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 OMG!! i think i have swine flu !?
i live in manhattan new york city and here there's are WAY more swine flu cases then any where else in U.S.A. of course im scared nearly 100 kids have been contaminated. lately i have had a ...

 can strep throat go away without antibiotics?

 I'm very worried about my son, and I think he might be gay. What should I do?
He's like 15, and all he talks about is shoes, and theater, and drama. His voice is whiny and he doesn't have any hair that's not on his head. I am not raising a homo in my house, so ...

 Do I have the symptoms of HIV?
Latley I have been getting ill alot more than i usually do having things such as colds alot and feeling tired, i think there could be something wrong with my immune system which could indicate that i ...

 how can i convince my friend's mom that i'm not infected?
so, the swine flu outbroke about a week ago in Mexico City. from March 29- April 5, i was in Cancun, Mexico. my friend's mom doesn't want my friend to sleepover at my house this weekend, ...

 Is it true that the Swine Flu started in Mexico?
That's what kids at my school have been saying and my friend Paco got really offended when somebody called it the Mexican F...

 Swine Flu is it gonna effect us alll ?
Swine Flu Is It Goign to Kill The WHole World?...

 swine flu being blown out of proportion?
what do you think?...

 Why can't anybody find a cure for AIDS?
And why is it that they most likely never will?...

 What are the first signs of the swine flu?
i woke up with a sore throat so i stayed home just in case.
now im starting to get dizzy and feel like im about to vomit or have diarriah.
I do not have a fever
i don't want to go ...

 Is it true Penicillin can cause urine infections?
I was on penicillin for a time for a throat infection and now i have a bladder or urine infection. My local pharmacist said Penicillin can kick start one.
Is this true?...

 Is my child at risk of swine flu if we have spent time with someone visiting from Mexico?
We spent Saturday 9th May with my sister-in-law that lives in Mexico. She arrived around the 28th April from cancun to the uk. She has no signs of being ill and was given the all clear from the ...

 will I get swine flu and die? I live in Edinburgh and I'm 22?

 why did poor countries have the most bird flu cases?
i have info showing that poor countries had the most cases of bird flu, what is the link?
Additional Details
I know they have bad health care... tahts why there are more deaths, but that ...

 18 year old son, sick, fever, cough, headache, swine flu?
My son went to the doctor's twice, first time last Sunday fever, headache, chills, nothing was given to him but a shot for his headache, then Thursday he wasn't getting better, added a ...

 109.2 Fever?
I woke up this morning with a 109.2 fever. i have small red dots all over my body some are purplish red. Not chicken Pox. The room feels like its spinning and i passed out a few times. WHat SHOULD I D...

 Why have the media said almost nothing more about the swine flu in the last 2 weeks?
From late April to early May it was about the only thing the media talked about....

 Ok, the swine flu is like every other flu?
The ONLY difference is the lack of a vaccine.

Now, do you people who are freaking out right now EVER get vaccinated for the regular flu? Probably not. This flu is NOTHING different, other ...

 what are the chances of swine flu affecting our holiday?
I heard the swine flu has reached Europe, I am going to turkey next month MAy the 9th
do you think they will cancle flights :(...

 which country is most badly hit by the swine flu?
I wanna know any1 knows?...

I have a question that has to do with the swine flu and the end of the world.?
you know how everybody is saying the world is gonna end on december 21st 2012, because a bunch of historical stuff says so? and how the swine flu has recently reached Level 4 of a pandemic situation in less than a month. and it's obviously getting worse as time goes by. do you think the two toppics are tied into each other? and why do you think so? don't be rude. I just want to hear other peoples opinions.
Additional Details
its not just the aztec calender people! indian tribes, the echang calender, and countless oricles have predicted the same thing around the same time. but as far as the flu, I agree. its not connected.

Madison S
anything is possible really i personally think that if the world is to end any time soon it would probably happen because of the swine flu, at least that's what i think.
ps. im sorry if this comment scares you

Dr. Who?
The "end of the world" doesn't "happen" until 3 years from now. Do you think the siwne flu would be around that long? And if so, what would remain of the human population?

I don't think the world will end in 2012, because all that historical stuff and be countered back as positive, and 2012 is just when the Mayan calendar ends, thousands of years ago they probably didn't need to write more of it.

Lots of pandemics and epidemics have happened in the past like the plague, and we had a Spanish flu back in 1918. But they didn't last for even a year and lots of poeple still lived.

Doctors have made a medicine called tamiflu to fight the swine flu if you get it, and they have enough for atleast 500,000 people, and they are probably making more of it.

The world will probably NOT end, and the swine flu will blow over eventually. I doubt they have a link together.

pandemics happend about every 20-30 years. We survive!
dont worry about 12/12/2012 because the world was suppose to end on 6/6/06 and it didnt so just dont worry about it..

This swine flu is just a FLU! NO ONE in the US has died from it yet!
It's just like getting the flu! People really need to stop making this flu like it is the END OF THE WORD ! CAUSE IT"S NOT!!!
haha =]

I have the exact same question. But now I'm kind of worried, because I live in Arizona, and all the states around Arizona, (INCLUDING THE COUNTRY MEXICO) are near me, because I live in Southern Az. I am 13, but it could kill anyone. I think that if you just keep yourself clean and wash your hands A LOT, stay away from sick people you'll be fine. It kind of reminds me of those zombie movies, not trying to make you scared, or anything. I hope this helped somewhat!

Well let's see.
Both are overrated in the media.
Too many people are freaking out about it.

Yes, it IS related.

Good question, I wish I knew. However, is it possible the Swine Flu will be a Pandemic, I think it's possible, do I think it's gonna happen, no. I think our technology nowadays is pretty advanced and I think they will find some kind of cure or immunization before it does.

Now do I think that the world when end on 2012, absolutely not. The bible states that there will be 7 years of tribulation and I don't believe it has started yet. The bible says those 7 years will be tragic, just keep your eyes open for a peace treaty with Israel. I don't have my bible with me, but I'm nearly positive it will happen around that time, if the rapture doesn't come first. For those who don't know, the rapture is when Jesus returns for his "Disciples", all the Christians, and leaves the rest of the world to suffer, and hopefully realize he is the Lord. He's given everyone a very fair chance to believe in him, some people are just afraid of the truth.

John Howard
I wouldn't worry. People have said that the world is gong to end since the dawn of time.

No Swine flu will not wipe out the the USA... Dont Worry... BEST ANSWER???

I don't really know...I try not to think about it. But based on certain theories its believed that the world will come to an end when events we can't control begins to happen......such as an health outbreak (swine flu_ which i believe we can survive through) ....War......economy begins to falter (recession_ yet we are not in a depression) ..crime rate goes ups (unemployment can cause this again recession).. In all a huge pandemonium. Again I try not to think about it.....

I do think these things are tied together. But I also don't think it (12-21-12) is going to be the "end of the world". I think it will be a change of how we live our lives. The Hopi tribe said it would be the end of one age and the beginning of a new age. I'm worried about the approach of that date, but only because the future is unknown. But to answer your question, in the case of this flu, take care of yourself and your family. Things will be just fine.

Kate Ellen
No one knows the date in which the world will end. It may end tomorrow, in 2050, or hell, theres even a chance it may end on that date. Of course, it could become predictable if there were a meteor hurdling towards earth or something along those lines.. but currently it is not predictable.
Being tied together, the date and the swine flu? Chances appear to be extremely slim to none. My bets are on no.
I believe the media is making the swine flu out to be worse then it is. With the use of tamiflu, and as long as people wash their hands to prevent the spread, I truthfully do not think it will become a pandemic. Chances still are likely yes, but I personally do not think so.
No worries!

A bunch of historical stuff says so? Not really. The Aztec calendar ends on December 21st of 2012. Thats their whole logic behind that, which is simply ridiculous. NOBODY can predict when the world will end. And who knows why the Aztec's stopped it there...

As far as the swine flu being tied to that, even if it were true, I don't think so. The cases in the U.S. and Canada have not killed a single person. Countries with established health care have nothing to worry about. Its just like the regular flu. Its going to kill some people with weak immune systems, but it definitely won't kill everyone. We've all had the flu, and we are still standing.

Friendly Neanderthal
This is a very good question. Plus, the economy crisis. I think that maybe they could be tied together, because in my opinion this is getting kind of coincidential. I mean, Bird/Pig/Human? WTF is that?

Ugh. The end of the world... it isn't going to happen in 2012. More than likely it won't anyways. The worlds supposed to be gone and dead, but hey it isn't! So why worry about that?

MRSA was big too, that was a pandemic, a mini one. And no. They aren't tied with each other, I am sure.

Here's a little history for you, during the time when mathematicians were calculating the year, they made a little error. The actual year is 2013. Also there are only a few cases in the United States and Europe. The only reason that it is spreading largely in Mexico is because of the health regulations in that country are poor and allow slip ups. So don't worry about the end of the world. And just to say, the end of thee world is suppose to happen Dec. 21 2012, not 2009. The "pandemic" (pandemic means world wide infection) of the Swine Flu is just in the region of Mexico, which is an epidemic (local infection).

haha my friend once said "the aztec calendar ends in 2012 cuz the aztecs died in 2012" hahahahahah

i don't believe in either a swine flu pandemic or the aztec prediction.

Probably not. I don't think we'll actually have an apocalypse in 2012 just because the Mayan calender ends. But I do hope the swine flu doesn't get too much out of hand before we find a cure.

Made From Embryonic Stem Cells
The AZTEC thing is crap. The potential of pig flu becoming a pandemic is real. Do not mix the two.

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