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I observed a woman today with extremly long finger nails. How sanitary is that? Think about that for a minute
I think you all understand the question....."Hint" (bathroom)(germs) (touching people) which she seemed to do alot to show off her nails...

its plastic man! not real, they can change it at will!

Long nails look nice and all, and for some it is a sign of class and all.

However, these days, people use fake ones to do that and get attention. Which is why you'll never see a woman with fake nails stick her finger up her nose when it is itchy!

This is definitely unhygienic apart from causing scratches accidentally on others she will be passing germs to others from her nails acting as sanctuary to these germs.

dhaya p
if u r having long nails than you should keep it clean n maintain that .but there is more chance of getting disease by nail as v take food from hands

I know that's why i dont understand why people do it...

the heid
she'd be handy if you had an itchy @rse

I have long nails and they're natural.
Yes, they get dirty, which is why they make a thing called a nail brush!
And just so that you know, If YOU GROW them, you adjust to life with them and it is not a problem to do everyday things with them... like change the baby. I did it without problems.
What I think is nasty is to see some one chewing their cuticles down past the nubs. Then there's the grime that gets under THEIR nails that they can't get out as well or as effectively as I can with long nails, because there's no room for the brush to loosen the dirt.
Talk about YUCK!!
But, yes, they are capable of carrying more bacteria, though they find more fault with the fake ones than the real ones.
Rings are also guilty, just as much if not more so, than nails.

That looks absolutely disgusting, I don't know how women who have nails like that get any work done!!!

i never understood how women can like to have long nails. i have gotten fake ones before and i hated it. it was hard to do things like type and put pantyhose on and they got dirty underneath. i would never do it again. i think its nasty and unnatural.

Long nails often harbor bacteria and synthetics are the worst culprits for bacteria and fungus. But, give her the benefit of a doubt. She may scrub her nails for 15 minutes every half hour. Ridiculous, I know, but we don't know what her hand hygiene is. To be on the safe side, I wouldn't let someone like that touch me.

A wonderful way to spread infection. Impossible to clean under them. God help the poor baby they maybe caring for or anyone she may cook for or serve food too. Then the harm she could do to herself.

Well, it would be as necessary to keep those nails clean as it is to keep your hands clean with short nails. My problem comes watching such a woman change a baby. I can't help thinking she is going to hurt the kid.

Maybe she's preparing for Halloween!

i think that is nasty!!!!!!!!!! All kinds of stuff gets stuck under your nails.....germs, bacteria, etc. YUCK

Personally, I think it's extremely unsanitary and I found an article that will back me up on this. The article says, and I quote, "Investigators for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) are hinting that long or artificial fingernails may have contributed to an infectious outbreak that resulted in 11 deaths in a neonatal intensive care unit in an Oklahoma City hospital." Talk about deadly fingernails!!! GEEZ!

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