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I have headlice, how do i get rid of them? Please help!?
PLEASE HELP, THEY ARE HORRIBLE! I am 13 and have leadlice, omg yuck! I thought i'd got rid of em in primary school, but they have returned! My mum's not very good at getting them out, and i just get frustrated when she tries.:(

I know how you feel, I had them until I was about 14 and nothing I tried worked, but I found this stuff called Hedrin which worked so quickly and they never came back :)
Hope it helps xx

LeLe McMurphy
Well, this is what I did:
1. bleach all your hair
2. shower 3 times a day for the next week using the Walgreens brand shampoo in the blue bottle.

Hope this helps =]

2 ways.
You have to get a buzz cut #1
2 pick them outt.

Ashley A
buy the special shampoo,
& use a lice comb.. thats what i
did in 4th grade.
to keep away the case of the returning
lice, just eat cottage cheese, & make sure
you wash your sheets & everything else your
hair has come in contact with. *

Get lice Shampoo. It will kill the lice. Get the Shampoo at the pharmacy.

hey i have had them before um what i did was that i slept in mayo i know it sounds gross and disgusting but it helps ALOT and one rule... DO NOT SCRATCH!!!
and if that does not help than use ketchup... and if you think i am lying im not so please belive me because im ot lying i do not lie :)

good luck please respond to me at [email protected]

tell me if it helped <3

Go to the pharmacy or drugstore and buy special shampoo (NIX or RID). Use the shampoo and nit comb to get the lice and eggs out.
Nits (eggs) are white, and grown lice that move around are brown.

Good luck!!

First - get the nasty smelling head lice shampoo from Walmart - get the kit with the spray. Spray your bed, any stuffed animals, book bags, etc. Everything you've slept on - sheets pillow cases need washed. Stop using other peoples brushes, etc....Retreat in 7 days I think -

Problematic Princess
You HAVE to go to the pharmacy and buy the special shampoo - it will kill the lice AND the eggs.

If yo udon't get the shampoo there's not much hope of getting rid of them (unless you are willing to shave your entire head).

Also buy a FINE-comb - this will help a lot.

If you are a male, i would simply suggest shaving off ur hair. if not, the you can use medicated shampoo with a fine tooth comb. Good luck.

tea tree oil attacks their nervous system

It really takes some time to get rid of them. When you take showers, try to put the water on the hottest you can take it. Then you need to comb your hair with a lice comb very diligently. I also heard that putting mayonnaise in your hair and letting it sit for and hour or so can work. There are probably many products you can use too.

Go to CVS right away and buy RID

GT: Burntrocity
I had it once and made my own remedy, i held my breath after i filled up the tub all the way, and then drown them while scratching my head. It gets rid of the air bubbes that they can breath in.

Hope this and the others help

Sally Jo
Drug stores now carry over the counter shampoo for lice. Then you have to pull the nits out, but at 13, you could do this yourself.

go to your pharamacy
They know the best ways

Lady Grinning Soul
There are over the counter products to use that you put on. You will need a lice comb and have someone help pick them out. You may be frustrated because it is a long process but there is no alternative except shaving your hair off. They are highly contagious so make sure you wash everything you came in contact with. Clothes, bed sheets etc in hot water. You may have had them before but can get them again and again. Nothing can keep you from catching them if you are exposed. If you think you got them in school,you should tell the teacher. That means other kids have them. If everyone doesn't get treated, they will keep going back and forth from person to person. Sorry, ho on Good luck.

don't panic.

wash hair. slather with conditioner. get a fine tooth comb and comb through every night for at LEAST 12 days. 16 would be better. make sure you wipe em off as soon as you get em. hoover matresses, cloth sofas, any materials that you lay you head on, including car head rest covers. hoover your actual pillows, and put all of your bedding and covers into a bag, try and make it as airtight as possible, and leave for about 3 weeks. use teatree conditioner. Dont panic.

Hope i helped ;)

do what i did, go to the barber shop and have them buzz your hair, and hope they don't see the tiny lice crawling around on your scalp.

This is a very informative and helpful article on headlice.

I remember having Lice in Elementary school, I used a Headlice shampoo and a special comb. We had to wash everything in the house and I could not return to school for a week.

It will get better, hang in there hun.

Delaney J
its called lice shampoo.

Ugh, lice is the worst.
I got it once at a sleepover in middle school.
You have my sympathies...

Buy shampoo that will kill the lice && the nits (the eggs).
I'm pretty sure that you can get it over the counter, but you can also get it through a prescription.

After you shampoo your hair, have your mom (or perhaps someone more patient, if she's not very good at it) go through your hair && pull out the hairs that have eggs attached to them.

It's a pain in the butt, but she definitely has to check every centimeter of your hair. It's really important.

Bag any hats or stuffed animals that you may have come into contact with since getting the lice.
You can also throw them out, but if they're important to you, bag them for a while to kill the lice.

Wash your pillows and blankets frequently, && clean out your hairbrush every time you use it.

Good luck.

If you don't mind shaving your head - it's an excellent method.
Cutting your hair short to give the lice less "habitat" is really going to help whether you go all the way and shave it or not.
Cut your hair, then get the lice shampoo from the grocery store and use it daily plus a fine toothed comb to remove the gnats.

Lynne Gordon
Go to your medicine cabinet and get the Vaseline. Spread it over your entire head and leave it on for an hour.

This is actually a great non-chemical method of getting rid of head lice.

You will have to wash your hair several times to get the Vaseline out but you won't have to pick the eggs out afterward because they also will wash right out.

Change and wash all your bedding, spray cloth couches and chairs with Raid or any good insecticide and wash all your hats before you wear them again.

Thoroughly wash and bleach all your combs, brushes and hair ornaments before using again, also. Cloth or color head ornaments which can not be bleached should be washed and left to soak in warm soapy water

The best part about it is that absolutely NONE of them or their eggs will survive and you will have a zero chance of them returning anytime soon...unless you are reinfected by someone else.

ok so go to the store get some rid and READ THE DIRECTIONS.... While the shampoo is on your hair wash ALL clothes not just dirty ones in HOT WATER...spray everything in your room bed. head board chairs etc.... with RID spray. After you rinse the shampoo out you need to go through your hair with a nit comb... if your hair is to tangely you can put some mayonaise in it to help slide the little fu*&^ers off you strands of hair. Go to the nurse and have her check your hair often to make sure they are not coming back... Throw away all brushes and combs that you have been using... Do you know where you got it? STAY AWAY FROM THEM... Also you can put baby oil in your hair and the bugs wont stick .. Thats why black girls dont get lice usually ...Good luck honey ALSO bag up all things unwashable in your room stuffed animals etc and lay them ioutside for at least 7 to 10 days...

just go to walmart or any store like that even the grocery store carries it I think and buy some rid or a knock off brand will work as well and save your mom a few bucks. follow the rules on the box and then comb them out. try getting a metal comb it works better than the cheap plastic ones. You could probably comb most of them out your self and then have your mom just get the hard to see ones.

You have to get every single one of them out to get rid of it..buy sum rid or nix and have someone comb every single strand of your hair...It also helps if you have shorter hair... if you cant get it out you might try cutting it. Also one home made remedy that works is washing your hair with vinegar and sleeping in a cap with the vinegar in your hair over night. That kills most of em! You must get all the eggs! (nits i think)

Ok listen...go to walmart and buy NIX not RID because it doesn't work as well.
Do as the bottle instructs you too....while your hair is wet use the nit comb to get out the lice and eggs(nits)Its better if you can have someone do it for you!
Then in 7 to !0 days do it again...wash all your bed sheets, put stuffed animals and pillows,etc in plastic bags in the garage for at least 2 weeks!
Soak hair brushes and hair products in hot water for at least 20 minutes the longer the better!
Vacuum is a good idea...once the lice are off the host they only live up to 24 hours!

go to wall mart they have a shampoo at the pharmacy called R & C shampoo its like an oil put it on the scalp and work it to the ends do it in sections leave it on 15 minutes and use a bit a water later it up and wait a few minutes and then wash it out do not use conditioner and dont wash the hair again for three days

it is important to stip your bed and wash everything also get the R&C spray spray your bed and pillows, put all stuff animals in a garbage bag for three weeks and then you can wash them if you want make sure you do not share comb and brushes and wash them in hot water and a little of the R&C shampoo only keep one to use till this is over wash all others put in a bag and leave them also for three weeks make sure the bags are tied shut really good
the bed has to be done everyday and the shampoo one time per week for three weeks yes it may say to weeks but I have learned from having to start over not fun, make it three times so they are gone
you will have to comb out your hair after the shampoo use white vinigar with the loose comb the metal one works better dip the comb in the vinigar between every time you do a section of hair do small section it is easier and do it every night till you shampoo again and then and then do it some more

Use shampoo with tea tree oil every day for a week. If you still have lice after that, either go to the doctor or shave your head (maybe the look works for you).

Nix, usually available over the counter at a drug store. Use as directed. I'm not sure this is available in the U.K., but based on your use of the word "mum" I'm guessing that's where you are.

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