from Swine Flu?
Same as above, i want to hear your thoughts about the swine flu epidemic, if i could call it that?...

 Swine Flu?...........?
I'm really scared, Please no stupid answers!

I'm scared, i don't want to get it and die :'(
If i catch a cold or have symptoms of like a cold, should i worry?

 plz help me with my cold?
i had a fever on saturday night - monday, now its thursday and i had a cold since yesturday, i start back at school monday and i hav a paper due monday, so can you help me get rid of it? and i took a ...

 Swine Flu? I know the symptoms but i don't know we should be worried....?
My nephew has been vomiting and very runny diarrhea, is it possible he can have the Swine Flu?
Additional Details
He's 3. He sometimes says he's cold or tired....

AJ Rimmer
If you are on antibiotics for a chest infection and start drinking again when it clears, will alcohol cause it?
to return?

Cocoa Dusted Love
That's a difficult question. Of course it depends on whether we're talking about a glass of wine, or a whole night on the town, out in the cold, bad food and getting absolutely p*ssed. In the first case, no it won't return because of the alcohol. In the latter case, yes it will probably return because after an infection your immune defenses are down and putting yourself out like that will make you very vulnerable to having the infection return or another illness come.

Mick W
synthetic antibiotics are unaffected by alcohol, alcohol prevents normal antibiotics from working.

Alex D

if your on antibiotics.. DO NOT drink booze.. is the short answer and you should complete the course of them. Save the booze till after you have finished the course

it interferes with how they work.

happy Christmas

Antibiotics are live but weakened virus that cause the body to fight the original virus by making your attack cells increase in number. Alcohol kills ALL living things, drinking while taking an antibiotic kills the antibiotic making it useless.
In order to get the intended result you must take ALL the prescription!! Not just stop when you are feeling some better!! So many people do this!!! Why do you think they prescribe so many? To fill lonely trash cans or make sure sewer rats stay healthy?!!!

no alcohol doesn't cause chest infection but can predispose you to one

Judy Teen
When you take anti biotics, you must complete the course not stop when it clears. If you drink alcohol during a course of antibiotics, you should resume taking them after your night out.

alcohol does not cause an infection...however, if you are sick u should stay away from it to get better.just make sure u take all of ur antibiotics, or u could get an even worse infection. i dont know if alcohol necessarily inhibits the effectiveness of antibiotics, but to be safe just wait until the course of med. is finished. if ur meds are done, then i dont think a few beers would be a problem.

Dr Frank

Alcohol will not cause a chest infection. Just make sure you finish the antibiotics.

BTW only a very few antibiotics need you to avoid alcohol.

‚ô•The‚ô• Bearded Cheerleader
Your chest infection can return if its still active. Try natural fruit with a good vitamin boost. If you have been presribed Antibiotics though by a doctor then it would be abit silly to not take them.

But alchohol and antibiotics can cause severe pain in your stomach. It builds up trapped air.

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