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Keeping it simple
I have missed 4 nights of HIV tablets! what do i do???
im 13 and i was at my friends house for 4 nights and i completly forgot that i had to take medication (from all the exitment). ive just come back home and realized ive missed 4 nights! I dont know what to do? i know i shouldent take an overdose to make up for the missed dose. am i gonna die if it take the tablets?? do u think ive build a resistence to the tablets? im scared! i cant tell my mum because she will go mad.
please help!

I am taking: Retrovir (AZT)...Epivir.....Sustiva .
1 tablet in the morning(AZT)
2 tablets at night (AZT)
1 tabelt at night Epivir
1 tabelt at night Sustiva

it is now 19:30. should i wait till my night dose to take them?

♫ReRe J♫
I Think Dat U Should Pray.. ; )

why did you forget them? does your friend not know that you take this stuff??????????

Usually, once you've realized that you missed a dose, take it immediately, unless you are scheduled to take the next dose soon. Since, it has been four days, take the usual meds as though you are still on schedule and call your Doc ASAP. Do NOT attempt to make up for missed/skipped medications.

Tell yah momma and go to the doctors

Tell your mum....and next time DON'T forget to take your medication,a friend of mine did the same thing but phoned the doctor and he told her to take the normal dose and to go in for a check up the following day,she did and it was okay,but it could have been worse.

jay boy
I also have HIV and was on the same combination as you are. You need to take your normal dose as soon as you remember. the longer you leave it the more chance the virus has to take over your immune system. Don't go taking all the missed doses at once as this will cause toxic shock and overdose which will kill you. Take your meds now and then make sure you take them every 24 hours. Your CD4 viral load counts will have changed but don't worry as if you get back into the routine of your meds your counts will start to get back to a more normal scale. Still speak to a doctor and you must tell your mum. She might get angry but im sure she loves you and will get over it. If you need anymore advice mail me [email protected]

If you don't have a habit of missing them to often then I think you should be okay. Just wait til the normal times you usually take them and start again. Do be very careful in the near future not to miss anymore doses. I'm also on Sustiva, I missed a dose the other night too but I usually remember to take them on time. If you're really worried there's a forum you can go to ask this question and a HIV Doctor will answer back.

P.S. Only take the recommended dose. Do not take all your missed doses at once, as I said go back to your normal schedule. What you have listed above.

Martin K
Theres always a chance people forget to take their medication, your no exception.. Just start taking them again.. Dont take more than a days doseage..

Try calling your doctor, or nurse.
You should tell your mother, set her down and calmly explain what happened. She may surprise you with her response, if you approach her, say it was an accident and ask for help, that shows maturity on your part.

Good Luck!

if this is a real question i would have thought that a doctor would be better qualified to answer, not us lot. you really should tell your mum as well, better her being mad than you being dead.

Cathy :)
Don't worry - it doesn't mean you're gonna die! You should phone nhs 24/direct, or your local a+e department - they'll be able to tell you what to do. Don't be scared to spk to your mum - if she's mad with you it's only cos she loves you n is worried about you, but she won't stay mad for long and will help you sort things out. xxxxx

You are not gonna die,mom will get mad at you if you don't tell her and she is reasonable for making sure you take your meds

stephanie j
Absolutely do Not take them all at once. You need to call your doctor or the Pharmacy and tell them what happened and ask what you should do. The Pharmacy shouldnt yell at you or anything but you seriously need to know what to do next

Jan S
Honey, we can't answer this - it's a very specialist question. These tablets are very important, so try hard not to forget any more. To find out what to do now, ring NHS direct on 0845 4647. Your call will be anonymous - they will just want to help - and they're not allowed to tell your mum. They also have a website on www.nhsdirect.nhs.uk

Good luck xx

continue taking them on schedule, DO NOT take all of the missed doses

Sweetie, this is very important for you to tell your mum as soon as possible. She needs to call the doctor and get an answer for you so you can get back on track with your meds. Please do not be afraid. She may surprise you with being understanding if you tell her the truth as to why it happened.

I used to take meds. Any missed meds should not be taken later in the day to make up for missed ones. You could overdose. And as much as you mom will be mad you need to tell her so if anything happens she knows why and can get it taken care of.

If you don't want to tell your mom, at least get the number to your doctor. I'm sure even a nurse will be able to best advise you. This is a biggie; you should not guess how to start getting back on them-you have to call your doctor's office!

We're not qualified to answer this. While I'm guessing you don't double-up on any dose you've missed, only doctors can instruct you for sure.

Where do you live??

Are you able to ask a doctor or nurse??

I hope you are able to get professional advice rather than Yahoo answers from a bunch of yahoos.

Best wishes and God bless.

I wish I could be of some assistance but I don't have any answers.

Wait until your night dose, and consult your doctor immediately, and tell your mother. She'll be far more concerned about your welfare than the fact you forgot the tablets.

Talk to your doctor or call up NHS direct. And your Mum, she may be angry but she wouldn't want you to hide it from her, for your own health.

You have to speak to your mom even though she will get mad!!! Don't take any answers from here as fact when your health is in question. You need professional medical advice.
Tell your mom that it took a lot of guts for you to go to her with this but you were really scared you might get sick if you take your meds.

suzanne g
This question is way too important for Yahoo Answers. Please call your doctor and tell her and ask her. Don't be afraid, everyone messes up.

Just start up as normal tonight.

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