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I have a fever!?
I have a fever of 102, can't sleep, have dark bags under my eyes, tried everything: reading, medicine,sleepining earlier, nothing is helping. I feel aweful and I need some help on how to feel better. Thank you.

Carrie C
keep wrapped up warm and sweat it out and drink plenty of fluids to flush things through if that dosent work then see your doctor.

Rest as much as possible--don't get out of bed. Have some chicken noodle soup and crackers and tons of fluids. Rest is going to be your best friend for the next day or so. I hope you feel better and happy sleeping! :)

rest, and rest lots. perhaps put on an eye mask (cold) to soothe any eye pain. take paracetamol and some ibuprofen. dont cover up too much or you'll overheat, try (and i do mean TRY) and sponge urself down wit some cold/lightly warm water to try and bring you temperature down.

also reduce time infront of the TV and computer or it'll cause more eye strain

are you from the UK? cos over here we get a medecine called "lemsip" and its a hot lemon drink with paracetamol and it helps ease all the aches and pains of colds and flu and can probably help u feel a lot better. if ur in the US or anywhere else, find something at the pharmacist which can do similar things as that.

hope thats helped you and get well soon!!!!!! =]

A fever shows that your body is fighting off the infection you have. I would run a warm bath and soak. Try to drink plenty of fluids, especially with vitamin C (orange juice). If the fever does not come down, but continues to go up, get to the hospital. An elevated temperature above 104 is very dangerous and you would need to lower your body temperature before permanent damage is done. I hope you feel better soon! :>}

Sumithre G
If you are a adult , take 2 tablet of paracetamol every 6 hourly until you seek medical advise from your local doctor. Because your local doctor knows common causes of fever in his area. The comment thing is viral fever. If you are living in malarial area or Dengue fever prevalent area, it is better to get blood test done.
The dark bags you are talking about is not clear,may be not related to your fever. You can have that kind of thing after head injury.
I think you need to get blood test done to exclude serious illness Skull x ray examination to exclude head injury if you recent history of any kind of trauma to the head.

Without any other symptoms, this seems like the flu. You would need to tell me if anything else is wrong;

sore throat?
runny nose?

the best thing to do is take tylenol or aspirin and drink lots and lots of fluids. Chicken soup could help as well. If you had other symptoms I could have advised you a little better. sorry!

You need more cowbell

Well, you really should take something like Ibuprofen or Aspirin to lower your fever. Drink plenty of fluids and get plenty of rest.

Laughing with you not at you
Take a lukewarm bath to break your fever. Take some advil pm and it will help you go to sleep. Just few months ago. I had a fever, could not sleep and had been up for 2 and a half days. I would take a shower but that would not help much. So, sit in the tub for awhile and then take the advil pm. It will get you to sleep in about an hour or two. It worked for me hope it works for you.

idk wat a couple days and u'll feel better

Drink orange juice and sleep alot

Paracetamol can bring down a temperature but you should see your doctor, you might have caught a viral infection, in which case there is nothing you can do but wait it out. Go to the doctor's first thing tomo, at least then you can get a professional to check you over

Take a lukewarm bath (not a hot one, not a cold one) and calm down. Go to the doctor if this lasts longer than two or so days. Drink soup, and just rest and watch tv.

1) leave from the pc
2) get into the bed
3) continue to take the medicines specified by the doctor
4) drink hot teas
5) wait a few days for the medicines to get into your system and take effect

thanh n
Watch some comedies!

Eric C
If you have a fever that high and are old enough to not be under your parents' direct care, I'd suggest you call a doctor for actual medical advice. We wish you well, but please take everything said on here with a large grain of salt.

Including this.

being sick is a real drag,
my advice is to just lay down and rest, maybe but on a good movie and make sure you are drinking plenty of water!
its the best medicine! and if you happen to fall asleep while watching the movie then great! you need the rest.

Hope you feel better

My friends introduced me to somthing called a Hot Totty a few weeks ago when I felt like this. Look it up and give it a try.

the only prescription is more cowbell. =D

lie down and close your eyes, take some medicine, and those noisemakers that have the sound of rain really help fall asleep

hope you feel better

Try not to think about being sick and take a nap.Don't think just relax.Listen to music that like or something.Go to a quiet spot.

If your fever is that high, you have a virus and there's no medicine that can get rid of the virus except rest and plenty of liquids. Tylonel and Moltrin can help supress the fever temporarily but other than that just stay put and watch some TV? Hope you feel better soon

happy fall
eat healthier foods, get some exercise, drink plenty of fluids (orange juice and water). quit taking medicines except for a fever reducer/pain reliever like Ibuprofen. Get some sunlight.

Drink much cold water, as much as you can when you can. Take some motrin to ease the fever and then take some nyquil or flu medicine that will help you sleep. Get a cool rag and put on your head. Sleep Sleep Sleep and call me in the morning

Go to the doctor!!!! Duh.

How long have you had this fever? If its been longer than 24 hours I'd say go see a doctor.

Drink lots of water (2-3 Liters) and orange juice to help flush it out of your system and get lots of sleep. Also you might try taking Advil.

When in doubt, call your doctors office. It can never hurt to err on the side of caution.

well, i would tell you to rest and or take some medicine..but that apparently doesnt work...so go see your doctor...they'll know the cure! :)

good luck!

go to the doctor and he'll tell you what to do. Feel better sweetie!

Get of the computer!

Laura S
Call your Dr., he will know what to do.

Miss Tyra
um...the doctor usually can help with that

Juan O
see a doc....

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