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I think I may have HIV/AIDS?
Last Thursday, I was swimming at the public pool when an Afro-American man cut himself on the side of the pool and started bleeding all over and the lifeguard pulled him out and told everyone to stayaway from that area, but I think I went to close and got in it and now I'm infected with HIV/AIDS! Help!!!!!!
Additional Details
Chellsea you are mean just like all of the other women in my life, This is very serious

You racist... LOL but funny.

Does the bleeding man have AIDS?
If so you better get checked, if not I would still get checked but not so much of a worry. But if your worried of getting AIDS because the man is an African American, STOP that is totally ridiculous

Intuitive Witch
Play it safe. Go to the local clinic and get checked every three or four months for a year. Tell the doctor what happned and they can answer it best for you.

I hope you were not infected, but there is a minor chance.

Try getting cured by doing the Yoga Pranayama regimen of Swami Ramdev and also by taking six herbals, as prescribed by him to cure it.

Many patients of HIV / AIDS have been cured like that and six persons have come out openely and given their Past & Present medical test reports to Swami Ramdev.

All these success facts, complete with the medical test reports have been published in the following book entitled "Yog In Synergy With Medical Science" by Swami Ramdev’s aide Acharya Balkrishna, in English & Hindi Editions. All such details are available at: http://www.yogapranayama.com/index.htm

Princess Di
first you dont know if the man had aids, second unless you had a cut and the blood got into your cut there is no way you could get it

someone satirical
Why do you think that this person would have had HIV or AIDS ? Do you have a just cause for thinking this and have you checked to see if more than one of the symptoms yu have match those from HIV sufferers ? If so you are unlikely to contract a strain of HIV from coming in contact with blood that is diluted in the swimming pool, unless you had cut yourself and the blood from the swimming pool had came in contact with your open wound then there would be a small chance of getting HIV.

Why even point out that he was Afro American?
Anyway, if I actually was in direct contact with his blood then I would be concerned, after all it is your life we are talking about but they do put lots of chlorine in public pools so I am sure you have nothing to worry about when it comes to AIDS, But Hepatitis is something to consider as well. Good luck.

Goonie's never die!!
HIV in a chlorine pool? LOL tooo bad that chlorine would kill the HIV. I think you know that, your just trying to get some stuff stirred up on here.

If you are truly concerned about this then you need some help.

Try to get some counseling to overcome your fear then educate yourself on the way HIV is transmitted. Then learn the difference between HIV and AIDS.

Try to occupy your time with constructive activities.

do you know for a fact that this guy had AIDS? did you have any open wounds at the time? are you usually paranoid?

get a test if you are that worried - but pesonally i think you are being silly and very judgemental.

Tha A-Lista {W3 [email protected] B3$T}
You can only get it if you have an open cut on yourself as well. If your open cut touches the blood, then tats how you can get affected.

And talking about Chels or whoever being mean, when you seem to be racist. Who cares if it was a black man? Black people arent the only [email protected] people with AIDS.

And also, you wouldn't even be able to tell if you had AIDS for 6 months to a year.

Wow 17 answers and still going lol

You concern is logical. But what I am getting out of this question is your lack of knowledge about HIV. It sounds to me you have bits and pieces of what you have heard to cause your concern, but unless the man's blood mixed with your blood or penetratingly got into your body there is NO risk for you.

It also sounds like you have never had a HIV test, it is recommended that every person gets a HIV test once a year.
So I would start with a test. If you are worried after that retest in 3 month the window period for HIV infection. People who are infected usually test positive with in 30 days (90%), after 60 days it 94-96% accurante and after 90 days it 99.6% accurate, there is a .4% chance of error. The I would suggest going to the CDC's web site and research HIV (the virus that can lead to AIDs)

You just need more information.

Candy C
I HIGHLY doubt it!! Public pools are generally treated with chlorine which would kill the HIV/AIDS. Naturally the life guard is going to warn you to stay back...who wants to swim in blood? You will be fine. If you are still paranoid, go to the doc for a blood test.

Unless you also had open wounds you cannot get HIV in this way. I think it is also unlikely to know in one weeks time that you may have HIV; usually HIV takes at least 3 months to become active enough to be detected.

lisa a
????? No comment maybe you need to go back to school and go to heatlh class. and then ride the short bus home.

What are you doing on Yahoo Answers if you think you have AIDS, If I was convinced I had aids, I would be waiting in my doctor's office waiting for a test..go see your doctor....

And for the reason you think you have aids, why do you assume the afro american guy has hiv/aids? Because, you are a racist.

Chelsee is Stellar
omg ur a loser
i highly doubt u can get STD like that
but if u are so worried go get tested

and if u are trying to be funny u are not

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