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 Do I Need A Tetnus Shot?
My friend cut me on accident with a drill bit. The drill bit was used twice and i dont see rust on it and i got a tetnus shot from stepping on a nail 3-4 years ago do I need to get one?...

 will swine flu kill me and my family?
i am from scotland will swine flu kill me and my family if u have a cure come to scotland ...

 I donot catch cold (flowing nose) for last three years. Can I get swine flu?
I donot catch cold (flowing nose) since last three years. Sometimes it feels like it (cold) is comming but it does not surface up as it used to do earlier. What could be the reason? Is it good or ...

 can you get cold sores from making out?

 I have a really bad cold what should i do?
Iv'e got both a
blocked/runny nose
sore throat
very tired
slight cough
sneezing alot.......Im tired but i cant sleep because m throat really hurts and i ...

 Why is everyone so afraid of the swine flu?
It's not like you have anything to be really afraid of. The only people who really get it are Mexicans and people who already have a low immune system before they get the swine flu. It's ...

 Calling in sick today.?
I'm feeling sick at school right now. It's 2:34 right now here, and I get out at 3:45. I'm supposed to go to work at 5:30 today and I have a minor off and on stomach ache.


 why does african children hav swollen bellies?
is it a diease? if it is is it cureable?...

 I went to the doctor and i did a blood count, does that test for hiv too? please help me?

 Do I have swine flu? (symptoms listed in description)?
these symptoms started the moment i woke up this morning - My arms & hands are really numb & tingly, i can barely move them.
ive had a bad fever with huge chills and goosebumps ...

 my daughter as got a cough and runny nose? swine flu?
we are not in the area that the swine flu is in but you can help but worry with the media terrifying everybody!!!
Additional Details
she is her normal self and not reli under the weather ...

 Why is the swine flu such a big deal?
I've read that over 30,000 people in the US alone die from influenza, so what's with all the wrap from the media, CDC, etc?

Why is it such a big deal?...

 Is this new flu fatal?
is this new "swine flu" fatal?...

 my 3 yr. old just came down with the flu,should i be concerned he may have the swine flu?
he's running a fever,throwing up,says he has a ...

 Will a giant monster awaken from the sea due to the earthquake and swine virus outbreak?
I was on a Mexican news forum and there was a report of a strange siting. I'll try to post the link when I find the site....

 URGENT: Son drank dettol hand sanitizer?
It is a 50ml bottle that wasn't full (maybe three quarters full). There is still roughly 20ml left so I know he couldn't have taken much. My son turns 3 soon and weighs about 16kg. I called ...

 Can I get swine flu through the internet?
A friend of mine on Facebook says that one of his friends on Facebook got swine flu and now he has it. Is there a chance that he caught it while using the internet/Facebook?

I'm ...

 H1N1 symptoms? Please Answer...?
I've had all of the H1N1 symptoms, but on and off throught out 2-3 weeks.
The first week I was coughing/sneezing, sweating but cold, all of the flu sort of stuff. The second week I was ...

 How can i get rid of headlice properly?
I have had a big issue with headlice with my children.

I have 4 children and 2 of them get healdice very regurly and I buy different types of headlice treatments I think i have tried them ...

 Are they closing the schools in Northern Ca. due to the Swine Flu?

I was bitten by a zombie, any suggestions for treatment?
Chris Rock suggested Robitussin (I actually called him up).

some nyquill might help...

tornado chaser
You'll be OK unless you get the urge to go out at night and dance in the streets with the other zombies. For gods sake just don't do the "robot".

There's no cure for being zombified so here's two recommended actions depending on how you'll react to realizing that you are doomed to a hated-by-all existence of being a member of the undead.

1.) Oh... oh god... *breaks down weeeping* (Don't wanna kill anyone?)

In that case, write your will, turn on a body cremation machine (what ever, the machine that people use to burn bodies), and crawl into it. This way, you'll burn your body before it can claw its way out of a coffin and start the world's worst flesh festival. It'll be painful, though, so make sure you're either doped up on something and you're in Lucy in the sky of diamonds or reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy drunk.

2.) "I'll take the French man rib covered in Italian blood with a side of a American fingers." (silver lining in the cloud)

If you want to make the most of this and bring on the terror of the zombie race in full swing, just walk in front of a speeding bus. Bam: Instant dead. Because it'll be a public place, filled with people, people will be curious, get close to see what happened... and you can just jump up and start snacking like it's the end of the world, because it is and you brought it. Screw everything that happens after that, just start getting the taste difference between type O and type A blood.

Good luck, hope this helps.

There is no cure, just remember to take down as many people as you can with you

Amanda Grace
lock yourself in the cellar with a raw turkey!

wash your mouth out with buckshot.

that the only way to kill a zombie.

There is a three part treatment for zombie bites.

1. Get a can of Lysol.
2. Spray the wound with the Lysol.
3. Run down the street screaming like a little girl for twenty minutes until the pain from the Lysol finally dies down.

You can also cut off the infected limb. It doesn't hurt as much as the Lysol.

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