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 Swine Flu Question?10 Points?
How come i havent felt right since ive heard about swine flu in america
Additional Details
Im not feeling sick at all,i just feel ...

 Could I have gotten Hep C from this?
When I was visiting a friend with Hep C, I picked up a piece of paper from a desk in the living room and wrote a note on it. On closer examination, I saw dried blood on the sheet of paper. I don'...

 is love very dangerous ?

 Do YOU think the media is blowing the swine flu out of proportion?
I want your opinion because this swine flu thing is scaring me!?!?!...

 I'm 17 and I have a 103.2 degree fever.. Should I go to the hospital? I took Ibuprofen..?
I am 17 and started getting a fever last night of 100.2, I took 2 ibuprofen before I went to bed and woke up with a 101.1 degree fever. I took 2 more ibuprofen and just woke up from a nap, my fever ...

 My daughters could have Swine flu, should I be worried?
Both my daughters are complaining of feeling ill, they both refused to get the swine flu vaccine and there have been cases at their schools. They are both usually in great health and are not too sick ...

 Why is everyone so bothered about this Swine flu?
and panicking about it in uk is it all a big worry here fror nothing or do you think there right to be ...

 What is the swine flu?
Next week we are going to Disney world for one week, and since it is in Florida and the USA should be worried about the flu?

Also any information like how to avoid it, and other things ...

 Could the swine flu kill?Any doctor answer Please?
Well I have been all scared about the "Swine Flu" killing the whole world?
Could you guys hurry up and make the swine flu go away I am so scared,So hurry up can it kill the whole ...

 What's better for a sore throat, hot or cold?
I have a sore throat at the moment, which hurts everytime I swallow. My mom checked if my tonsils had any signs of tonsilitous but there was none. It's excruciatingly painful, so I was wondering ...

 Sore throat. Does anyone have any advice?
I got sick all of a sudden with a cold and sore throat. Does anyone have any good home remedies to help with the sore throat?...

 I have to get a needle?
I have to get a needle on monday morning :(
I am really scared of needles..........how do i get over my fear? :(:(:(...

 Who started the swine flu?

 Surely man flu is worse than childbirth?

 swine flu. should i wear mask?
I'm living in California.
should I wear mask??...

 If you get swine flu now, will you be immune to potentially more dangerous strains later?
I've heard that if you get infected with the more mild swine flu now, when it mutates and becomes a really dangerous disease, you'll be immune. Is that true?...

 Swine flu and death? CAN ANYONE ANSWER PLEASE?
I know that people have died from swine flu but only as they have had an underlying illness, my mum has anorexia and im worried if she caught it she may face death?? A few people in the area i live ...

 I was in the library and my finger brushed across the shelf and touched a book titled "AIDS"?
afterwards, i noticed a tiny red speck on my finger, can you get HIV this way?...

 Can a 17 year old get the chicken pox?
I had the chicken pox when I was younger, around 8 years old. Is it possible for me to get them again? I am having signs of the chicken pox. I do not have a sore throat or anything yet. But I have ...

 If you think you have hiv will your spouse get the virus to?
What If are but spouse doesn't get the hiv virus?...

I was covered in bird mess today - should I be worried?
What with Bird Flu etc.... I have also taken the necessary precaution of buying a lottery ticket as everyone has told me that bird mess is lucky!!!!
Additional Details
I have just washed my hair out - pretty grim and it was a tough task to deal with. My numbers are 11, 14, 18, 26, 30, 43 wish me luck

dump her!

I'd be more worried about putting yourself in situations where birds can crap all over you at will

Kango Man
Keep it on you. I will pay £10 a minute if you let me lick it off.

i've been covered in bird poo too :( well wash urself hun

LOL I hobby breed birds and can be in a bird mess any day of the week.

They say where the ....is the money is .good luck

Take a long,hot shower...you'll be OK;)

Yes you should be worried. Even if you win the lottery...it wouldn't help you to get rid of bird poo pox.

ah ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…

wait a few days then ask

Graham H
Happened to me a few years ago. Splash, right on my shoulder.

"Quick, I said to the wife. Give me a tissue!"

"Don't be so daft," she said "that seagull will be miles away by now."

mad keith
your having a laugh

Future Sailor
you will be fine dont worry about it.

nope i wouldnt be its suppose to be very lucky! bird poop...lol

♥ Jasmine ♥
never heard that, about the bird dookie...
I think you probably have a better chance at winning the lottery than catching bird flu from being pooped on. OR maybe not...
could go the other way I suppose. lol

angus r
no as long as you didnt eat the mess and washed it off you will be allright,ps what numbers did you pick

Supposed to be lucky, but never worked for me. But good luck to you.

You can not catch bird flu this way! If you live in the hen house or pigeon loft with the infected birds for a long time then you may get it but a little bit of bird muck on your coat is just a sign of luck!

are you snezzing

It must have been the bird of paradise crapping on your head! LOL

mark s
how big was the bird???????

You must in for a great deal of lucky! Lucky lucky you!

It depend where it happen,If in America,Don't worry,so far no bird flu.report in US.If happen in UK,I don't know because their found few farm has Bird flu and cull thousands of chicken there.Good luck.

might win the lotto

poor old Bernard Matthews, will be turning in his grave


Birds pooing on your head is meant to be lucky!

LoL, I wouldnt worry about it at all but good job on the ticket...I heard that its lucky too..... Good luck!!!

i'm pretty sure bird **** is not lucky, you should be fine though.. the bird flu hasn't even reached america yet.

hehe, nah you should be really pleased an di hope that yu win the lottery.

i don't tihnk you need to be worried, just focus on watching the jackpot number! x

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